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7 Myths about Chocolate Gifts

June 30th, 2016

Chocolates are the most pleasurable treat one can have and they are the most captivating confectionary that is desired by people of all ages. Chocolates have a long history and they have come a long way with variations in their structure, flavors and variety as new and improved recipes are created. Chocolates are the most sophisticated gift one can give and receive because they have earned remarkable value as they have evolved into unique and lavish treat by various manufacturers.

As new and fascinating varieties of chocolates are available, people have found them as a charming gift to express their heartiest greetings for the loved ones. Now there is a huge trend of sending chocolates online to friends and families on special occasions to greet them happiness. However, as chocolates have become famous as a gorgeous and lovable gift, there are certain myths that still prevail regarding chocolate gifts which might be trolled by certain conservative minds.

Chocolates are for Kids Only

This is a huge myth that prevails in certain people that chocolate gifts are only suitable for kids. There are chocolate gifts that specifically targeted at kids according to their age group and nutritional requirements but this does not limit chocolates for kids alone.

Chocolate Gifts are not attractive

  Well that is a complete lie because now you can see a wide range of delicate chocolate gifts that you can gift to anyone. In fact many top manufacturers now appoint special designers and professional chocolatiers to design their chocolate hampers to make them look exquisite and attractive.

Chocolate Gifts are less expensive

The world’s most expensive chocolates go as high in price as thousands of dollars because they consist of very expensive ingredients and materials such as gold and diamond which are beautifully crafted to decorate them and make them unique. So this myth can be totally deniable.

Chocolate gift is less valuable than other gifts

   Again this is a misconception because it depends what kind of chocolates you are gifting. If you choose a very delectable chocolate gift pack form world known brands then it won’t be anywhere less important to the recipient than an expensive gift.

Chocolate gifts are better for Women only

 What about the men who love to indulge in the luscious flavors of chocolate bites? It is not wise to think that men do not enjoy having chocolates. In fact, many chocolate companies have designed special chocolate gift hampers for men celebration days as well like Father’s Day chocolates, Anniversary Gift, Birthday chocolates etc.

Chocolate gift would tear your image

  If you think this way think twice. Chocolates nowadays are designed and packaged in such a gorgeous way that they can allure anyone with their attractive packing. Also their mouthwatering flavors would not let you resist the temptations of enjoying them and praise the sender for such a luscious gift on special occasion.

Chocolate Gifts are only for Valentine’s Day

This is totally inacceptable as chocolates are widely gifted on various other occasions as well. They are a true symbol of sharing love and happiness and thus they can be shared on any celebration of joy. This is why there are specially customized chocolate hampers available for anniversary, birthday, Mother’s day and Father’s day to break this myth.

Top 10 health benefits of Grapes

June 29th, 2016

Keeping a fruit in one’s regular diet is very beneficial. People often tend to ignore fruits, but it is a very important item, which should be included in a regular human diet. It is good to have seasonal fruits when they are available and there are many fruits, which are available throughout the year. One should always maintain a proper fruit basket and keep on munching on fruits whenever possible. Even if one cannot maintain a proper and healthy diet, a fruit per day diet plan should be followed.

Grapes are commonly known as the queen of the fruits. There are varieties available like green grapes, red grapes and black grapes. All of them are rich in Vitamin C and are very beneficial to human health.

Why one should keep grapes in their diets?

The reasons are innumerable.

