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15 minutes chocolate recipes to try!

November 30th, 2015

We all love and crave for chocolates. This is that one thing that adults and kids both cannot resist. There are so many healthy ways to make chocolate dishes in 15 minutes, which you don’t know about. And guess what? We have decided to list down some incredible chocolate recipes that you can perfect in 15 minutes or under. Keep on reading if you want some recipe ideas…

  • Fruit & nuts chocolate pie – We all love apple pies, but if you have tons of chocolate, then you can simply make a chocolate pie. Add in some fresh fruits, which are cut into small cubes in this with nuts. You can chop the dry fruits or nuts into tiny pieces and garnish the pie with it, but it is better to just add it inside the batter. If you have kids who hate eating fruits or dry fruits, then this recipe can help you a lot. Stuff the pie with lots of fruits; make sure the fruits are cut into the tiniest cubes.
  • Strawberry chocolate salad – Have too many strawberries at home? If yes, then you can use this as dessert. If you have guests coming over, and you want to make a dish in 15 minutes (including presentation), then you can simply use some chocolate sauce. Use fresh strawberries and dip them in warm chocolate sauce. Place this gently on a tray and let it freeze for a while. Once that is done, you can serve this beautiful and delicious dessert. This will hardly take 15 minutes!
  • Bread and chocolate delight – Have leftover bread at home? If you have round breads at your house then warm them up and fill the insides with thick chocolate sauce. Add a little chocolate on top with fresh or whipped cream and toss this in the fridge. Leave it for 10 minutes once the chocolate and cream set on the bun. You can bake this for 5 minutes in the oven too if the chocolate has not set properly. Make sure you add the cream on top post the baking process. With this dish, you can use the leftover bun bread and also utilise the chocolates you have at home.
  • Sponge cake – What better than a sponge cake for the day? Plain sponge cakes can be stored in the fridge for over 2 weeks if kept in an airtight container. Making a simple sponge cake doesn’t take time at all. All you need to do is make the batter and put it in the oven. Once that is done, the garnishing is your choice. You can have sponge cake for dessert and for evening snacks with tea.
  • Chocolate milk – Chocolate milk is said to be good for the body post a workout or running session. If you work out or run a lot, then you should start drinking chocolate milk more often.


These few simple recipes can help you utilise chocolates in the right way. The next time you send someone chocolate by post; don’t forget to add a note with these recipe ideas.

Layers of terms and conditions

November 27th, 2015

Cakes have been and will always remain the favourite of desserts for many people. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, cakes are available in a number of varieties. Secondly, they can be made of completely healthy products so that they are not just great on the taste buds but are also good for health. You also have specified cakes available in the market for direct consumption and cake delivery, such as sugar-less or egg-less cakes. Lastly, cakes can be used for almost every single occasion and are also easily transportable from one place to another.

There are a few things you need to bear in mind when you order a cake for delivery, though. Some of the import ones are as follows:

  • Estimated delivery time – As cakes are perishable items, you must check with the company you are going to place the order with about the longevity of their cakes and how many days in advance should you place the order with them. Most state you should do it at least 7 days prior to the delivery date.
  • Shipping – Once the cake is shipped, you can keep a track of the package by using the ‘track order the cake’ facility company will no doubt provide you with. Be sure to collect the package when it arrives or ensure someone is there to collect it because it cannot be left on your doorstep. Usually, cakes once returned cannot be re-shipped so collecting the package in the first instance is vital.
  • Dry ice packages – If your cake is shipped using dry ice, then you must collect the cake and firstly handle the ice with extreme caution. Do not try to remove the cake from the ice with bare hands as that kind of ice will cause serious injuries to naked skin. Also, the cake must be de-frosted for some time and then consumed as quickly as possible. Re-freezing and consuming the cake another day may not be possible or healthy and most cakes have a very short shelf life.
  • Cancellation – Once you have placed the order, the baker will start gathering the ingredients and making other necessary preparations to bake the cake. Remember, all this is not done in just a day. So, if you do want to cancel the cake, be sure to do it as soon as possible. Some companies don’t offer cancellation refund while some do, fully or partially, depending on several factors, including the kind of cake you have ordered.  So, be sure to check out the cancellation policies of the cake maker while you place the order to be on the safer side.
  • Seasonal deliveries – Sometimes, there are exceptionally large number of cakes ordered and the bakers may not be able to stick to their usual preparation time. It is recommended to place your order during special occasions such as festivals, religious occasions well in advance so that you don’t miss out on your favourite cake because of high cake order volumes!

