Gift Hampers Are Well Suited For Corporate Gifting

August 13th, 2020

As the festive season approaches, many companies, whether small or big shop for a corporate gift hamper to gift their valuable customers and business associates. In certain situations, during the holiday season, the company might even be offering each of its workers a gift hamper. The gift hampers are considered an excellent way to strengthen the relationship with a customer and show that the company appreciates the customer.

There is a wide array of gift hampers from which you can choose a perfect hamper for your employees. You can also get online budget hampers and get it delivered to the workplace without any hassle. But before choosing the right hamper, there are few things you need to do.

Deciding the quantity

One of the first steps in selecting gift hampers for business associates is to decide the amount and type of gift hampers that will be needed. The company may agree to offer the same kind of gift hamper to all its customers and other business associates or may differentiate between the business associates depending on their value. For instance, the business may want to give its more significant and more essential customers a premium high-quality gift hampers and other customers have smaller gift hampering. It is, therefore, necessary to write up a list of recipients for the gift hampers, and the type of gift hamper that they will receive.

The budget should be finalized

The next step in choosing gift hamper is to finalize the appropriate budget for the gift hampers. The budget for the gift hampers largely depends on the size of the business and its profits. Some entrepreneurs may even wish to send out unforgettable gifts to potential customers. Similar to smaller companies with a minimal budget, larger companies with higher sales and more income will spend more money on gifting and related activities. Once the amount and overall budget for the gift hampers have been finalized, the price range for each gift hamper can be determined, and hampers can be identified accordingly.

Choosing materials

There are a large number of gift basket suppliers in the country who will be providing a wide variety of products in their budget focused gift basket. The items in the hampers should, however, be selected based on the profile of the client or the recipient. The gift basket should also reflect the business profile, for example, a gym or a company that sells fitness goods that want a gift basket with healthy foods and beverages. Chocolates, dry fruits, and similar items, in general, are safe choices for all gift hampers.

Tailoring the gift package

As the gift basket can be considered part of corporate brand building, the gift basket sent to the customer will usually be customized based on the business requirement. The business may wish to personalize the gift basket by placing a card or sticker on each gift basket, with unique recipient details such as their name. Therefore the right gift basket will help to improve the partnership of any company with current and new customers.

Sending the gift baskets

Finally, the gift baskets can be sent to the customers and business partners. These days there is also an option of gift hampers delivery online where the hampers can be delivered directly to the recipient.

How To Create Your Gift Hampers?

July 17th, 2020

17There are days when no matter how frugal, thrifty and money conscious, you know you ‘re going to have to spend on getting gifts for your dear and close ones.Making inexpensive gift hampers could be your ideal solution. They can be personalized to each person you give them, or they can be the same. You can make them look classy with careful planning while keeping your finances in order. They certainly don’t have to look bad when you make inexpensive gift baskets.

You can also get the cheap hampers delivered by ordering them online. But if you have enough time and energy to make a gift hamper, here are the steps.  It doesn’t matter if you’re making a gift basket for one person or twenty you’ve got to decide from the start what the maximum amount of money you ‘re planning to spend on (and if you end up doing it for less that’s great).There may be five sections of how to make inexpensive gift baskets, the basket or bag, the stuffing or shredding, the clear wrap or cellophane to cover it, the bow/ornament and the card to top it all off and of course the gifts you ‘re making the basket with. You can already have some of the products on hand which will bring down the cost.

  • From grocery stores, sales and thrift stores, you can find containers and baskets everywhere.Decorative tins, flowerpots, flower vases, plastic cups, bowls, platters, trays, wooden boxes and of course baskets all make suitable bases for gift baskets.
  • If the container you’ve selected is really deep, then you’ll want to add a few layers of newspaper or tissue paper shreds on the bottom to lift all the items, so they’ll be displayed appropriately. You can use paper shreds to fill the basket.
  • Transparent wrap (cellophane wrap) brings a beautiful look to a gift basket, and that’s something you shouldn’t scrimp and try to do with plastic wrap or only a transparent plastic bag. Place the basket in the centre of the cellophane, and raise the cellophane’s front and back, keep that with one hand and with the other hand, start collecting the cellophane from the foot. Once all is gathered using a long twist tie to tie it together temporarily.
  • You can fold any excess under the basket and tap it, you don’t have to use tape on the ground, or you can use only one small piece. You can then place the ribbon or string on your finishing bow, ornaments and card to cover.The bow, ribbon and card should all suit the gift basket theme. A good quality satin bow will also transform the look of a basket from nice to beautifully sumptuous and luxurious.
  • Then comes the final part of placing the gifts inside the gift basket. You can get anything that you think is under your budget and that recipient would like.

But unlike making your gift hamper, getting it online is very easy, and there are also many options available based on your budget. Also, gift hampers delivery is available.

The Choice Of A Perfect Gift

May 11th, 2020

A natural reaction for most of us is to be excited when any special occasion confronts us. It could be our birthday or an anniversary round the corner. These occasions add an element of joy to our boring lives. A notable feature of such occasions is the hampers delivered cheap from others. In fact, the nature of such gifts helps you to cherish them for a long time.

