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Make Diwali bright for your loved ones!

October 25th, 2016

Diwali, the colour of lights and crackers is just a week away now. It is a time for home coming for many who stay away and this is a time where every individual wants to celebrate with their family members and dear friends.

This is the time when people send love and blessings to their friends and relatives and send some lovely Diwali gifts as a token of celebration. To send hampers by post, one can also order unique gift items from online websites as well.

There are many things to gift this Diwali. Make it unique and special by adding a different touch to it. This is a festival of lights and colours. On this day, people also worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmiin order to bring wealth and prosperity in near future as they are the deities of wealth and prosperity. To send Diwali gifts to friends and family, one can pick and choose from the following ideas as well.

  • Every celebration is incomplete without sweets; especially in a country like India. Diwali is also not an exception. A box of assorted chocolates or a box of special Indian sweets like Kaju Barfi, Jalebi, Halwa and Gulab Jamun is always a nice idea. But one can also break the tradition and go ahead to gift something different like a box of donuts along with a small box of dry fruits. Caramel cup cakes are also a nice choice along with an assorted box of chocolate cubes. This Diwali, either go for a traditional box of sweets or go for a mix and match box with chocolates, cakes and donuts. If you want to add some spice to it, then go ahead and add some snack items as well.
  • One can also go for cookies hampers and other things like a small tea bag collection with a pack of herbal tea, honey tea, green tea and cinnamon tea. Those who are not very fond of sweets can be gifted with a basket of assorted cookies like coffee flavoured, peanut butter flavoured and cinnamon flavoured.
  • Diwali is the festival of lights. The best gift that one can send to their loved ones is definitely a pack of decorated diyas as everyone lights diyas in their houses during this festival. A pack of designed and scented diyas is thus a perfect gift this Diwali. One can also gift some lovely home decors as well. Go for a sleek lamp shade or a wall hanging plate for the host if you are invited to a friend’s or a relative’s Diwali party. Do not forget to take a box of crackers along with it as well. The children will love to get it.
  • Go for some special gift hampers this Diwali season. This hampers may include essential toiletries with special oils, bath salt and liquid soaps along with hand creams and shower gels. This is a perfect relaxing kit which everyone will love to receive.

Hamper delivery is easy though posts or through online websites.

Some exciting ways of presenting a gift

October 25th, 2016

A gift is the reflection of the thoughts you have about a person. If you love the person, you will take extra care in packing the gift well and presenting it with lot of attention and care. It is not just what the box contains that is important. It is also as important how you will be wrapping the gift and giving it to the loved one.

So, what is the right way to give a gift? Read on –

Giving gifts on expected days like birthday, anniversary or such events is normal. Send gifts on a boring day when the recipient will least expect it. They will be surprised by the sudden special act and will be certainly overwhelmed with emotions when the hamper delivery up is done. If you want to make your gift a surprise, you should leave the same old gifting rules and try something unique.

When the person is expecting a gift, you will not be doing much by handing over the gift by yourself. Bring in a surprise element by sending the gift with someone else. When the person receives a gift unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere from A stranger, they will be blown off. The sudden receive of a gift will surely make them smile. You can use a small child or a perfect stranger to do the needful. The concept will itself be appreciated as much as the gift. One more thing that you can use to deliver the gift is a pet if you have one. Obedient pets will deliver the gift the way they are instructed. This is also a cute way of surprising a person.

Fake gift before the actual –

When you hand over the hamper to the loved one, they will begin to guess what inside as they unwrap it. You must make it a bit shocking for them when they see what is inside. For this, just give a fake gift in the beginning. They will unwrap it and be a bit disappointed though they might not show it. You can give an empty box, a simple greeting card or a useless toy in the beginning. Later, after a few minutes, you can give them a real gift that is more precious. They will just love the gift even more.

Treasure hunt –

Make your loved one work a bit to get their gift. Why do they have to get it so easily? Plan a treasure hunt game for them, leave clues all around the place and let them run for the gift. On the final clue, give them a hint of where they can find their treasure. It is going to be one hell of a gifting idea.

 Gift etiquette is very important, especially when you are giving gifts to strangers. Because, they will be judging your attitude based on the way you have presented your gift. So, make sure that the gifts are packed well and have the hampers delivered up with much care. Gifts are the language that speaks the unspoken words. Make sure that they speak only the best of your thoughts.

Give a Wedding Gift That Crowns All Other Presents

October 20th, 2016

Wedding is undoubtedly a special day for every individual. On this occasion, everybody wants the best of everything. Whenever we have a wedding of a friend or a close one, we find ourselves more excited than they are.

Amidst the glory and pleasure, we often stuck between what to give on their wedding. Well, good news is that there are so many startling Wedding gift hampers available that they are going to love your hamper.

Perplexed about What Should Be Your Gift?

We humans get confused very soon, don’t we? Well, why are you worrying when you have so much variety on your plate to choose from? Let us swiftly walk through some amazing wedding gifts:

  • First of all, you always have a choice of giving a beautiful flower bouquet. Whether you want to buy a wedding gift for a male friend or female friend, flowers are going to be perfect for both. To celebrate the excitement, thrill or charm of wedding day, flowers can prove very fascinating. It is not that you have to pick from ten or twenty wedding flower bouquets, they are in hundreds. You also have the choice of picking the flowers of your choice and get them beautifully crammed in a wedding bouquet. If you want, you can also look for wedding flower stands having flowers placed therein.
  • Wedding is about love and where there is love, there are chocolates. How about wedding chocolate hampers? On one hand these wedding chocolates will celebrate the day with their sweetness and on the other hand, their richness can do wanders. Of course, when talking about chocolate for wedding, chocolates are not random ones, they are luxurious. You can find out amazing wedding chocolate hampers. Different hampers have their different speciality. Even some wedding packs are full of chocolates which are specialities of different countries and regions. So, while thinking about them, you are getting so much pleasure, what would happen when they will receive it? So, give it a thought and make their wedding day filled with the tang of chocolates.
  • You can also consider about special perfumes. How about getting a perfume hamper for them? Yes, there are many perfume hampers available that you can make their life full of fragrance. The wedding perfume hampers can make you on their mind all the time. Whenever they will spray the perfume, the lovely fragrance is going to remind them about you. This way, your gift will not just get extensively use by them but also reserves a special place for you in their heart. And the beauty of wedding perfume is that both can use it. It won’t be like for one spouse.
  • Finally, you can think of beautiful wedding hampers having small things of their day today use. Such a hamper can prove very helpful for them and they need not to buy certain things. Moreover, your hamper will make you a part of their daily life.

