Exotic or normal chocolates are the best gifts for everyone

May 18th, 2022

Sending delicious chocolate gifts to your loved ones would bring smiles to their cheeks. Express Gift Service is happy to provide the largest selection of famous and premium handcrafted chocolates, neatly wrapped in a fashionable box or hamper with hand-tied satin ribbons.


The delectable chocolates are ideal for every occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. What better way to express gratitude than with these individualized delicious sweet treats? Chocophiles will be delighted.


Wide range of chocolates online

We have something for everyone’s sweet craving, from quality Belgian to Green and Black and the ever-popular Cadbury’s, truffles, and heart-shaped chocolates. All of the chocolates come lovingly wrapped with a luxury ribbon and a complimentary customized greeting card, whether you prefer white, milk, or dark chocolate, are a vegetarian, or are a huge nut aficionado.


Are you stumped? To make it extra special, add a personal message to a bar of chocolate of your choosing, mix and match with our varied chocolate baskets, or get one of our chocolate pizzas to be delivered!


They are associated with your feelings and emotions.

If you use chocolates to convey your deepest feelings and emotions, you will save a lot of time. To wow your loved ones, chocolates with a passionate design are offered. Two of the fantastic possibilities are heart-shaped chocolates, and I love you chocolates.


They’re relaxing.

Do you remember the last time you were depressed and hopeless? Do you recall how a delectable dessert made your otherwise bleak days more bearable? Chocolates are the way to go when you need some relaxation and happiness.


They’re Beneficial to Your Health

If you used to feel that chocolates were bad for your health, you should think again since chocolates are actually good for you. They are good for both your mental and physical health. In fact, chocolate has been scientifically and medically shown to be a good source of flavonoids. Why not simply give them chocolates and wish them good health?


They can be distributed to others.

Another amazing and vital quality of chocolates is that they may be shared. What good is a present if you can’t give it away? Your loved ones will be able to share delicious chocolates with their coworkers, friends, and family if you surprise them with them.


They’re also unstoppable.

Chocolates are irresistible, and no one can resist a chocolate gesture with its mouth watering chocolaty aroma. If you’re looking for a chocolate day gift that can help you cure your relationship problems, you may give them tasty and appealing chocolate day gifts.


It’s never a bad idea to eat chocolate.

Chocolates are available in a wide range of flavours, brands, and embellishments. Chocolate is used in pastries, ice cream, and cakes because of its exquisite flavour.



They’re also reasonably priced.

Chocolates come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavours. Chocolate is always accessible in supermarkets and most other places.



Why limit yourself when there are so many possibilities that may bring a large grin to your loved one’s face?



Spread the Love with Every Bite by Gifting Chocolates to Your Loved One

April 30th, 2022

Gift-giving is a means of expressing your sentiments and emotions to those you care about. And we have been doing this loving and caring thing from the beginning of time. There are various gift alternatives available to choose from, but chocolates are one of the most remarkable gifts of all time. Chocolates are a delight for those with a sweet taste. They come in a variety of tastes, flavours, and branding options.

They are connected to your sentiments and emotions

You’ll save a lot of time if you use chocolates to express your deepest sentiments and emotions. Chocolates with a passionate design are available to wow your loved ones. Heart-shaped chocolates and I love you chocolates are two of the amazing options.

They are soothing.

Do you recall the last time you felt hopeless and depressed? Do you remember how a delicious treat brightened up your otherwise dreary days? When you’re in need of some calming and happiness, chocolates are the way to go.

They’re good for you

If you used to believe that chocolates were harmful to your health, you should reconsider since chocolates are beneficial to your health. They are beneficial to both mental and physical well-being. Chocolate, in fact, has been scientifically and medically confirmed to be an excellent source of flavonoids. Why not just gift them chocolates and bless them with good health too. 

They can be shared with others.

Chocolates have another fantastic and crucial feature: they may be shared. What good is a gift that you can’t share? If you surprise your loved ones with delectable chocolates, they will be able to share them with their coworkers, friends, and family.

They’re also irresistible.

Chocolates are enticing, and no one can resist a chocolate gesture with their drooling chocolaty and tantalizing fragrance. You can offer them delicious and irresistible chocolate day presents if you’re seeking a chocolate day gift that will help you fix your relationship troubles.