Delivering cake is now easy, but you must do it right so you get your cake on time and in the way you want it!

Of dry fruits and cakes

November 26th, 2015

You can make delicious food items even more delicious and healthy with the addition of yummy little things called dried fruits! Perfect examples of food items that can be enriched with are desserts and juices. You name it and you can include one or the other kind of dry fruit in their recipes.

If you are considering cake delivery for a special someone or just because you are in a mood to pamper yourself, then why don’t you opt for one with a healthy dose of health in it! If you are not sure of what kinds of dry fruits you should look out for in your cakes, here are some of the popular examples for you:

  • Dried apricots – These are available throughout the year and can be chopped and sprinkled on your favourite ice cream or added to the cake batter. Made by drying the delicious and juicy fruits, the dried version too retains some of that juiciness. This is also very rich in minerals such as fibre, antioxidants and potassium.
  • Dates – Pitted dates are great with dry desserts, such as ice creams and cakes. If finely chopped, they can also be added to our milkshakes and smoothies. Favourites of the Sheikhs, dates can also be easily found in all other parts of the world, thanks to their great demand and ample supply from the Middle Eastern countries. Sweet and with similar mineral properties as of apricots, dates are very sweet and rubbery in texture when bitten.
  • Raisins – Dried grapes are small and shrivelled to look at. They are available in different shades of brown, usually, and the quality of the raisins, of course, depends on the quality of the grapes that are dried. These are added aplenty to almost all forms of desserts and are also rich in minerals such as vitamins and fibre.
  • Dried cranberries (whole) – One of the sweetest berries you will find on earth, cranberries are excellent fruits of which juices can be made. If you enjoy cranberries, either in its original form or as a juice, then you should love including them in your snack plan or in some of your desserts. And don’t just settle for the canned and dried halved cranberries when you can opt for the juicy and delicious whole dried variety! Some of the other berries that you may want to try out are Goji berries, blueberries, glazed and tart red cherries and bing cherries. These little globes of taste and juice are available almost throughout the year!
  • Nuts – There are many types of nuts that you can indulge in to make the flavour richer and with more substance to it. Examples of nuts are cashew, almond and pista. Whole, chopped or powdered, these are excellent in their flavour in any form.


It is considered a good practice to include a small portion of dry fruits such as nuts and raisins in our daily meal. They don’t look like they pack a punch but believe it or not, they really do, nutrition-wise! And the best part is they don’t always have to be clubbed with boring food items such as cereals and health drinks.

Bitter is better

November 26th, 2015

Everyone loves to have sweet and tasty chocolates, but bitter chocolates are better. They are beneficial for human health. If you send chocolates by post to someone then go for good quality dark chocolates, which will help maintain a proper health. Chocolates are always to cherish. If goodness is added to it, it becomes more cherish able.

Dark chocolate is full of nutrients and it makes a difference in human health in a positive way. It is made of cocoa tree and is full of antioxidants. Research shows that it is the best source of antioxidants and prevents heart diseases in a human body.

When a dark chocolate has a high cocoa content, it has a decent amount of soluble fibre in it. It also has a high amount of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese. Though it is a high amount of caffeine still it does not make one awake at night.

Dark chocolate is loaded with organic compounds. It is full of polyphenols, flavonols and helps to make a human heart strong. This also makes a skin soft and supple and at the same time acts as an anti ageing component.

Dark chocolate contains high amount of flavonols and produces Nitric Acid. It improves blood flow stopping the clotting of blood vessels and maintains a proper balanced blood pressure in a human body. It improves blood flow in the arteries and prevents untimely strokes.

