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Six Occasions to Send a Gift Hamper to Your Special One in 2021

April 30th, 2021

There are several ways to surprise your loved ones on any special occasion. However, no occasion is complete without presenting a gift. The traditional gifting method makes the bond of love between you and the recipient strong. Today, we list six occasions when you can get gift cheap gift hampers to your friends and family in 2021.

  1. Birthday- The best way to surprise your special somebody is by giving her/him a luxury gift hamper as the perfect birthday gift. The gift hamper can consist of an assortment of eatables like cookies, chocolates, dried fruits, wine bottles, champagne, exotic fruits, or just about anything else. You can also choose a clutch, perfume, lipstick, handmade soap, essential oils, massage oils, and fragrances, etc.

  2. Valentine’s Day- Valentine’s Day is eagerly awaited by lovers. The best way to show your love and care to your beloved is by giving him/her a gift hamper. It could be anything from a flower bouquet with chocolates or food or drinks. A well-planned note of love can be put inside the gift hamper to show your love for your loved one.

  3. Mother’s Day- This day is special for the person who brought you into this world, and you sure cannot miss celebrating this day with your mother. Gift your beloved mother a gift hamper that has her favourite things. It could be eatables, sewing kit (if she is fond of stitching), small home décor items (if she is fond of keeping the home dazzling with home décor products), flowers, chocolates, cosmetics etc. Surprising your mom with such a hamper is sure going to bring a wide smile on her face and happiness for a lifetime.

  4. To show gratitude- Sending a hamper with a thank you note goes a long way to show your appreciation and thankfulness to someone for their kind gesture or helpfulness is a great way. Thanks, friends, and others, for their helpfulness with a gift that speaks a million words and goes to show your feelings of gratitude. The online gift shops have a plethora of thank you gift hampers containing sweet and delicious food and drink to choose from.

  5. Get well soon- The best way to comfort a sick friend and boost their spirits is by sending them to get well soon gift hampers. This can be anything like a fruit or flower basket, chocolate bouquet, or an assortment of goodies. Put inside a get well soon card or note in the basket to make them cheerful and to let them know how much you care for their wellbeing.

  6. Christmas- Christmas is a festival of joy and merry. Gift your family and friends a Christmas hamper with festive food, Christmas goodies, and drinks. You can gift a customized Christmas hamper too.

The online gift hampers delivered UK has made it easy to send gift hampers to your kith and kin residing anywhere, at just a push of a button. Choose the perfect gift hamper for your special one to see them smiling and happy.

Five Reasons Why People Prefer Buying Online Cake

April 27th, 2021

Today, you will find a cake for every joyous and memorable occasion. Gone are the days when the cake was synonymous only with Birthdays. Nowadays, you find cake on every celebratory occasion, be it a wedding anniversary, birthday, product launch, baby shower, or any other special occasion. Cakes are prepared in different ways to suit the occasion. Just like you can shop for almost everything at the push of an electronic button, you can also order cakes online from the cake delivery UKWe list below some of the benefits of ordering cakes online.

Diversified option available– Retail stores and bakery provide limited varieties of cakes. An online cake shop has a wide range of options for you to choose from. There are cakes of all sizes, shapes, fondants, colours, and themes offered by various online confectionery stores to suit various occasions like marriage functions, promotional events, anniversaries, or birthdays. So an online store makes it easy for you to choose and buy a cake as per your occasion.

Save time– Buying cakes online saves you precious time as all you would require to do is visit the online store, choose and buy from the comforts of your home or offices. In case of buying from the brick and mortar shops, you would have to spend time travelling to the bakery. Moreover, chances are you may not get your type of cake you are looking for at one store. In such a case you have to go from one bakery to another, which is tiring, expensive and time-consuming. You can choose the perfect cake of your choice while browsing the internet in a matter of a few minutes.