Chocolate is always a good idea.

Chocolates come in a variety of flavours, brands, and additions. Chocolates’ delectable flavour is the reason we may find them in desserts, ice cream, and cakes.

They’re also inexpensive.

Chocolates come in a variety of forms, flavours, and sizes. Chocolates are always available at grocery shops and most other locations.

Chocolate boxes that make the best gifts

The box will be used to keep other vital items long after the chocolates are gone. All you need to do is to select the best one and share some of the best moments with your special one. 

It is possible to personalize chocolates.

If you want customized chocolates for a Valentine’s present or a happy chocolate day gift, the customizing options allow you to create an ideal gift that fits your gifting style. You may personalize the chocolate wrap with a name, a photo, or a message.


Why stop yourself when there are a lot of options that can make your loved one have a huge smile on their face. 

A Gourmet Hamper: Filled Delicious Chocolates

March 23rd, 2022

Why not offer the gift of chocolate to someone special this year? An advantage of chocolate is a simple way to let someone know you care. As a result, chocolate hampers are a popular choice for holiday presents.

  • As a result of their adaptability, chocolates are a fantastic present option.

There are many reasons why individuals offer chocolates as presents, ranging from expressing gratitude to commemorating a vital life achievement.

  • Chocolates may be presented as a token of appreciation.

Gratitude is often expressed via the gift of chocolate, which may be given by anybody at any time. Many companies give out chocolate baskets throughout the year as a thank you to customers or suppliers who have been of assistance to them or even just for being a part of the business community.

  • A track record of accomplishments

The popularity of chocolate as a gift for a range of occasions, including Valentine’s Day, Easter, and other religious observances, has expanded throughout the years.

  • Chocolates are a popular way to convey love.

Those who offer chocolate as a gift to family, friends, or even colleagues express their gratitude and appreciation.

  • When people consume chocolate, they report feeling happy.

Everyone appreciates receiving chocolates as a gift because, after all, who doesn’t adore chocolate? Gifting chocolate has gone from being a simple gesture of appreciation to a standard custom practically every day of the year over the years.

  • It is not necessary to be in love with someone in order to enjoy chocolate.

When it comes to giving chocolate as a gift, men are more likely than ever to do so, demonstrating how far society has come since the days when chocolate was only shown on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

  • Chocolates are a delicious and straightforward way to express your affection.

Chocolates have risen in popularity as a more subtle way to express one’s feelings of love, following in the footsteps of roses and candlelight dinners.

  • Gifting chocolate is a timeless tradition that will never go out of style.

What matters is that chocolate is always appreciated, no matter what the occasion or how old the person who receives the gift is. The fact that such gifts bring a grin to the face of the receiver, no matter how old they are, makes them universally cherished.

  • Individuals who are suffering from illness find solace in chocolate.

When someone is feeling down, especially if they have children, giving them chocolate is a sure-fire way to feel better immediately.

  • Chocolate is always going to be in style.

Giving chocolates as presents will never go out of style since everyone enjoys chocolates, regardless of age or social standing, and they are always appreciated.

Chocolates are the ideal gift for every occasion, whether it’s to show love or gratitude to someone special. There’s something about chocolate that makes people feel good about themselves. The fact that almost everyone appreciates chocolates makes them one of the few gifts that can be given on a daily basis without being noticed. 

In the course of history, chocolates have proved their significance, progressing from being merely another token of thanks to being one of the most popular gift items bought for practically every occasion.

Chocolate: Gift Which Will Always Remain Versatile

December 26th, 2021

This year, why not give the gift of chocolate? Chocolate is a universally adored treat, and it’s a simple way to show someone how much you care. Here are some of the most common reasons why people send chocolate hampers. 

