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Good news for weight watchers…… Chocolate supports in weight loss

September 16th, 2015

Chocolate is one of the most irresistible sweet. But there is a dilemma attached with chocolate that most of its lover is facing, that chocolate contribute to weight gain. No treat for a chocoholic is complete without the sweet chocolate. And consuming it in moderation seems an impossible task. That’s why chocolate gifts are the most loved gift. The fear of not consuming chocolate in a weight loss program also stops many lovers in shedding weight. But the research shows a reverse relation. According to a latest research people who consume chocolate on a regular basis are thinner than those who don’t consume them. There is another research done by the Helena study group. It has a large sample of 1450 European children. And the finding of the research shows that those who consume chocolate have shown low BMI and vice versa. But chocolate in both the researches refers to dark chocolate that should have 60- 70 % cocoa.

The actual thing which contributes to weight gain is the butter, milk and high sugar content of chocolate. Cocoa itself is not harmful, infect it is something very healthy. It contains antioxidants and flavanols both gives body numerous benefits like supporting the cardiovascular system and blood pressure.

Chocolate is helping your body in many ways that you might not even know. It helps to fight the free radicals that are made because of eating junk food, by smoking and thought pollution. So the reduction in these cells helps your body in many ways. It also reduces depression and lightens up the mood. The smell of chocolate also made beta waves in the brain that help the body to relax. Thus, all this discussion shows that one should not cut back on chocolates and eating bags of it will help. No, not at all. Anything can become dangerous for the body if it is not consumed in moderation. Chocolate is good only if you consume a small quantity of it and the chocolate should be dark chocolate. By explaining the benefits of chocolate I actually mean to tell you the benefits of cocoa and not the butter and sugar of regular chocolate bars, cakes and ice-creams.

Best snacks to take on a trip when traveling with kids

September 16th, 2015

Travelling is fun, visiting new places, meeting new people and enjoying the world’s beauty. But travelling with kids is not much easy as it seems to be. There are many couples that sacrifice their youthful years of life just because they find it hard to travel with kids. But if you act wisely then you can make the trip much easier for you. Kids are picky eaters. Most of the kids don’t show willingness to eat other than the comfortable environment of their home. So when they are out and don’t eat anything, then their hunger is not more than a terrible nightmare that you are experiencing in your real life. Kids show up well until and unless their tummy is full. And if they are hungry then will make you remember God in few seconds. You should thus keep some snacks while travelling, that your kids find appealing and also should also be healthy and filling.

Here is a list of food that you can take on a trip while travelling with your kids

1. Fruits :

What can be healthier than the fresh fruits? They are filling, full of nutrition’s and colorful enough to attract your kids. But dealing with fruit can also be a bit messy, peeling it off, removing seeds etc. So it is better to take with you a box of cut fruits. You just have to open the box and handover the folk to your kids.

2. Chocolate basket :

I don’t know any child that says no to chocolates. Now days there are so much verity of chocolates that they become a healthy option for snack time. There are chocolates with fruits, nuts, whole wheat cookies etc. So keep a chocolate basket with you and enjoy a happy child’s company while travelling

3. Crunchy peas :

All mom wants, that their child eats veggies. But most of the child doesn’t like it at all. So crunchy peas pack is a healthy option. The kid will love to enjoy the crunchy green balls coming out of a snack pack.

4. Fruit Yoghurt :

Yoghurt has pre-biotic that helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent the Childs tummy against many diseases. Many children become sick after travelling; it’s because of the change in water and food. So if you will give your child yoghurt then he will remain on a safe side. And if your child doesn’t like the plain yoghurt then fruit yoghurt is a good alternative. It’s colorful, sweet and also delicious.

5. Nuts :

Nuts will keep your child busy for a long time. Many children use to chew nuts slowly. It is also a great option to raise a healthy baby. Nuts are full of nutrition’s and they also give a filling effect.

6. Fruit juices :


Juices are kids’ weakness’. But make sure to take with you. It will be a healthy option. And also keep your child happy.