Surprise factor– To be able to give a surprise to your loved ones, you need to hide the cake from them and put it in front of them at the proper time. When you buy a cake from a retail shop, you need to make arrangements beforehand to keep the cake secretly so as to give the surprise you wanted to, to that near and dear one in your life. Online ordering of cakes gives you the option to choose the time that you want the cake to be delivered. If you want to give a midnight birthday surprise, your online confectioner will get the cake delivered at midnight, which makes sure the surprise factor is not lost.

Can get it delivered anywhere– One of the greatest benefits of ordering cakes online is that you can get it delivered anywhere, anytime, no matter irrespective of how far or near it is. You can order cakes delivery anywhere. Even if you are unable to physically be there at the celebration of your loved one, you can always let them know how special they are to you by sending them a cake online.

Offers– Buying cakes online gives you the facility of getting good deals, discounts, points, and rewards.


Thus, we see that buying cakes online can now make your special day/celebration easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

Five Things to Remember While Choosing an Online Fruit Basket

April 24th, 2021

For long, Fruit baskets have been used as a gift item. It is one of the healthiest gifts appreciated by almost everyone and is easy and quick to choose. Sending thank you fruit baskets to a friend who has helped you in some way is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation. Getting thank you fruit baskets delivered to your business associates makes it a memorable gift too. Nowadays, with online stores, you can easily send a fruit basket to anyone irrespective of where they live. However, there are few things to consider while selecting an online fruit basket, five of which are listed below.

Recipient’s preference: Firstly, you need to keep in mind while selecting an online fruit basket for your friend is his or her preferences in fruits. Not everyone likes to eat all types of fruits. Some may not like a particular fruit due to its taste, or they may be allergic to it. In such a case, the fruit hamper you choose must include fruits that the recipient loves to eat or is permitted to eat. You must avoid putting the ones which he or she dislikes or is debarred from eating due to health issues.

The delivery-the second important thing to consider while choosing an online fruit basket is to know how much time it would take to deliver the fruit basket to its destination. If it takes too long to deliver, say a week or so, you should consider fruits, which are not easily perishable and last long. In addition, make sure the packing is done in such a way that soft fruits like grapes or berries are not squeezed easily. The fruit basket must be delivered in time so that the recipient receives the fruit hamper on his special day or event.

Types of fruits- adding different types of fruits make the fruit basket colourful and attractive. Sometimes, a fruit basket’s appearance and beauty are enough to revive the spirits of a sick or grieving friend. A variety of fruits also make the fruit hamper versatile and attractive to the eye.

Size of the basket- the size of the basket is determined by the number of people the fruit basket is to be delivered to. If it is for one single person, it should be a small fruit basket. If it is for a family consisting of many people, it should be a big fruit hamper so that everyone can enjoy and relish the fruits.

Arrangement of the fruits– the way the fruit basket is arranged plays an important role when choosing a fruit basket for online delivery. You can increase the beauty of the fruit basket by arranging the fruits creatively and attractively. In addition, you can make the fruit basket aesthetically pleasing by decorating it with fancy and colourful bows, flowers, and ribbons.                                        

Fruit baskets can be delivered to anyone no matter how far they stay. The fruit baskets make the recipients special day merrier and would be cherished by her/him for a lifetime.

Five Ways to Surprise Your Husband on His Birthday

April 21st, 2021

Birthdays are special, and hence it definitely needs to be celebrated. It does not matter if you have a big or a small budget; you can always celebrate it in your way. You can celebrate your husband’s birthday and give him hamper gifts UK. If your husband’s birthday is coming up soon and you are still finding out ways how to make this birthday special for him, then look no further. Check out our five ways by which you can make your husband’s birthday a very special and memorable one.

  1. Romantic escapade-

    For once, if you have kids, leave them with a family member, relative, or a nanny to have a vacation with your husband and feel the romance. With today’s hectic life, we hardly get time alone to spend with our spouses, so why not let his birthday be one such reason to escape into the riverside, mountains, or forests and have a romantic date together and rekindle the love and passion.