  1. Chocolates are a versatile gift- Many people give chocolates as gifts because they can be used for a variety of occasions, from thanking someone to celebrating a significant life milestone.
  2. Chocolates express gratitude- Chocolate is a popular way to express gratitude, and it can be done at any time. Many businesses give chocolate hampers as a thank you to clients or suppliers who have helped them throughout the year or simply for being a part of the business world. 
  3. Proven track record- Over the years, chocolate has become a popular item that people buy as a gift for a variety of occasions, including not only Valentine’s Day but also religious occasions such as Easter.
  4. Chocolate expresses admiration- Chocolate and the gifts that contain it express admiration and appreciation for loved ones or even friends and colleagues. 
  5. Chocolates make people happy- Everyone enjoys receiving chocolates as a gift because it is guaranteed to make them happy because who doesn’t like chocolate? This can be seen in how popular gifting chocolate has become over time, from being an expression of gratitude to being given almost every other day of the year.
  6. Chocolate is not just for lovers- In recent years, men have begun to gift chocolate more than ever before, demonstrating how far society has progressed from only giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day and birthdays. 
  7. Chocolates make a quiet romantic gesture- With the growing popularity of roses and candlelight dinners; chocolates have taken the place of flowers as a more subtle way to express love and affection.
  8. People will always appreciate receiving chocolate- No matter what the occasion or how old they are, people will always appreciate receiving chocolate. It is a timeless gift that most people enjoy because it makes them smile when they receive it, whether they are young or old.
  9. Chocolate makes people happy when they are sick- When someone isn’t feeling well, especially if they have children, giving them chocolate is always a good way to cheer them up.
  10. Chocolate never goes out of style- Regardless of the occasion, giving chocolates by post as gifts will never go out of style because people enjoy receiving them regardless of who they are or what age they are. 

Chocolates are an excellent gift for any occasion, whether it is a celebration of love or gratitude; there is always something about chocolate that makes people happy. It’s also one of the few gifts that can be given almost every day of the year, and people will still appreciate it because who doesn’t like receiving chocolates? Chocolates have proven their worth over time, progressing from being just another form of appreciation to becoming one of the most popular gift items purchased for almost any occasion.

Chocolates Know More About Your Favourite Cocoa Treat

May 11th, 2021

Chocolates are considered to be heavenly treats and loved by all ages. They are also available in different interesting variants. Theobroma cacao seeds are used to prepare this delicious food product, both grounded and roasted. Chocolates are quite tempting, and people find its taste to be quite irresistible. They are prepared in both solid and liquid forms or used to flavour different dishes including milk. Initially, emperors were known to consume chocolate drinks and since then its popularity has increased with time across the globe. 

Some lesser-known facts to know about chocolates

Apart from consuming chocolates, you may not be aware of many things associated with it. 

  • Actually, white chocolates are referred to as chocolates since they do not have chocolate liquor or cocoa solids in them. However, they contain cocoa butter and are chocolate product. 
  • Originally, the term ‘Chocolate’ is said to be derived from Aztec word, meaning, ‘xocoatl’. It stands for a spicy, bitter drink consumed by the Aztecs prepared from cacao beans. 
  • It was in 1872 in England that Cadbury had made the world’s first chocolate that became a craze across the globe and still consumed by all ages in different variants.
  • Previously, Cacao was used as currency to buy items. Cocoa beans were a hot favourite among the Aztecs, such they valued this product quite high. They also used it as their currency when their civilization was at the peak.
  • Chocolates are considered to be immediate mental stabilizers. Consuming them frequently helps improve memory, mental strength and focus. 
  • They are the only product with 93-degree Fahrenheit melting point. This is stated to be much below average human body temperature. Hence, when placed on your tongue, chocolates melt quite easily. 
  • The largest chocolate bar in the world weighs around 5,792 kilograms. 
  • Around 400 cocoa beans are used to prepare one pound of chocolate. 
  • Chocolates are used as remedies to treat cough. 
  • Dogs and cats should not be offered chocolates since it might even result in their death.

What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with chocolates?

Dark chocolates are prepared from cocoa tree seeds and filled with rich nutrients. It is also a wonderful plant-based antioxidant source, helping to reduce heart disease related risks. Dark chocolate consumption also helps in various ways. It protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun, high antioxidants, raises HDL, enhances brain functions, safeguards LDL against oxidants, reduces fat along with ageing signs, improves blood flow, etc. You can choose different types and brands of chocolates and gift them to someone known. They are sure to love and remember this gift for a long time. 

However, besides being nutritious, they also contain saturated fat, sugar in high contents and low in vitamins. Chocolates, if consumed excessively may result in high calorie and carbohydrate level in the body, tooth decay, etc. Although dark chocolates contain plenty of sugar, it is half of what is used in milk chocolates.