Amazing gifting ideas for friends

March 23rd, 2017

Gifts are very special. They are essentially an emotional gesture and way of expressing your affection for a friend or loved one. Though one does not need a gift to express emotions, the gift does make a fantastic way to conveying our love and good wishes. Especially when it comes to choosing a gift for our friends we wish to go an extra mile and chose something best.

Here are few amazing gifting ideas for friends:

  • The good old chocolates

Chocolates are yummy dessert which everyone loves to devour on. Though conventional item, they make for one of the most amazing gifting items especially if your friend has a sweet tooth. These day’s one can opt from various types of chocolates and flavors available in fancy packages at authentic chocolate shops.

  • A classy Watch

Nothing beats the grandiose which a classic watch exudes! A watch is no more a mere accessory and has become a quintessential style statement for both men and women. With so many brands coming into the picture you can opt for a splendid watch as per your budget. There are brands which offer amazing watches at affordable prices. You can also grab the discounts on online portals.

  • Perfumes

Perfumes are loved by one and all. It makes for yet another sophisticated and sober gifting article. You can opt for the finest of fragrance from any of the shopping Malls or specialized perfume shops. A nice classy perfume is the safest bet for gifting and rest assure, your friend would more than love it.

  • Spa session

If you are also one of those people looking for something unique and contemporary, then gifting your friend a spa/ salon voucher is one of the perfect choices. You can gift them a whole body spa voucher or a manicure/pedicure voucher. Facials or haircut vouchers can also work wonder and leave your friend with a pleasant surprise.

  • Apparel

If you are familiar with your friend’s fashion choices and their measurements, you can also invest in a nice piece of clothing. For a female friend, nothing best than buying a gown or dress for her birthday! For a male friend Shirts or blazers are perfect.

  • Body care hamper

Grooming is a quintessential part in present times. People spend a lot of money and time grooming their physical appearance for a feeling of overall wellness. Markets are flooded with ample body care items, and you can choose from some good brands. Herbal or natural body care products are in vogue, so you can opt for them as well instead of the chemical laden ones.

  • Interesting Books

If your friend is into reading, then what best than surprising the avid reader in them with a bunch of great books! You can pick some Motivational books, novels, and biographies for a wholesome treat that your friend will cherish forever.

  • A gift basket

You can make a customized gift basket by assembling various items of your friend’s choice.

If your friend lives at a distant location, you can send them chocolate by post.

Amazing online gifting options for Birthdays

March 23rd, 2017

Choosing gifts for a loved one is one of the toughest choices to make. The perception of gifting is different for everyone. While few like to gift something aesthetic and artistic, others like to gift something useful. There are ample gifting options, and one can choose as per their taste. However, in present times, the online gifting shops have caught fancy of people. Instead of going and exploring the gift stores, people love to visit the virtual shops and pick something exciting. It not only saves time but also offers a wide variety of choices under one roof.

Here are few exciting gift options which one can pick online:

  • Gift hampers

Gift hampers are one of the best gifts for a friend or loved one. The gift hampers contain multiple items which make it really exciting. You can always rest assure with a hamper as everyone loves getting multiple gifts instead of one single item. You can also get a customized gift hamper made and delivered. Hamper delivery UK is now possible on the same day of booking across any location.

  • Watches

Watches are one of the amazing gifting items available on online portals. You can opt from various dials to straps. The online shops offer great variety for both male and female watches, and you can pick as per the budget.

  • Pendant/ Bracelets

Jewelry is loved by every woman. And online shops offer ample variety. From pendants, bracelets to earrings one can opt for any piece of jewelry at reasonable rates. Imitation jewelry is also one amazing option for gifting. If you are looking for a gift for a male friend, then you can pick from the bracelet and funky pendants.

  • Soft toys

Only confined to female friends and kids, soft toys make for a cute gifting article. Online shops offer a great variety of soft toys in various colors and size. You can opt for the best option as per your choice and get it delivered to your friend directly to surprise them

  • Wall piece

You can also find some fantastic wall pieces at online gift portals. Wall pieces make for an attractive, classy and sober gift article. It is the perfect gift if the person in question is a formal friend of yours. Wall pieces are available in various sizes and concepts.

  • Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are yet another popular gifting item. There is a positive vibe associated with wind chimes. People love to hang wind chimes on windows and doors and rejoice in the pleasant sound made. There is a wide variety of splendid wind chimes on online portals.

  • Candles

Candles make for a sophisticated and magnificent gift article. These days a lot of creativity is done with candles in terms of shape size and colors along with pretty candle stands.

  • Lamps

Online shops also display some of the finest and lavish lamps. You can choose a contemporary lamp for the gifting purpose.

Hamper delivery is possible on the same day of booking with the help of online gift shops.


March 6th, 2017

The 15th wedding anniversary is the third in line of the five yearly milestones of the marriage of a couple. It is certainly a cause for celebration when you cross the mark of a decade and a half of togetherness. You may celebrate it quietly in each other’s company or throw a grand party.


Crystal is the traditional gift for the 15th anniversary. It stands for the clear and sparkling love shared by the couple. Modern symbols of this anniversary are glass and watches. A watch represents the valuable time you have shared together as well as the time in the future which you have planned to spend.

Many spouses find it tough to choose between traditional and modern gifts. For instance, no matter how pretty, a Timex will not qualify for a romantic gift.

Crystal has a reputation for being fragile and delicate. It must be handled with care. It can serve as a glorious reminder of the love you shared for the last 15 years. It is also a pointer to a future of togetherness. For a sturdy symbol, you can gift a solid crystal paperweight which is not too fragile. Some other amazing crystal ideas include crystal vases, decanters, bells and stemware.   Order a cake delivery for the occasion and display it in a crystal plate.

If you are bent upon a modern gift, go for a watch or time-piece. Time pieces come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. They may hang on walls or sit tight on a work desk or fit snugly around your wrist. One can even buy a time piece that dangles from a chain of silver or gold around your spouse’s neck.

The value of a watch or time piece is in representing the wonderful time you have spent together and the many years you desire to spend with each other in the future. For gifting your husband, you can go in for practical choices like watches that are water and stress proof which can be worn during strenuous sporting activity.


Crystal and watches are not the only symbols of this anniversary. In fact, there are 3 gemstones associated with this tradition. They are Alexandrite, Garnet and Ruby. Hence if you find crystal and watches a boring idea, go in for jewelry. Keeping in mind rubies and garnets, the official color of this anniversary is red. Alexandrite changes color and can appear as red in the night.


The traditional flower of this anniversary is the rose. The rose symbolizes perfection, love and passion.


  • Toast each other with red wine in that crystal ware.
  • Go shopping for crystal clocks.
  • In a crystal box, keep a love poem, picture of you together and a small romantic note.
  • Plan to travel to a destination, connected to crystal and watches like Italy and Switzerland.
  • Renew your wedding vows: Go through the ceremony again in front of old and new friends and family. This is a chance to relive that event and incorporate all those details you wanted in your original wedding which you could not have.
  • Host a party with a glass theme. Hold the party in avenue with large, panoramic glass windows, greenhouse conservatories and patios. For added effect, include glass tables and crystal pieces. Don’t forget to get anniversary cakes delivered for the event.

These are some of the aspects about celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary.