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Fruits have power to heal

October 31st, 2015

We all want to keep our life healthy and maintain a perfect body weight. Isn’t it? Why keep on putting weight and then run into a gym or go for a hectic exercise routine? What if there is a tasty way to lose your weight. Add berries to your fruit gift baskets UK if you want someone to lose weight. Be it rasp berries, straw berries, blue berries or black berries, they will help you a lot.

Berry it all the way

Do you believe it? A weekly dosage of straw berries or blue berries keeps your mind sharp. The type of flavonoid present in a berry helps in crossing the blood brain barrio making your memory more sharp than the others.

Strong in fibre, this helps in maintaining a normal level of blood sugar. Though they are sweet in taste, but it never affects a diabetic patient in a negative way.

Having berry in a weekly diet lessens the risk of growing Parkinson’s.  The reason is flavonoids again.

Having berries can reduce the chance of heart attack. High nutrients present especially in blue berries helps in this.

One can add berries to their lunch or dinner. You can add them in your salad or custard or oatmeal. They will work as magic to reduce your weight.

The antioxidant properties that are present in these fruits help to control high blood pressure in a human body.

Blue berries and rasp berries are rich in flavonoids. As a result, they help in cancer prevention strategies.

The antioxidants present in a berry helps fighting dead cells in human brain. This helps in prevention of memory loss or Alzheimer’s.

Cranberries contain high level of fibre. This helps in preventing urinary tract infections.

Papaya is your choice

Though a seasonal fruit, papaya is available now throughout the year. The advantages of eating papaya are many.

The anti oxidants present in papaya helps to maintain a good eye vision.

The fibre content helps in keeping the digestive system clear. Those who suffer from irregular bowel movements must try papaya in their regular diet. A natural cure to constipation!

Adequate Vitamin K consumption is good for bone health. Presence of potassium in this fruit helps in it.

The beta carotene mineral found in papaya prevents cancer. It is very effective in reducing the risk of prostate cancer in a male body.

The fibre, potassium and vitamins present in papaya keeps away heart diseases. It decreases the sodium intake in a human body, reducing the cardio vascular risks.

The choline nutrient is very important to human body. It helps in muscle movement and absorption of fats.

Vitamin A is present in this fruit. This prevents hair fall and makes your hair shiny than earlier.

Fruits are always beneficial. It does good more to a human body that having bad effects on them. Try to maintain a diet, which contains fruit on a regular basis. This is an ultimate key to maintain a proper health and body weight.

Better Half is the Best Half

October 31st, 2015

Everybody is busy in their professional lives. No time for family. Married life is at stake? Yes it is. Spending more than 12 hours in office are actually hampering the personal life of everyone! Work is important. Spouses are more important. Take a bit of time out for your partner. Make them smile by gifting them something they love.

Play a perfect Husband

It is true that you feel tired after a long day of office work. But never forget that your wife also had a long day too. Take some time out post dinner, have a cup of coffee and chat with your wife just like you used to do before marriage. It will make them happy.

Surprise her with a new jewellery set or a dress. It is not necessary that the gift should be expensive. What you give, give it from your heart. It will melt her with love.

Take her out for shopping. How much you hate it does not matter? A woman loves shopping. Give her company to a mall and show patience if she takes endless time to buy one thing. The most precious gift for your wife, ever!

Plan a romantic dinner for your wife. It can be a candle light dinner on your terrace with homemade foods also. Just try to make it special. Sing a song for her. Indulge into a romantic dance. Who says gifts are always bought?

Take her out for a long drive. Enjoy the whole day with soft music and lunch at a roadside food point.

A wife knows it all

It takes a lot of sacrifice to put up a family. To look after it, women can do everything. They can handle professional and personal life with ease. But what about your spouse? Are you forgetting them due to your pile of responsibilities? If yes, then take time out for them.

Gift them a quality time. Spend some time with them, not talking about your everyday problems. But chatting with him like a friend.

