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Celebrating mother’s day with your expecting wife

June 26th, 2015

Motherhood is an amazing experience. Taking care of the child is tiring and a big responsibility but God has filled the heart of mothers with so much love that she does everything for making a child happy and comfortable without thinking about her own comfort. The feelings of a mother’s love to the child started from the very moment when a girl comes to know that she is expecting a baby, that there is a little life forming in her womb. She spends hours, thinking of the baby and talking to her. She gets more than excited on all the baby related stuff. She starts making promises to herself to give her baby all the best comfort in life that at any point she lags. With all these amazing feelings if the mother’s day comes in her pregnancy, she also deserves some loving words and admiring phrases and a cheery on top some pampering gift too. The baby is too small and not in this world, but she is already a mother. A mother, who is bearing a lot of pain and discomfort just to bring her baby to this world.

If your wife is expecting, then you should celebrate mother’s day with her and show your love towards her in a special way. Make her realize that today you are doing these things or her, but after a few years your children will be celebrating mother’s day with her mom.

Following are some ideas to celebrate the mother’s day with your expecting wife:

  • Buy a cake for her and personalized it with some heart touching line like ‘Happy mother’s day mama from your little baby’ or ‘peekaboo from the worm, just to say happy mother’s day’
  • One silly aspect of pregnancy is that a mom to be is always wondering what to wear when there is some special occasion. All old dresses don’t fit her and she doesn’t want to invest in some expensive dresses for that big size. So gifting a fabulous pregnancy dress is always a good option.
  • Gift her some baby related products, it can be clothes, boots, rattles, baby bag or some maternity related products like pregnancy pillow etc.
  • If you are away or celebrating mother’s day with your mom then send Mother’s day chocolates by post. In this way you will be able to mark your presence with a different style.
  • Present her a mother’s day card. Let her know that you realized that from how much pain and discomfort you are passing.
  • Book a massage appointment for her. With the pregnancy, there came many body aches and pains. A comforting and relaxing body message would be a great luxury for her to enjoy on mother’s day.