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Why Fruits Baskets Are The Best Gifts For Employees?

September 25th, 2020

There come many occasions in a year when the companies think of preventing and treating their employees with beautiful gifts. These gifts are a mark of honouring their contribution to the company. Employers always think of presenting something valuable to their employees. The most appropriate item they can gift to their employees is fruit baskets. Corporate fruit baskets make a thoughtful gift because it is something which is healthy, and people consume them in their daily life.

Reasons why corporate choose Fruit baskets as gifts

  • Fruits basket is foremost a healthy option. It has all the healthy and juicy fresh fruits that will benefit everybody’s health. Fruit baskets convey them a message to avoid eating junk and start living a healthy life. So, gifting a fruit basket is always a thoughtful idea as it enhances and encourages healthy eating.
  • Fruits and juices are good sources of nutrition and energy. Fruit baskets containing fresh fruits or juices will help in providing all the necessary nutrients and boost up the energy of the employees. Fruits baskets as gifts are a good indicator that your boss holds concern for your good health.
  • Gifting fruit baskets instead of sweets, chocolates, etc. shows that your boss does not want to harm your health; instead, he wants you to be healthy and energetic all day. So, it is the best way to show affection and concern about your employees.
  • Fruits and juices have all-natural nutrients like vitamins, fibre, sugar, etc. They can also boost up your immunity and help your body fight with diseases like cancer, strokes, diabetes, etc.

So, employers should always think of gifting fruits baskets as it helps workers in numerous ways. So, next time if there comes any occasion, employer must present something valuable to employees like fruit baskets.

Few things to consider while choosing fruit baskets

  • While choosing fruit baskets for your employee, it is important to consider the recipient of it. The employer must consider if his employee is allergic to any fruit or not. He should always add fruits that are commonly eaten by the employees and their families. So, the fruits must be carefully selected in the fruit basket.
  • The employer should also consider the delivery time. If it takes a long time to reach the recipient’s address, then he should think of fruits that don’t get perished easily. There are fruits like banana, apples, etc., which gets easily perished with time.
  • The employer should think of basket size as per the size of the family. If there are 3-4 members in a family, then he must select the medium-sized basket, and if the members are less than 4-5, then he must select the smaller basket.

The employer should also pay attention to other factors like a variety of fruits, the arrangement of baskets, etc. A corporate fruit basket should be made by considering all the above-written factors. These factors will make the fruit basket more thoughtful and valuable for the employees.

Gifting A Hamper Filled With Happiness

September 25th, 2020

Gifts are an important part of celebrations. Exchanging gifts on festivals or sending gifts to special people or loved ones on their birthday, anniversaries etc. is one of the ways of expressing your love. Giving a gift that is useful to a person is a thoughtful gesture. It not only serves the purpose of tradition but also makes the person receiving gifts ecstatic. Nowadays, there is a trend of gifting a series of small gifts in the form of a hamper. There is a surge in the trend of giving gift hamper UK. Hampers are usually made according to the theme of the occasion. For making a hamper, content or gifts must be arranged according to the theme of the occasion or the person to whom it is to be gifted. For example:

  • Baby hampers: These hampers contain all those gifts which are useful for a baby, like toys, clothes, etc. These hampers can be given on the occasion of a baby shower or birth of a baby. So the items in it should be related to the newborn baby. If these hampers are given on the occasion of the birthday of a small baby, then the items should be related to the age of the baby.
  • Birthday hampers: Birthday hampers should contain the items according to the interest of the recipient. For example, a set of novels for the person who likes reading, a basket full of chocolates and dry cakes, luxury items like watches, perfumes, jewellery, liquor, etc.
  • Anniversary hampers and wedding hampers: Such hampers can include flowers, greeting cards or handwritten notes, dry cakes, liquor, candles, accessories, etc.
  • Beauty hampers: These hampers contain beauty, self-care, and make-up products like facial kits, essential oils, lipsticks, creams, perfumes, hair care products, etc. These hampers can be used as prizes for beauty contests, etc.
  • Food hampers: These hampers include snacks, chocolate, cookies, fruits, cakes, etc. There can be meal coupons from the recipient’s favourite outlet. These hampers can be taken along for a picnic or house parties.
  • Other hampers: There can be different types of hampers for special occasions like valentine hamper, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift hampers, chocolate hamper, Christmas hampers, personalized hampers, etc.