Gift them something they love. Buy their favourite perfume, watch or a wallet. You can also order online. Cheap hampers UK are available on various sites. Just order and surprise your husband.

Plan a vacation with him. Take a leave for a week from the regular monotony and breathe in a fresh air. Plan a holiday keeping in mind what kind of place your husband loves. Mountains, seas, dessert or forest! Take him out from the regular chores of life.

Buy a ticket of a cricket or football match. Let him watch his favourite sport live on ground. He will be the happiest person on earth to have a wife like you.

If your husband is a gadget freak, then buy him a tab or a latest model of mobile phone. You can also go for a head gear or a new blue tooth device, or a camera.

Cook food for your husband. Make his favourite dishes. At the end of the day, the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Gift to Love…Love to Gift

October 31st, 2015

Everyone loves to receive gifts. There is no need of an occasion to make your near and dear ones feel special. If the person is special in your life, make them feel the same. Gift a person what they love. It will bring a smile on their face.

For the Special one

You always want to pamper your partner. Loving and caring about them is not enough. Pampering them with little things that they love make them feel all the more special.

For your Girlfriends

Every Girl loves to have chocolates. Want to make your girlfriend happy? Buy them a box of chocolates they love. The glee in their faces will go unnoticed.

Buy her a dress without a reason. Praise her by telling her that she will look beautiful in it. They will feel the luckiest to have you in your life.

Send her a bunch of roses or any flowers in the morning. Make sure that the flower hampers by post delivered are fresh. Attach a good morning note to it. It will change her day.

If your girlfriend is a fashionista, then choose a fancy neckpiece or a pair of danglers for her. They will love it.

Handbags are what every girl loves. Buy her a tote or a sling or a clutch. They will be more than happy.

Take a lovely snap of your loved one. Frame it large. Gift it to her. She will remember you whenever she sees that picture.

If you want her to buy her something expensive, then go for the latest model of mobile phone.

One can also go ahead and gift something precious like a diamond or a platinum ring.

Some gifts are priceless. They are even more beautiful and romantic than all the above. Take her for a long drive in a cloudy day. Get drenched in rain. Share a cup of coffee. You win it.

For your Boyfriends

Buy your man the perfume they love. They will love the gift and will love you more.

Book some movie tickets for him and his friends. It will make him feel that you do not want to keep him away from them. He will feel very happy.

Take him to a restaurant which he loves. Treat him with his favourite cuisines. Guys love to it. And they will love the idea. It is even better if you take an initiative and plan a candle light dinner for him.

Plan a vacation with him. Mountains, seas, forest—whatever it is. They will fall in love with you all over again.

Want to gift him a priceless moment? Spare him an evening with his friends to watch a cricket match! You will hit the bull’s eye!


Gifts are always good. But never forget to love your partner. Never avoid them. Never make them feel down. Support them in every evens and odds. Love and care is above all. Never forget to be with his/her decisions. Respect them. Trust them. That is what love is all about.

A Cake Walk through History

October 29th, 2015

Earlier it was known as a modification of bread. Now, cake has come a long way. Numerous recipes and flavours, this dessert is definitely a favourite for all across the world.

The Etymology

The word Cake has a Viking origin. Those who are keen to know about cake delivery online must know the fact that the word cake originally comes from the word Kaka.

In ancient Rome, breads were made of honey and milk to make it soft. Later, it was enriched with egg and sugar and was given the name of cake.

Cheese cake is an invention of Greece which was made of goat milk then.

Sponge cake found its origin in Spain during Renaissance period. The main ingredients were beaten egg, thickened milk and sugar.

Cakes made in early England were also a form of bread. The only difference was that the cake was round and flat shaped.

French word, gateau (cake) had come into the English Language during the 19th century but was not used for any cake recipe instead it was used for referring to a dish, which was made with meat.

Fun Facts you did not know

  • The National Cake Day is on November 26th.
  • In Germany, Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated on 11th June.
  • In Scotland, the idea of a cake was a thick hard biscuit made of oatmeal.
  • The world’s largest wedding cake was made in the year 2004 and it weighed 15,032 lb.
  • The concept of birthday cake came to light in England in the year 1785.
  • In 17th century England, fruit cakes were kept under the pillow of an unmarried. It was believed that this will give them sweet dreams about their fiancé.