  2. Birthday gift hampers-

    Everyone loves to receive gifts, and to get it on your birthday is all the more special. Buy him anything that he loves, be it a fashion accessory, perfume, watch, or good massage oil. Giving him a body massage would be an excellent idea. You could gift him a gift hampers online UK containing as many gifts as the number of years he turned old on his birthday. You can also add a note wishing him a happy birthday and lots of love, tucked inside the gift basket.

  3. Organize a surprise lunch

    You can throw a surprise lunch and call over all his friends or colleagues. Nothing would make him happier than seeing you prepare all his favorite food items and also baking a cake for him. A cake baked by you would surely melt his heart more than getting a ready-made one. Getting him to wear the personalized Birthday Boy cap on his birthday would surely multiply his happiness.

  4. Use old pictures

    You can spend a cosy evening together to reminiscence on your good old days. A collage of pictures from your engagement, wedding, honeymoon, the birth of your children, and all the other lovely memories of you two would make a perfect birthday surprise for him. There is no bigger happiness than spending time with your partner in the midst of all the old photographs and the memories associated with it.

  5. Wish him through different channels

    You can wish your husband every hour on his birthday through various channels. You can get a birthday note written for him on social media like Facebook and Instagram and tag him. You can make a video in which all his near and dear ones staying close or far away in other countries with him. You can also make him hear live his favorite song that you have got played and dedicated to him on the radio.

You can try these easy and simple surprises. Your husband would be delighted you made such great efforts to surprise him on his birthday. He would cherish these memories all his life.

Six Unique Ways to Surprise Your Mother on Her Birthday

April 18th, 2021

A mother’s role can be played by none. No matter where you are positioned in life or how old you have become, you will always need your mother. A mother’s love, compassion, and sacrifice cannot be explained in words. Your mother’s birthday is a great occasion and calls for celebration. It is an opportunity to let your mother know how important she is in your life.

Celebrating your mother’s birthday means you have to gift her something special. A good present is just a way to show love and appreciation for what she did for you. We list below few ideas.

  1. An outing with friends

    plan a short trip or outing with your other. Mothers work nonstop 24 *7. They need a break more than anybody else. Book the tickets, hotels, sightseeing, car, etc. There can be no gift better than spending time with your mother, in a faraway resort, forest, and riverside or on a hilly or mountainous region. It will give her much-needed relaxation and tranquillity. You can choose the vacation spot according to your mother’s interest. For example, if she loves going to the beach, you can plan for a trip to a beachside.

  2. Books

    It is not essential that your mother has to be a voracious book reader. Books come in different categories and in diverse languages. You can gift her a recipe book if she is fond of cooking.

  3. Kitchen equipment

    Mothers spend a large part of their time in the kitchen. A kitchen appliance makes an ideal gift. These are available at different prices. Therefore, if you have a restricted budget, you can give her cheap gift hampers comprising of a corn peeler or vegetable electrical chopper. If you have no monetary constraints, you can gift her a new grinder or oven.

  4. Organize a get-together-

    you can call your mummy’s family, relatives, and friends for a get-together at home or outside. Organize a small party with music, food cooked by you and some games.

  5. Write a note to her

    Words speak louder than actions. You can pen down a heart-warming note to your mother explaining your thankfulness to her for all her unconditional love and sacrifices in raising you. This can make her birthday a very happy one. Share a special memory of the past, appreciating all her hard work in making you what you are today. Along with the letter, you can add a small gift like lipstick or a sewing kit (if she is fond of stitching). A simple rose or a bouquet of flowers would multiply her happiness.

  6. Beauty products

    If your mother likes wearing makeup, you can gift her cosmetic products from leading brands or a makeup kit. This would make an ideal birthday gift. Alternatively, you can also buy her a nice pair of sandals or a nice handbag or clutch.

Mother’s birthday is a memorable occasion. Ensure to make it a cherish-able day, which your mother can remember, all her life. Online hampers delivered UK has made sending gifts to a person living anywhere in the world so easy.