  • Ripe grape juices are great home remedy to cure migraine and other kind of headaches since many years. One should have pure ripe juice of grapes every morning in an empty stomach. No water should be added to it. The antioxidants present in this fruit like riboflavin help a lot on preventing migraine attacks.
  • This fruit is very rich in fiber and minerals. There are a lot of polyphenols present in it, which helps to keep the nerve system strong. As a result, they are beneficial in keeping the neurotic diseases away from an individual; especially the attack of Alzheimer’s.
  • Grapes can cure indigestion problems. This fruit has dietary fibers, which keep the digestion system normal by keeping regular clear bowel movements on track.
  • Some advance researches have come to the conclusion that grape juice can also help in preventing breast cancer. It has anti mutagenic properties, which are beneficial to protect a human body from any kind of cancer attacks, especially breast cancers.
  • Grapes are also very good for eye sights. They are enriched with lutein and zeaxanthin, which are very good for eye health. It keeps the cornea and the other membranes of wyes good and healthy.
  • This fruit is also rich in pterostilbene, which works as insulin in a human body and thus keeping the blood sugar level in control.
  • If one indulges into munching a handful of grapes every day, then the cholesterol level in their body also remains in control.
  • This fruit is also good for treating kidney diseases. It helps in reducing the acid level in uric acid present in a human body and thus, releases the pressure it can create on both the kidneys.
  • Grapes, especially red grapes, are said to have therapeutic values to cure asthma. This fruit has a lot of moisture and it increases the moisture level in human lungs relieving them from breathing troubles and spasms.
  • Grapes have a lot of anti viral qualities and help one to get rid from viral infections. It also helps one to protect their body from polio attacks and other herpes viruses.

One can order variety of fruits from online and get their fruit baskets delivered at home.

How to use Chocolates to express your feelings

June 28th, 2016

From decades we are using chocolates to express our feelings to other. If you want to make them feel special, give them a nice box of chocolate, made a mistake; surprise them by giving a basket of their chocolates. You can use chocolate to express your gratitude as well; there so many ways chocolates help us in expressing ourselves.

In this post, we will talk about different chocolate gifts you can give to your loved ones to express your feelings.

  • Personalized Chocolate Basket: If you want to tell someone that you love them, chocolates will definitely help you in getting the positive answer. You can gift personalize chocolate basket filled with their favorite chocolates and other gift items. They will definitely feel special by seeing the efforts you made to make that basket.
  • Personalized Chocolate Bag: Chocolate bag can be used to say sorry to others. You can fill the bag with different assorted chocolates and gourmet chocolates. Making chocolate bag is not easy so when you give a chocolate bag to that person to tell them you are sorry, you can also send chocolate by post if that person lives in different town.

  • Chocolate Boxes: if you want to express your gratitude to the person for helping you or for having a favour from them, you can give them a chocolate box filled with different types and shapes of chocolate. You can also personalize the look of the box according to you, you can use either cardboard box or metal box and you can also ask the maker to make compartments in the box for some special gift. You can use stickers or use a picture on the lid to make it more striking.

  • Corporate Chocolate Gift: If you want to crack a deal or cracked a deal, you can give a corporate chocolate gift to your clients or partner. This helps in strengthening the relationship between the two.

  • Personalized Chocolate Gift Items: Sometimes chocolates are used to express how the other person is important to you, and for that, you can send different items made of chocolates like cookies, cakes or even make home homemade chocolates. The effort you put in making these items will definitely make them feel special, and they will feel lucky to have you by their side.

Now, that you know which chocolate gift item you need to express yourself, but do you know where to buy them? You can buy chocolates online or from stores but, buying chocolates online is a better option because you can choose from a large variety of option because those chocolates are made according to the order and the option to personalize the chocolate is also high. You can also buy readymade boxes or bags as well or you can buy the products and chocolates to prepare the gift yourself, the choice is yours.

Now, go ahead and prepare your own chocolate gift to express how you feel to the people you love.

How to make a perfect fruit basket at home?

June 27th, 2016

Fruit baskets are becoming quite popular and people love to give them during festivals. The gift looks colourful, it is healthy and the best part everyone loves fruit. It’s not necessary that everyone loves chocolate or sweets or snacks, but people do love fruit, which makes a fruit basket perfect as a festive gift.

Here are few points on how you can make a perfect fruit basket:

