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How to surprise your loved ones on their birthday

June 15th, 2019

Pleasant birthday surprises are always the best for those who love surprises! So, do you want to do something special for your loved one this birthday? Want to make sure that you plan the perfect surprise for your loved one this time? Well, we are often separated from our loved one because of the distance, but that should not stop you from surprising them on their birthday. (more…)

Chocolate: Some interesting fun facts to know

May 6th, 2019

Chocolates are considered to be among the most purchased and consumed edible items all over the world. This is one product that is found in different varieties and simply enjoyed by all ages. This edible delicious item can be given on all occasions and for all purposes and to anyone without any hesitation. They do make excellent gifts and can be given with flowers, cards and other items. (more…)

Five benefits to derive from chocolate consumption

April 29th, 2019

Chocolates are considered to be heavenly and simply irresistible. People of all ages do love to consume chocolates and there is no reason to wait for an occasion to have one.

Reasons to send chocolates uk as gifts

  • An excellent antioxidant: Oxygen which is breathed in, allows the human organs to function properly. At the same time, it also triggers production of free radicals in high numbers, which attacks the body structures. Antioxidant is present in large numbers in cocoa which in turn help to neutralize or trap free radicals which is responsible for oxidation. Some instances of comparison between antioxidant characteristics of cocoa as well as other products:
    • Wine: Twice greater
    • Green tea: 2-3 times greater
    • Black tea: 4-5 times greater


Chocolate and its kind

August 13th, 2018

Chocolates are a part of your happiness and sorrows. They are always there for you and you don’t need an occasion to go buy and eat a chocolate and things made of chocolate. When it comes to buying chocolates we all have preferences, likes and dislikes but how much of the world of chocolates do you know? And how much of the variety there is have you tasted? If you step into the world of chocolates, you will take quite some time to understand and grasp this big world. It is such a wide and massive world.  Just looking at the variety of chocolates in the world you geta little understanding of the spectrum. Solet’s have a look at this wide spectrum. (more…)

Impress Your Loved ones with these Special Gifts

August 25th, 2017

There will be hardly a single person who does not love chocolates, recent studies have highlighted that when men crave for food or when they are hungry they eat some fat or salt but when women are hungry they crave for chocolates. Yes, we know that chocolates contain fats and calories which sometimes make people resist eating them but there are numerous benefits too only if chocolates are eaten in a controlled way. Chocolate contains a wide range of nutrients which includes potassium, calcium and iron, also it is a good source of Vitamin B. There is a fun fact about the major ingredient of chocolate that is cocoa butter is, it contains only the mono saturated fatty acid which is also found in olive oil. As per the research was done by the experts, they found that the people who consumed cocoa regularly had a comparatively low blood pressure than those who did not consume cocoa. Chocolates are very helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Why Chocolates and history of chocolates?

Dark chocolates are the best source of energy, it contains 70% minerals from the cocoa beans and very less amount of added sugar, oils and other fillers, also this dark chocolate is an amazing antioxidant. When this chocolate is combined with nuts this becomes a million dollar combination not only in terms of taste but also is a great source of energy. Loaded with lots of nuts these chocolates become the extreme source of healthy protein which is essential for brain growth.

We all know nothing can be a better gift than giving your loved ones an amazing pack of delicious chocolates and chocolate products, this is the best way to shower love on the special ones. The sweetness of chocolate can bring the true essence of love and affection between the people you love hence now you can send chocolates online.

Top chocolate brands in the world

  1. Amedei – This is world’s most expensive chocolate, people were surprised when they got to know about the cost of this chocolate which was $100 a pound in 2012. Here is an unknown fact about this chocolate is, this chocolate manufacturing company contributes $27000 cupcakes in Dubai, which was really a huge number.
  2. Leonidas – There is an amazing story behind this chocolate, this line of chocolates started with an international love affair. A Greek-American man named Leonidas fell in love with a Belgian girl and further opened a tea room in Ghent and for the quality, he used to sell he received the gold medal in Ghent World fair, later he expanded the business in Brussels and today, Leonidas is sold worldwide in around 1,500 storefronts.
  3. Bovetti – It started when Italian chocolatier moved to Aubazine, France. Now the company crafts a wonderful collection of more than 150 different kinds of chocolates with some amazing ingredients like ginger, fennel, lavender petals etc.
  4. Valrhona – This is another amazing chocolate that comes from France, from chocolate pearls to tasting bars, the brand offer some really delicious chocolates.
  5. Michel Cluizel Chocolates– The best chocolates from this brand are some hazelnut blended with delicious caramel and chocolate, cappuccinos filled with coffee ganache.

Send chocolates to your loved ones and show your love in an incredible way.