The Past Glory

Many years ago, Celtic people used to celebrate a festival called Beltane Festival. They used to light a bonfire on a hilltop and rolled down round shaped cakes from the top of the hill. If the cake does not break it will bring good fortune; that is what they believed.

Nowadays, cutting a wedding cake is a very common ritual. But earlier it was a bit different.  People used to end a wedding ceremony by breaking a big bread loaf on the bride’s head or by simply throwing pieces of bread on her.

When a couple invited their friends and relatives in their wedding, they brought a layered cake piled with apple stacks in each layer. The popularity of the couple depended on the number of layers on the cake.

Cheesecakes have a very ancient origin. It is said that during the first Game of Olympics, cheesecakes were given to the athletes.

The sweetest and most appreciated dessert around the world is Cake. When there is a cake, it brings immediate smile into many faces. Prepared in various shapes, forms and flavours, they are the most delicious thing that one can crave for. Be a birthday or a wedding or any other happy occasion, Cake is a wonderful gift. People love to receive a cake as it makes them happy.

Gift Fruits that are Fruitful

October 29th, 2015

Gifting a fruit basket to your relatives or friends is a very good idea. But it is even better if one keeps in mind the fruits that are to be good. It is always great to fill the fruit baskets with beneficial fruits like Apple and Grapes. The effects that these fruits have on human body are extremely important. Gifting a healthy fruit basket is always good.

Apple: A Doctor’s Threat

We all know the fact that An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. But how? Here is the answer.

Whiter Teeth

No, it does not act as a tooth brush or a tooth paste. But chewing an apple a day reduces tooth decay and prevents the formation of bacteria.


Drinking apple juice can actually prevent Alzheimer’s.  It fights the effects of brain ageing.


Apple contains high amount of fiber. It stops formation of brain dopamine producing nerve cells that leads to Parkinson’s.

Curb Cancer

Consumption of apple reduces the risk of formation of pancreatic cancer in human body.

Decrease Diabetes

Soluble fibers are present in apple that blunts blood sugar swings. Especially effective on women.

Cholesterol Reduction

Apple stops the formation of fats around the intestine preventing the formation of cholesterol.

Healthier Heart

Stops forming plaques in the human arteries. Thus, the blood vessels do not get locked preventing coronary artery diseases.

Gall bladder stones

Apple helps in balancing cholesterol level and increase in weight. So risk of formation of gall bladder stones gets reduced.

No diarrhea/ constipation

High fiber content food helps in maintains a regular flow of bowels. Apple is one such fruit.

Detoxified Liver

Contains fad detoxifying minerals which release toxins from human body.

Grapes: Not so sour

Those who keep grapes in their regular diet know that grapes are actually sweet. Not sour.

Prevents Cancer

Grapes contain a compound named resveratrol. It is a powerful anti oxidant, which prevents cancer in colon and prostrate.

Anti Allergic

High amount of polyohenolic anti oxidants are present in this fruit. It works as an anti allergic and anti inflammatory component.

Anti ageing

Flavonoid is the main thing that prevents wrinkle in skin. Grapes have a rich content of flavones, which means it acts as an anti ageing supplement, as well as keep skin smooth during dry seasons.

Bone health

Copper, iron, manganese are found in plenty amounts in grapes. These are very important in formation of bones.


The hydrating quality of this fruit keeps lungs healthy and hydrated. As a result, it prevents asthma attacks.


Ripe grape juice is a very easy home remedy to get rid of migraine.


The high amount of iron content prevents fatigue in human body.

Kidney Disorder

Grapes reduce the acidity of uric acid. It also reduces the pressure created on kidney.

A fruit basket is a gift, which does well when it is given to someone. If it contains beneficial fruits like Apple and Grapes, it is even better. We all know that health is the ultimate wealth.