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Cadbury gifts for all occasions

September 11th, 2014

There are many occasions, which give an opportunity to convey our feelings to others and the best way to express it is, through gifts. For occasions such as birthdays, valentines and anniversaries, chocolate is a very pertinent gifting idea. For people, who are living away from their families and loved ones feel the distance very much on such occasions when they miss being at home and joining the celebrations.

Chocolate as gifts

The best way to convey their sentiments on such occasions is to send gifts to them and let them know that they have an important role in their lives. Chocolate is one of the world’s most favorite foodstuffs for people of all ages. It can be enjoyed as a drink, used in cakes, in delicate varieties and as solid bars or toffees.

Chocolate comes in many forms and have allowed the treat to spread to all corners of the world. Although, according to the historic events, chocolates are mainly associated with countries of Northern and Central Europe but, in the current era, many countries manufacture and consume different varieties of chocolates.

Sending gifts as easy as never before

Initially, sending gifts for occasions was a difficult task due to the underdeveloped transportation and communication systems. But, nowadays it has become quite common and extremely convenient. There are many online gift stores that have a huge collection of finest chocolates and provide the quickest delivery to the address provided.

People, who want to convey a lot of love and affection to children, may choose to pick a gift hamper containing multiple brands and varieties of chocolates.

There are many online gift stores on the internet, which help us to choose gifts from. Yes, there are many online gift stores that operate in the UK. The Cadbury hampers in UK are pretty famous. We can be assured that the prices fixed on these hampers are very reasonable and the gift will certainly be delivered, within a short span of time.

Occasion to give chocolate gifts

  • Chocolate and confectionary treats make best presents all year round, not just for a particular occasion. Christmas is a special time, where chocolate gifts and hampers are very prevalent.

  • We can buy chocolate hampers for friends, family or as a corporate gift or for anybody else. Choosing cocoa treats is always a good choice and with so many varieties available, we can go for the ones, which are pleasurable to the recipients.

  • On Valentine’s Day, chocolates can be the best gifts to be given to loved ones. It’s usually a pet choice of men as most of the women just love chocolates and chocolate hampers.

Popularity of chocolates

A huge population has a passion for chocolates, and hence, we also have the option of buying sharing packs that come filled with everyone’s favorites so that each person can get their favorite chocolate. Chocolate gift boxes achieve that purpose and generally are available in a package, which comprises of delicious sweet treat arrays. A chocolate corporate hamper is normally available in all shapes and sizes. Even in work places, we can opt for this hamper.


July 21st, 2014

What can be better than a chocolate fix after a long tiring and hectic day? Chocolates are all time favourite for all the kids and the big ones too. We have a great range of special hampers for gifting and spoiling yourself & your loved ones too. Whether your  friends or family are celebrating new jobs, marriage engagements, house warming parties, welcoming a new baby, birthdays & anniversary or any other new adventures or occasion, show them how much you care for them and love them with these amazing chocolate gift hampers bursting with exciting and amazing goodies and sweets. So give yourself, friends and family a treat with this amazing chocolate wicker hamper full off yummy and mouthwatering chocolates and goodies today.

This hamper has chocolate which won’t only lighten up occasions but also suit them too. Don’t resist the gooey caramels or nutty pralines. For all the dark chocolate lovers there is a 70% decadently dark rich chocolate which will force you to get indulged in it. Thornton’s scrumptious cocktail tastes as delicious as any real thing with Peach Bellini. Just close your eyes and get engrossed in the heavenly delight in every bite of White Russian and Strawberry Daiquiri.

These chocolate goodies are perfectly packed into a keep-sake wicker hamper.

What goes in the hamper

• Delightful Desserts (192g)

• Scrumptious Gooey Caramel Melts (200g)

• Irresistible Chocolate Cocktails (104g)

• Tempting Nutty Praline Melts (200g)

• Thornton’s Chocolate Liqueur 70cl

• Magnificently Milk Chocolate Block (90g)

• 70% Deliciously Dark Chocolate Block (90g)

Whether you’re a longtime chocolate addict or simply searching for the perfect chocolate gift  for someone special, find the scrumptious flavours in this so that and you’ll never again be desperate for these sweets when faced with craving of chocolate or unexpected guests.

These tempting and delicious Chocolates make these hampers the perfect gift for parties, celebrations and get-together and our collection of wine, champagne and whisky hampers make an ideal and complete gift to take along for a dinner party or as a thank you. Our sweet hampers are the ultimate, flawless and a classic gift solution for anyone with a sweet tooth. Packed to the brim with delicious goodies, these hampers make excellent party treats or birthday gifts and are sure to go down well with the kids, big or small or any adult too. Choose from the wide range of delivery options when sending your chocolate gifts by post to your crowd. Are you looking for a gift in a hurry?  Don’t wait much then. Just unwrap your hamper and enjoy.

Delight your friends, family, clients or colleagues with a delicious and indulgence intimate wicker hamper. You can also post this hamper along with Cadbury chocolates UK to your loved ones, make them feel special & loved as this is a perfect and best for last moment birthday and anniversary gifts by post for free or gift it yourself. This is the best to make your loved ones feel like they mean a lot to you.