These hampers are packed beautifully in different baskets, trays, or boxes which look attractive. Different items that match the theme is put in together creatively. They can be decorated with coloured papers, cellophane sheets, ribbons etc. If these hampers are to be sent by post, then they should be carefully packed to avoid damage. One can buy online hampers UK from different companies. You can also customize your hamper according to the need. These companies also deliver your gift hampers within your city as well as outside your city. It is required to place your order at least before 24 hours, or it may vary from company to company. These gift hampers not only contain the gifts but also the happiness you want your loved ones to experience.

Creating A Delightful Experience With Cake

September 25th, 2020

Nowadays, cakes have become an imperative part of every celebration. The cake is always considered as the highlighting factor of every occasion. Cakes are the best selling gifts that delight people of all ages. The cake is the first thing that matters when a person wants to make the occasion a memorable one. There is a wide range of cakes available at various online or offline shops.

Express Gift Service is an online shop having a broad range of cakes for different occasions such as birthday, thank you, retirement, anniversary, farewell, engagement, reception, baby shower, Easter, wedding, Christmas, New Year, etc. at pocket-friendly prices. This service allows customers to send a cake by post to the loved ones at distinct places. This service assures the delivery of cake well in time and desired condition.

It allows customers to select the size and flavour of the cake. The customization options provided by Express Gift Service allow customers to add patronized message on the cake to give it a personal touch. Strawberry cake, chocolate cake, black forest cake, vanilla cake, butterscotch cake, fruit cake and many more are the types of cakes available.

Various occasions which are incomplete without cake cutting are as follows:

  • People enjoy cake cutting on their birthdays irrespective of the age. A birthday party is incomplete without a cake. These days people prefer getting the cake customized in a unique flavour and style that matches the theme of the birthday.
  • Celebrating a wedding, engagement and reception with a scrumptious and beautiful cake cutting is the best way as there are special occasions which happen once in a lifetime.
  • Nothing makes an anniversary better than cutting the cake with the one you are married or the one who is dating for a long time.
  • Cake cutting acts as a celebratory treat at different functions, parties and corporate events. It is one of the most beautiful experiences to cut the cake with loved ones.
  • The cake is considered as an exquisite dessert for guest and host family after a delicious meal on Christmas holiday.

Significant merits of sending cake to the loved ones on special occasions through Express Gift Service are as follows:

  • There is a wide range of designs, flavours and sizes available for customers to choose. However, there is a limited number of cakes available at a retail shop.
  • When people send cake online, the effort of going out to look for the desired cake gets eliminated as the cake gets delivered to the given address in proper condition and at the right time. Midnight delivery of cake is the ultimate experience a recipient can have.
  • Certain companies get the cakes customized by placing the name and logo of the company on the cake. The expert bakers make sure that the cake is prepared according to the demand of the customer.

There are various options available for customers to beautify the cake using chocolate, hampers, flowers and many more. So, why wait? Send an amazing cake to your loved one to make their day special.

Fruit Baskets – Scrumptious And Colourful Gift

September 24th, 2020

Nowadays, people prefer to give fruit basket as a gift to their family members, friends, employees, colleagues and neighbours because it makes an excellent gift, particularly for those who have everything. A fruit basket is a perfect gift for people of all age groups because it contains nutritious and healthy fruits and snacks. It is an ideal gift for everyone and can be gifted on distinct occasions such as birthdays, Christmas parties, thanksgiving parties, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, housewarming parties and so on.

Some of the benefits of giving fruit basket as a gift are as follows:

  • It is a handy, useful and pocket-friendly gift.
  • It contains all the necessary nutrients, minerals, vitamins and completes the dietary need of the body.
  • It can be consumed in various forms. A person can eat raw fruits or can make pies, smoothies, juices, fruit salad, and many more.
  • It not only displays the affection and gratitude of a person but also shows the concern and care about the health of the receiver.
  • A colourful and juicy fruit basket develops a sense of relief among the receiver, thereby making them obliged and boosting energy.

