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Gift ideas for Bride to be

October 25th, 2017

A bridal shower is an occasion which is gaining popularity over the few years. This is an event where the friends of the bride throw the bride to be a party with just her other female friends. They dance, organize fun activities, talk, share stories and gift the bride one special item related to her future married life. They say a woman knows another woman the best. The best gift you could give your girlfriend would be the one that would come in handy during their married life. Here are a few creative items which can be gifted to your friend during her bridal shower.


This is the safest gift to present to a woman. There is never too much make-up in a woman’s life. During the initial days, she would also wish to look good for her partner. You could send her a combined range of beauty products or hampers by post or even gift it during the time of the bridal shower. The hamper could range of various types of essentials such as lipsticks, Eye make-up, Foundation, Blush, contour, etc. along with other natural products such as aloe vera, Ayurveda, etc to ensure a balance for her skin.

Polaroid Camera

This one would work wonders a gift to a newly married woman. Living in the present age of selfies and digital photography, she will have no greater joy than getting to capture those beautiful moments of her married life in person and add it to her collection of memories. You could also gift her a personalized photo album just for your friend and her partner. This would work best if its gifted before their honeymoon as that is the time when a woman enjoys herself and her surrounding the best. She would love her pictures clicked as well as her partners without worrying about space and storage of her phone.


Most women love to dress up after their wedding to gather the attention of their partner. You could gift them hair products, jewelry such as anklets, bracelets or pendants, basic appliances such as straighteners/curler, or even combine them all gift hamper UK and send it to her while she is off honeymooning anywhere in the world. She would come back not expecting this lovely surprise and would love to open up a gift that takes care of all her needs.

Massage vouchers

Initial days of marriage would also be hectic for both your friend and her partner.  gift them vouchers for couple massages or even individual messages which may be valid for a few months so that they take time off their hectic schedule and relax in the company of one another. You could add complementary services such as pedicures, facial, hair spa, etc to pamper your friend.

These are some of the things that would make for great bridal shower gifts. The point is to ensure you are there for your friend during her new stage of life. The best gift is the gift of time, love, and attention.

Bake ‘em crazy – “Thank you” Cake Ideas For Beginners

October 23rd, 2017

Don’t we all love a little appreciation every now and then? A “thank you” can nurture any relationship be it with your friends, family, lover or colleagues. After all, gratitude is what makes the world a happy place. So if you have been racking your brain to make your “thank you” extra sweet, then, drop your worries.

What might express a sweeter “thank you” than cakes? Home baked thank you cakes! No, don’t fret at the mention of baking. You don’t have to be a Masterchef to make one of these magical baked goodies. Just follow the instructions and fill your loved ones’ heart (and belly) with sweetness.

Magic In A Mug


Flour – 3 tablespoons

Sugar – 3 tablespoons

Cocoa Powder – 2 tablespoons

Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon

Milk – 3 tablespoons

Vegetable Oil – 3 tablespoons

Vanilla Essence – 2 teaspoons

Chocolate Chips – 3 tablespoons


Take a large microwave safe ceramic mug. Put all the dry ingredients, which is, the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and mix them thoroughly making sure there are no lumps. Then, drizzle in the wet ingredients, which is, the milk, oil, vanilla essence. Blend everything together until smooth using a small whisk or fork. Finally, stir in the chocolate chips gently.

Microwave on high for a minute. Insert a skewer in the middle of the cake. If it comes out clean then your delicious cake is ready. If not, then, stick it in the oven for another 30 seconds.

For a more personal touch you may jazz up the mug a little. Use a mug in solid colour and write a personalised message or make a cute doodle on it with a permanent marker. Make sure to cover the cup with either a piece of fabric or tissue tied with a ribbon.

Luxe Velvet 


Flour – 2 ⅕ cups

Sugar – 2 cups

Baking Powder – 2 teaspoons

Cocoa Powder – ⅕ cup

Butter (softened) – 1 cup

Eggs – 4

Milk – ⅕ cup

Sour cream – 2 tablespoon

Food colour – 2 teaspoon


Muffin cups – 8 – 10


Set the oven to preheat at 350°. Sift in the dry ingredients, that is, the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder to make sure there are no lumps.

