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Super Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

July 29th, 2015

Most people are confounded about what gift give to give on Valentine’s Day to friends or lovers. It is easy to fall back on convention and go the usual route of chocolates, stuffed animals, roses and wine. But you can get creative on how to celebrate February 14, avoiding the run of the mill ideas.

Here are some top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  • Start a Valentine’s Day tradition: Skip the usual cheesy  habit like  a heart shaped Valentine’s Day card and start a fresh Valentine’s Day tradition like a special dinner at home with your loved one minus distractions like TV, net or mobile phone.
  • Enjoy the day alone: Enjoy your time as a single and get ready to mingle a bit. One does not need a companion to enjoy this day. Treat yourself to a bubble bath or personal spa day. Go for a long drive and appreciate scenery. If it is snowing, stay indoors and catch a game or a romantic movie on TV.
  • Gift of experience: Rather than worry about what to buy, focus on what you can do with your partner to enjoy the day. Getting outdoors and enjoying activities like rock climbing, together as a couple will help build up your relationship.
  • Roses to say “I Love You’: Nothing better to express your feelings than a bouquet of roses. From yellow roses that express friendship to a bunch of red roses to express love, flowers are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s day
  • A day for friendship: Valentine’s Day does not always signify romance. It can be a day of fun to celebrate as friends. On this day, there are many ways to show much you value your friends such as sending a Valentine’s card or organizing a grand party.
  • Remember your first date: Your first date is the time when you wooed your lady in the most romantic way. A woman appreciates it if you remember all details of your first date together. Remember your first date, do the same things and eat the same food like your first time together.
  • Sweet treat: Chocolate is inseparable from Valentine’s Day tradition. Make use of Valentine chocolate delivery in UK to send a hamper of luscious chocolates to your loved one. You can even spend the day making a chocolate recipe along with a loved one.
  • Spa day instead of stuffed animal: Instead of gifting a stuffed animal to your lover, why not book a day at a spa for a couple’s package. This way you can enjoy a wonderful day together.
  • Make a happy list: Both spouses can create their own ‘make me happy’ list such as all those things that make him/ her happy. You can use this list throughout the year to make your partner happy when he or she is having a bad time.
  • Propose or spend quality time:  Take this day to propose to your girlfriend. If you are already married, use this day to spend some quality time with each other minus any distractions.

These are some of the top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


3 Chocolaty ways to propose a girl on Valentine’s Day

June 26th, 2015

Marriage is the biggest decision of life. Every girl wants to get proposed in a romantic and memorable manner. But boys lag in this area. They think objectively that the main point is to propose not the candles, the dinner, the place and other stuff. It is important to put some extra effort to make this special moment memorable for life for both of you. It is dramatic and also romantic that a guy bends on his knees with a rose and a ring in hand and ask the girl to be mine forever. This idea has not expired yet and still it works well on many occasions.  But why not adopt some other way and make this day more romantic. One should propose the girl in a way that she cannot control herself and say ‘Yes’.

Valentine’s Day is particularly attached to love birds. On this day, love is in the air. All lovers show their loves explicitly.  But just expressing love is not enough when you know that she is the perfect girl with whom you want to spend your life. It is a perfect time of the year to propose the girl of your dream and make this day’s memory frozen with your love. Proposing with flowers is cool, but why not do something unique? Make your chocoholic girl surprise with your proposal coated with chocolate.

Here I will share some amazing ideas to propose your Barbie doll on Valentine’s Day.

  • There is so much special valentine’s chocolate variety available on Valentine’s Day. And nothing is better than chocolates to sweeten the mouth of your girl on this special time of their life. Present her some delicious chocolate bites on a romantic dinner date and hide the ring in the chocolate box
  • On Valentine’s Day your girlfriend might be expecting something special from your side. Pass the whole day with a silent mode. Don’t wish her, don’t gift her anything until 11:50p.m at night, then make Valentine chocolate delivery UK with a romantic note. And just after the delivery boy leave, ring the bell with a proposal ring in your hand. All her anger will be wiped out and she will love the way to propose her. This long waiting for your valentines wish also make her realize that how much she loves you
  • Arrange a romantic dinner at home and bake or buy a chocolate cake with a heart shape. And secretly place a ring in it and do a bit chocolate frosting again to hide any change. Offer that side of cake to her. She will love to find a ring inside it. This idea is much better than the old one of placing ring in the wine glass.

Try out an idea from them an make your proposal a chocolaty and memorable.