Express Gift Service is a popular online shop of a wide range of luxury hampers and fruit baskets. Its services include delivery of fresh and nutritious fruit baskets by post in the UK. It ensures that fruits are seasonal, assorted, fresh and packed correctly. It ensures that the basket reaches the recipient at a reasonable price and in a perfect and fresh condition. It allows customers to get their fruit basket customized by incorporating chocolates, nuts and many more items according to the taste and preference of the customers.

A typical fruit basket includes fruits such as apple, pineapple, mango, banana, cherries, pear, and citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and tangerines. Sometimes chocolates, dry fruits, wines cookies and cakes are also incorporated in a fruit basket to give it a special touch. Moreover, nuts like almonds, pecans, cashews are added in the fruit basket.

Express Gift Service allows customers to choose the size of the basket according to the recipient. Size of the basket can vary depending on whether the basket is for one person for the entire family. Customers can even add a special note on the basket, thereby giving it a personal touch. Other customization facilities offered by this service include flawless decorating the fruit basket. Customers do not have to worry about the quality of the fruits and decoration of the basket. The service provides a broad range of options to make the basket look unique and appealing.

Furthermore, this service ensures that the fruits do not get spoil during fruit basket delivery. It provides first-class delivery and makes sure that the gift reaches on time and in optimum condition. It is necessary for a person who is placing the order to give the complete address including the contact number, postcode and email address of the receiver, so there is no misunderstanding.

Gift Hampers For Every Occasion

September 24th, 2020

Isn’t it confusing when you can’t decide what to gift to the host when you are invited to a party? I bet everyone has faced this problem once in their lifetime. It is always a challenge to select the best gift to give as it must be practical and must be something that the receiver hopes to get. Of all the expensive gifts available in the market, people still value receiving meaningful gifts that have emotions attached to them.

A gift hamper is one such way of ending the dilemma of what to give to a person. These hampers can include food they like, skincare products they use, luxury perfumes or soaps they like, wine or champagne, clothes or soft toys.

Some points you must keep in mind while deciding what to give in a hamper are as follows:

  1. The product you are giving must be usable.
  2. The food items must be the receiver’s favourite.
  3. It must include something that reminds the receiver of you.

A variety of hampers for every occasion are available at hampers delivered UK. You can personalize the hamper accordingly.

Some of the hampers available are:

  1. Birthday hampers: These may include the receiver’s favourite cake, some chocolates if they like any specific kind, their favourite movie CD, a photograph of you with them, a greeting card, their favourite flower, etc.
  2. Newborn baby hampers: These may include unique baby products, soft toys, nappies, delicate towels with the baby’s initials on it, cute clothing, pastel balloons, etc.
  3. Wedding hampers: These may include a bottle of champagne or wine and glasses, MR and MRS mugs, a photo of the bride and groom, scented candles, wristwatches for both, etc.
  4. Beauty hampers: These may include extravagant beauty products such as face wash, soap, bath bomb, bathrobe, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, face roller, perfume, makeup products, etc.
  5. Fruit hampers: These may include fruits that the receiver likes, exotic eatables, derivatives of fruits, etc.
  6. Chocolate hampers: These may involve chocolate bars, chocolate-flavoured ice cream, brownies, cookies, chocolate sticks, etc. It is a perfect gift for a chocolate lover.
  7. Christmas hampers: These may include hot cocoa, coffee, gloves, candles, warmers, plum cake, Christmas cookies, etc.

When you plan on gifting someone a special gift, it does not always have to be expensive. It must convey a message that is, you care. If you are short on money and cannot afford luxurious products, you have an option to go for cheap gift hampers

Instead of ordering a hamper online, you can make it yourself at home. In such cases, you need to find the sweet spot between the persons liking and affordable price range to ace the gift hamper making. All you need to know is what the person likes and dislikes. Various supermarkets have lower-priced perfume, soap, affordable beauty care products, and much more. This information will help you to create a perfect gift for your loved one, and they’ll cherish it for life.