Whisk the butter and sugar together in a large bowl using an electric beater at medium speed. You may use a hand whisk as well and skip a gym day. When the butter turns light and fluffy, beat in the eggs one at a time. Now, add the dry ingredient and fold it in into the mixture until completely incorporated.

Line the muffin tray with paper cups and spoon in the batter until it fills the cup halfway and bake for 20 mins or until a toothpick comes clean when inserted in the cupcakes.

For an easy breezy frosting, place a marshmallow on top of each baked cupcake and microwave them for 30 secs. Your batch of cupcakes will come out coated in a layer of luxurious marshmallow frosting.

Now, take eight of the cupcakes and use candies or sprinkles to trace the alphabets of “thank you” on each one. Place them carefully in a pretty box in correct order so they spell your feeling correctly.

Having mastered the art of making your “thank you” as sweet as a cake, the final step is the “thank you” cake delivery part which should be as sweet. You may deliver these innovative cakes yourself along with a bunch of flowers or head to the nearest courier service to have them deliver it secretly and surprise the person you want to thank for their part in your journey. They will be touched beyond words.

Ideal Gifts for Showing Affection on Various Housewarming Occasions

October 14th, 2017

The housewarming parties have become quite popular these days. People love to celebrate various parties for different occasions like a party for the new home, renovations, small festivals, and much more. During such occasions, people generally gift special housewarming gifts to the families and friends to wish them good luck.

Here are some budgeted housewarming gifts that can be gifted to the couples or the owner of the house.

  • Tetris light

Is the couple you are gifting passionate about classic video games! The Tetris light would be the best gift for them. The Tetris lamps come with a unique ability where you can arrange the tetromino blocks with different shapes you wish to have in your house. The gift would illuminate the room it would be placed in, mostly in the family room.

  • Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter

This crystal gift would make your hooch hours more authentic. The aesthetic gift is specially made to design the bar area of the newly purchased homes, especially of the one owned by the retired militants. The decanter would surely prove to be a masterpiece, no matter whether it is empty or full. The decanter also carries a ship inside of it, that would make the sipping more enjoyable.

  • Engraved family tree stand

One of the widest purchased housewarming hamper UK, is the engraved family tree stand, that completes your family picture. The luxurious tree stand comes with the display of family member images, along with cute messages written on the leaves. All these show the bond of love, affection and care the members share with each other, that is one of the greatest pleasure of anyone’s life.

  • Large Cocktail shaker

Thinking to gift something unique to the house owner! What about to add some laughs to their parties! Yes, the owner who is passionate about concocting their cocktails and serving them to the guests would also love to get the large cocktail shaker as a gift. The cocktail shaker would surely add some mischief to your bar area and would encourage you to serve your guests with new flavors, tried at your own home.

  • Magnetic cap catcher bottle opener

This housewarming hampers the UK is surely going to attract all the hearts in the party. The magnetic bottle opener can be used for opening any kind of bottle, no matter it is of soda or beer with ease. The main attraction of the opener is the power of the magnet that opens the lid in a secured way through the walls without leading to any kind of splitting or mess. Nearly all the parties that have this device have added some amusement that proves it a great feature to have.

The list of other housewarming gifts include items like beer cap map for the wall art and beer lovers, a personalized family canvas, doormats with quotes, couple mugs with personalized touch, rock glasses for whiskey, photo plush blanket, and much more, that would add some charm to the decorations of the house.

Top summer birthday party ideas for kids

October 12th, 2017

Birthday, the name itself brings a wave of happiness, fun, and games in the minds of the kids. It is the best day they have been waiting for throughout the year, which would bring them bundles of gifts, gatherings of friends for going wild, games, cakes, and much more. Along with the changes in the celebration trends, today, the birthdays are also celebrated according to the season or the theme party the birthday kid is interested in.

Does the birthday of your little devil fall on summers! Here are some fun-loving birthday party ideas for your kid to make the day more special for him.

  • Let the town go colorful

This outdoor garden party theme is quite popular for summers. The party is celebrated while the kids play with different colors that make your garden go colorful. For this, make small bags totaling the number of kids in the party filled with organic color powder, and distribute them among the children. When they would start throwing the colors on each other, the wild rumpus would surely give you cool memories.

