Why Mother’s Day is considered so special?

May 15th, 2019

One of the most celebrated days in the year is the Mother’s Day, where mothers all over the world are remembered and gifted by their children. It is rather an important day of thanksgiving to the beloved mothers who have ensured that their children are born healthy and are well educated, provided with everything they need and grow up to be strong and independent. Being a mother is definitely a very tough job and also among the most rewarding jobs present. During conception, a good number of mother’s nurturing instincts tend to take over and they begin to schedule their appointments with the doctor, eat better and balanced food and prepare themselves to welcome the new baby into this mesmerizing, beautiful world.

Providing comfort to the child

The mother has a natural inclination to provide comfort and protect the baby both inside the womb and after delivery. They also get to know what the new-born and growing child requires and meet their specific needs. It is often noticed that many a women glow at the time of pregnancy. Probably this might be because pregnancy in itself radiates love and affection which secretes from the mother’s bodies towards their children. Delivery can be real painful. But they simply brush aside the pain and look at the joy that they can have with the growing baby inside their womb and wait for the special moment for the child to come out into this world. During birth, the mother’s tears are just not because they get exhausted of the nine months pain faced, but due to their instant love that comes out for the small one that has just got out. Mothers day fruit baskets gifts are indeed the best way to show love for the mother and to make her realize that she is important in the child’s life.

Importance of mothers for children

Mothers are stated to be responsible for teaching, loving and nurturing their children. Hence, their impact upon the child’s life is quite crucial and ensures that the small one as he/she grows up contributes positively towards the society. It is she, who actually prepares the baby to become a mentally and physically strong person and always be at their side, whenever required, even after they grow up to become independent. Hence, the mother does need special attention and care as she grows old. Mothers are compassionate for their child and share their happiness, sadness and other moments and act as a friend, philosopher and guide. They also provide their children with the much needed strength if they fail and celebrate their success. She stays awake all night to ensure that her sick child is not suffering from anything and his/her immediate requirements are met. She rather sacrifices her life and wishes for her small one until they grow up to become big and independent. It is in such a context that the mother does deserve special love and attention and the best way to shower her with love is to buy mothers day fruit baskets and gift it to her with a card, expressing the mind.