Thus, don’t do the formality of giving a wedding gift rather give them a wedding gift that wins their heart.

Jingle Bells, Christmas Trees and Gifts from Santa Claus!

October 19th, 2016

Remember the old story of Santa Claus we have all believed once in our lives? The philosophy was truth of our lives once and since then we have been celebrating Christmas! Christmas means great food, exclusive surprise gifts and lots of cosy clothing for us.

Yes, gifts are an important part of this celebration and Christmas gifts are awaited all the time of the year. The excitement of getting them and ripping the wrapper off next morning is a joy on its own. So if you are looking forward to send some gifts on Christmas to someone special and making their day better, here is an article on what unique ideas to incorporate in your gift to make it outstanding, special and exclusive!

Unique Christmas Ideas for you and your near & dear ones

  • Add personal touch to your Christmas gift

Rather than getting something from the store, try making something and go creative. Make family scrapbook, or pretty picture story to make this Christmas memorable for you and your family. Other than pictures, you can play around food stuff too and prepare a huge meal for your family and relatives, and the burp at the end will conclude Christmas like never before!

  • Tickets, tickets and tickets

Get concert tickets for your brothers and sisters, play tickets for your parents and grandparents, movie tickets for the kids in the house, spa offers for everyone and many more tickets to have one smooth and amazing family Christmas celebration.Tickets are a way of telling that you care for your special one.

  • Membership gifts

Rather than asking for other items, gift things you can pass. Gift lifetime membership of various clubs to your family according to their taste and make them happy. Trust us, their smiling faces this Christmas would be the best return gift to you.

  • Unforgettable trips

Leave everything aside, and pack your bags now. Book tickets for a beautiful destination now and get set going. Sooth your soul down, relax and enjoy this Christmas by the shore of the sea, or on the chilly hill top. No matter what the place be, but this mini relaxing trip will be a bonus for everyone this Christmas!

  • Customized gifts

In this world of technology, try to be as productive as possible and make a good use of it. Make customized graphic t shirts, mugs, printed frames etc. and gift this beautiful tech savvy gift to your loved ones.

  • The art of high class

It would be really classy if you gift unique art by famous artists, which will add on to the quality of your status but also will be really affordable for you. Artistic gifts are loved by everyone, and if it belongs to their favourite artists, it would be really amazing for them as well as you.

Don’t wait anymore now! Just get set go and prepare these unique Christmas gifts to send to your family, friends and relatives and make this Christmas more fun and everlasting.

The Rich Realm of Chocolates

October 19th, 2016

Don’t you think this world is becoming so passionate about everything?Yes, whether you talk about business or pleasure, there is stuff in ample available for everybody. For example, for making life more alive and cheerful, the manufacturers are catering exciting and scrumptious variety of chocolates.

If you want to buy chocolates for yourself or for someone special, there is huge variety available on your plate. You can also get your favourite Chocolates delivered to any address and at any time. So, isn’t it cool that you can taste the luxurious chocolates anywhere and anytime?

The Idea of Chocolates

Many of us consider chocolate bars so common, of course, they are. But how about chocolate packs and gorgeous chocolate hampers? Whether you have a promotion, a kitty party, a birthday, congratulation day or any occasion, you can lit the mood with richness of chocolate hampers. How? Well, have a look below:

  • Have you ever experienced a situation wherein you had to toil a lot to decide what to take along with you to a friend’s place? Well, if yes, then next time, don’t worry. Just think about a chocolate pack. Most of the people love chocolates. Whether you believe it or not but your tastefully selected chocolate hamper can rob the worries of your friend. And icing on the cake is, when he or she will eat it, every bite is going to uplift his mood and spirit. Your friend will genuinely thank you for it.
  • Has your child scored really well in exams? Then why not reward him? Of course, these small gestures motivate the children to perform better and better. They feel acknowledged and try to work more hard so as to do wander. So, just imagine, you just grabbed a wonderful and delicious chocolate pack for your kid to appreciate his deed and the moment you give it to him, he will be goingto hug you tight. He will take that gesture as an achievement and will work to perform even better next time.
  • Suppose your sister has got a promotion and you want to tell her how proud you are that she is doing so good; you can do it easily. Sometimes we feel hesitation in telling people how proud we are of their achievements. If you want to acknowledge their zeal and work, then why not buy a chocolate hamper for them? Just give a gorgeous chocolate pack to her and she will understand all that you want to say. Sometimes gestures speak louder than words.
  • This festive season, why not just take a break from general gifts and choose something thrilling and exciting? How about chocolate baskets? Mesmerising chocolate baskets with scrumptious chocolates in them can leave anybody’s jaws fell. Give your loved ones something that they aren’t expecting. Add a taste of delight and sweetness in your celebrations with chocolates filled with nuts and different flavours. Even if your friends are living in another city, get your chocolate hampers delivered at their address and make their day grand.

Thus, chocolates are perhaps the sweetest things that you can gift on any occasion and to anyone.