  • The bonfire parties

Bonfire parties are the heart-throb of the summer birthday ideas. It gives you a chance to spend some quality time outdoors with nature, with friends and families which can be carried out on picnic spots or even in the backyard of homes. You can also get personalized birthday cakes delivered to the party place while you look after the kids, eatables, drinks, games, etc.

  • Luau theme pool party

Love being around the pool! Here is a party theme that would bring you beside the pool with a tropical dressing theme. The party ingredient list includes swimming costumes, grass skirt, beaded jewelry, and lots of pool games to run the party smooth. To add some more blossom to the party, you can also include the hula dance for capturing wonderful moments.

  • Movies with the stars

This party theme would require a complete night to enjoy. The kids in this kind of party are given an open terrace place or the green backyard gardens, where the big screen projector is placed to give them a theatre like an experience. You can use mattresses or place sofa sets for the children to enjoy while they have their snacks, drinks and express birthday cakes while they enjoy under the twinkling stars.

  • The mud fights

Want to make the birthday of your child messy! What would be surprising than the mud fights! Bring them to the muddy forest, and leave them with various fun to play with props inside the forest to make the fight muddier. A place with lots of mud, trees, obstacles, racer runs, etc. would add to the fun. You can also move to theme parks that provide you with all such facilities.

Apart from all these, other summer theme birthday parties ideas include outdoor carnival theme birthday, chocolate slip and slide party, adventure with the nature theme, and much more, that would spice up the day of your kiddo with enjoyment.

Some Interesting Information on Flowers 

October 12th, 2017

A flower is a beautiful manifestation of the Mother Nature. There is hardly any person available, who does not love flowers. In many occasion, we think to present flowers. The color of the flowers is really important and should be specific for the specific ceremony. The colors represent a meaningful and rich story.

  • Blue Flowers: The light blue tone of a hydrangea or the rich deep blues from an iris can be helpful to calm down the worries and represent openness, peace, and serenity. A fresh and attractive arrangement of different blue flowers implies a cooling remedy for anxiousness.

· Pink Flowers: Pink color signifies gentility, grace, and happiness as well. From pink garden rose to delicate full bloom pink camellia – all of them are perfectly arranged in a beautiful bouquet to convey innocence, youth, and joy. If you want to send flowers to Canada from UK, then you can make a search through the internet.

· White Flowers: White is a symbolization of innocence, reverence, and humility. White flowers imply a gorgeous simplicity that means it looks simple but is impactful. You can choose your favorite ones from the silk petals and luxurious fragrant gardenias, the white charming lily, or from a bunch of peaceful white roses. A beautiful floral arrangement associated with white blossoming flowers conveys the message of elegance and modesty.

· Red Flowers: Red implies an indisputable power that is perfect to show the strength, desire, as well as passionate love. A red rose or a bouquet of red flowers are the manifestations of courage, heat, and beauty. Therefore, for your love, you can select the rich and vibrant red blooms.

  • There are many other colors are available for different flowers including yellow, orange, green, lavender flowers etc. A bouquet of bright and fresh yellow Daffodils or flower vase filled sun-drenched chrysanthemums implies lightheartedness and joy. Yellow flowers are perfect for friendship. A set of yellow blooms can easily express the feelings of new beginning along with happiness. Orange flowers are perfect for representing heartfelt sincerity. Green flowers represent resilience, health, youth, and good fortune. Lavender flowers are perfect for elegance, grace, and refinement expression.

You can send flowers to Pakistan from UK by using various delivery options. Flowers can be the perfect gift for various occasions but do not forget to check the colors before selecting the appropriate flower. The advantages of choosing flowers as gifts are as follows:

Flowers create an impressive way to convey your thoughts without uttering any words. You can simply convert your feelings as per the colors of the flowers. You can present flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day, to your friend, siblings or cousins in their birthday, to your close friend in her wedding, to your parents in their anniversary, to your love in the Valentine’s Day and so on.

You should include a sweet message (preferably n your own handwriting) with your bouquet. Different flowers and their different colors convey different messages and that is why you should carefully choose the flowers for the particular occasion. If you are confused, then ask for help to an experienced Florist.