Consuming dark chocolate in proper proportion can actually lowers the risk of heart diseases. It also removes the bad cholesterol from human body and increases the elevated cholesterol and thus reduces the risk of heart disease. Dark chocolate reduces insulin resistance and controls blood sugar preventing diabetes. It reduces the bad plaque, which helps to maintain a proper blood pressure.

Dark Chocolate is very good for skin. The flavonols present in it protects skin from ultra violet rays and improve blood flow in skin. It increases density in the skin and keeps it hydrated.  The erythemal dose present in dark chocolate is a natural remedy for skin allergies. The most surprising fact is if someone is going for a beach vacation, start having dark chocolates prior two weeks. This keeps the skin safe from sun burn.

Last but not the least, dark chocolate improves the brain function which is the most important organ in a human body. Cocoa significantly improves cognitive function and prevents elderly people from mental impairment. Theo bromine, which is the main component of cocoa, helps keeping mind fresh and attentive.

You can also go ahead and have a dark chocolate massage once a while to make your skin more supple and make it looks glowing.

Dark chocolates are bitter. Some may not like its taste, but it is far better than sweet chocolates. It is beneficial for health. But remember; do not go for any kind of dark chocolates. Order a proper dark chocolate bar to enjoy its proper benefits. You can find a plenty of brands selling on the reputed portals in the current times.

Order from plenty

November 24th, 2015

Variety of cakes lies before you when you are looking for cake delivery through online sites. If you go through various sites, there are ample of choices to pick from.

Orange Cornmeal Cake:

This cake has its origin in Italy. Made from orange peel extracts and corn meal, it is also made with addition of sugar syrup and eggs. This is a dessert after lunch.

Warm Almond Cherry Cake:

This cake is best served hot. Almond paste is mixed in a thick batter of flour, eggs and sugar syrup. After baking, fresh cherries are used as toppings. One can also add hot chocolate syrup for more taste.

Lemon Ginger Cake:

Some may get surprised by the name, but it is a very delicious recipe. Tangy lemon juice and ginger paste is used in a regular cake batter. Whipped cream is added after baking.

Chocolate Pudding Cake:

This one is also a very common recipe.  Eggs, flour and chocolate chips are baked together to make a pudding. Then frosted cream is added to it and kept in freezer for a few hours. Hence the cake!

Everyone loves the classic pound cake that has an ancient origin and a history of its own. Vanilla chunks and essence is particularly used in this recipe. Do not forget to add vanilla creams after the baking gets over.

Marble Cake:

This one is a unique mixture of chocolate and vanilla. Swirl the batter well so that both the flavours get properly mixed. Bake the cake and enjoy the twin fun.

Blueberry Crumb Cake:

As the name suggests, it is made of tiny little crumbs of egg and flour. Blueberries are added for decoration and taste.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake:

This is a sour cream coffee cake. The taste is unique and it is a very popular recipe of Germany.

Plum Cake:

This lemony, moist plum cake requires a little more than a confectioners’ sugar dusting to make it look like you love to have it. If you wish, a spoonful of sour cream is a tasty addition to it.

Coconut Pineapple Loaf Cake:

It is hard to believe that a simple cake can still be as fascinating and exciting like this cake’s recipe. We simple love it. The toasted coconut helps to balance the pineapple’s tart sweetness of and gives a crispy topping for this delicious cake.

Blueberry Sour Cream Cake:

Blueberries, sour cream, and a lemon-cream topping are used here. These extra ingredients and flavours make this cake all the more varied and exciting, and your guests will never know that you could make a classic pound cake recipe.

Walnut Honey Cake:

Roasted walnut and honey fragrance make this cake a joy to the taste buds. It is a sheer joy when served hot.

Cherry Sheet Cake:

Frozen cherries are used to make a fruit-filled cake that you can put in even when fresh cherries are not available in season. Decorate it with a little of whipped cream, and you’re ready.

Cakes are delicious. Do not let go a single bite of it.