  • Always buy fresh fruits. You can contact the dealer itself who can provide fresh farm picked fruits to you. If that’s not possible, then you can go to the grocery store as well who keeps a fresh stock of fruits and vegetables. Before buying, examine that the fruit is neither bruised nor has any type of blemishes because no one like bruised or blemished fruits.
  • Always add different types of fruits in the basket. It is possible that the recipient may not like the fruit you give. If there is a choice of fruits, then he/she can eat the fruits they love.
  • You can also add fruit juices as well because kids love sweet drinks. Instead of giving sweet sodas, it is better to give fruits juices, which are healthy and kids enjoy drinking them.
  • Flavoured milk is also a good option which can be added to the basket. Everyone enjoys drinking flavoured milk because of its natural flavour which it gets from fruits.
  • Packaging is one of the most vital parts of any gift. Same goes with the fruit baskets as well, if the packaging looks dull, then it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into making that basket, the recipient will not be satisfied fully. So it’s necessary to choose the right material to pack a basket.
  • The first thing you need is a basket, you can either but a basket made from plastic or made from jute or any other material, the choice is yours. The second thing you need is the packaging grass which will be as a cushion for the fruits and other products, which will be packed into that basket. You are going to need other things to finalize the packaging like tape, ribbons, bows, heat sealing machine, etc.
  • Now, you have all the stuff to make fruit basket. Start with setting the packaging grass on the bottom of the basket to provide stability to the fruits and other products. Wrap the big fruits like oranges, apple, pears etc. with a gift tissue paper and place them in the bottom. Now you can place small fruits and juices on the top of apples and oranges, which will provide more stability to the products.
  • Once you are done with filling the basket, the only thing left is packaging. You can use heat sealable wrapping paper to cover the entire basket. To provide extra protection, you can use gift wrapping paper over the heat seal paper. To finalize the packaging, you can name cards to write or decorate it with ribbon and bow to make it more attractive.

This way you can make your own fruit basket at home easily. You can also use fruit basket delivery service to deliver them to your loved ones who live in a different state or city.

Some Wonderful Benefits of Eating Chocolate

June 27th, 2016

Chocolate is probably the most eaten and most liked sweet among the international populous. Old and young, rich and poor, girls and boys alike, everyone and everybody crave chocolate for its unique taste and aroma. There is something special about the chocolate, maybe its smoothness, maybe its aroma or maybe it’s just the look of it that makes even the strongest willed person long for some more.

Due to its addictive and obsessing nature, we were always taught as kids that eating chocolate is very bad for our health. It spoils our teeth, upsets your stomach and makes us fat. But what if we tell you that eating chocolate can actually be pretty beneficial for your mind and your body? So, much so, that you will probably pick up the phone and order some chocolates by post immediately.

Following are some of the health benefits of eating chocolates.

Good for your mind……

A study in mid 1970s in America with a pool of more than a thousand people was conducted to study the mental abilities and cognitive soundness of different people. The study indicated that the men/women who have had chocolate at least once per week were sounder cognitively than those eating no chocolate at all. Moreover, chocolate tends to affect our brain in such a way that benefits us in the following ways:

❖           Eating chocolates can make us happy by increasing the generation of feel good hormones known as endorphin.

❖           Chocolates improve the blood flow to the brain as a result the memorizing power, problem solving capability and the reaction time is boosted.

❖           Chocolates have a large amount of antioxidants that protect our brain from the free radicals that are inhaled along with oxygen and transported to our brain through blood vessels.

❖           Chocolates help you with your studies by increasing your power to focus on a given task.

❖           The magnesium content of chocolate is considerably higher than our normal diet, an now how is that helpful? Magnesium works as an anti stress agent and helps relieve stress.

❖           Chocolate helps develop good bacteria in your intestine- these good bacteria work as antioxidants and help prevent brain damage by free radicals and prevent disease such as dementia.

….. And great for your body

Dark chocolates having large amount of cocoa means it contains a great percentage of fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, magnesium and other vital and important minerals. Some great effects of these components are:

❖           Chocolate contains flavanols that help in stimulating endothelium, thus improving the blood flow. The increased blood flow means lower blood pressure, which helps us cope with tension and anxiety.

❖           Chocolate helps protect us against heart diseases and risks of heart failure. It decreases the amount of LDL cholesterol and increases HDL levels and increases insulin sensitivity.

❖           It has been observed from the study that there was a great reduction in the likeliness of a heart diseases among the people who ate chocolate regularly.

As a result of all these benefits of eating chocolate, modern doctors have been encouraging people to eat it. Thus, we can see that chocolate is ubiquitous, no matter where you go, you can find chocolate in every corner of world. So do not rethink twice, the next time you feel like eating a chocolate bar, you can easily order chocolates online. You can now even give chocolates to your best friends for their birthdays without a second thought.