Some might be waiting for a surprise, whereas others would love to open the gifts the moment they receive it. But no one wants such a situation where a recipient receives a gift and prevents it is to their liking.

You might love online shopping, but to find the right gift for someone is a challenging task. A host of factors come into consideration when you are choosing a gift for someone. No scope of errors as you has to bear in mind their likes or dislikes and has an eye on your budget. The secrets of gifting someone to find an apt gift are as follows

A wish list

A perfect gift can be presented if you know a person well. Try to start off with a list of what are their likes that includes small points. If they are an avid reader make a list of books and authors. For a travel enthusiast, it can be backpacks or tour maps. Spend some minutes in compiling this list and then you can take a step back and analyse things. Once you take time to prepare this list you arrive at a better picture.


A gift could be sending out a communication to a recipient. Some gifts reveal intimacy with others as some might say that your talents and creativity is to be appreciated. It might reveal what they think of a person and gift hampers delivery can be formulated as per their tastes.

Exclusive and special

To make someone special gifts are a perfect choice. Any gift that you choose has to be exclusive. No need to send out a gift to someone that is expensive as it has to be meaningful to a receiver. You could send them out something that conveys a special occasion in their life. A favourite quote of theirs or even a picture of both of you together would not be a bad choice.

Avoid stereotypes

In the choice of a proper gift avoid stereotypes. Rather than gifting anything try to know more about a person. If you adopt a stereotype approach it conveys a meaning that you did not take time to know more about the person. Just work on options and anyways the internet is there to help you make a swift decision.

In a nutshell, money does not matter in the choice of a gift. There is a myth that an expensive gift would be liked and if you have a big budget you could opt for something luxurious. Even if you are finances are tight there is no need to hurry as plenty of options are available.

Celebrating Parents Day with huge bash

July 28th, 2015

Parent’s Day is a special day in everyone’s life for it gives an opportunity to express one’s gratitude to their mentors and idols- parents. Celebrated every year on the last Sunday of July, Parent’s Day has become a trend in the recent past. Started along with the celebration of mothers and father’s day, Parent’s Day holds great importance and hence is looked upon by everyone. Every child chalks out plans to make this day special for their parents as a gesture of ‘thank you’ for everything. Here are some amazing ideas, which can help to make this day a memorable one for your parents:

Gift of time: The best gift that children can give to their parents is the gift of time. Take a leave from your busy and hectic schedule and plan out a vacation or a short trip with your parents. This will give enough time for bonding with them and also help them enjoy themselves. In case, you are facing really a troublesome time in your office, make way for a great brunch or dinner and ensure you are spending couple of quality time with them. Another good option is to plan out a home cooked meal including all the savories that your parents love. This could actually be a great surprise for them. Believe it or not, but time is the best gift that one can give to your parents to bring a smile on their face.

Watch videos of the past years– This could be one of the exciting ways of celebrating Parent’s Day. Play the video tapes of past years, such as your first birthday or the day of graduation and watch it together with your parents. Watching your wedding tape can also be a good option as it will be like reviving golden memories, which are worth treasuring.

Sending flowers and gift hampers– Yes, we do understand that you are staying away and the likes of making it to your parent’s house on this D-day remains an unlikely chance. Well, the world of internet has brought gamut of options for you. With a help of few clicks, one can send flowers anywhere in the world through the option of online portal. Another alternative is gift hampers delivery, which consists of assortment of items which are as per the taste and choice of your parents. Include sweet free chocolates, savouries, fruit baskets and other items which are your parents favorite.

Throw a get-together party– A good way to help your parents enjoy is to throw a get-together party, including all your parents’ friends and colleagues. Give them a party bash with sumptuous food and vibrant music to set their mood. Let them spend their evenings merrily with the fervour of youth. Arrange some recreation such as dance, song or drama sessions, which can help them to enjoy this moment till the hilt.

With these ideas, make this Parent’s Day special for the most important people of your life!

Tips for Corporate Gifts

July 21st, 2015

Giving gifts to friends and relatives is easy. You know them, you know their likes and dislikes and what they need. That helps you in picking up just a perfect gift for them. But how do you decide gifts for the ones you don’t even know or know well like your clients, your boss, colleagues, etc. There are a lot of reasons you may need to gift in your corporate circle. It’s tough, but then what are we for? We are here to give you ideas for corporate gifting. Pay attention:

1.  Mugs: Mug engraved with company’s name or brand name makes such a wonderful promotional gift for clients.

2. Pens– Pens engraved with company’s name are the most commonly used corporate gifts used for promotional purposes.

3. USB– These are extremely useful, innovative and comparatively cheap to be used as promotional tool. Engraved with company’s name, these are one of the best corporate gifts. And you can also add to it company’s personal touch to make your esteemed clients feel special.

4. Umbrella: These are the old gifts that have been used as promotional gifts, and of course, old is gold. This is something everyone needs and appreciates.

5. Caps– Caps with company’s logo embroidered on it makes a wonderful promotional gift.

6. Mouse mats– Everyone uses a laptop or desktop and everyone uses a mouse. So, it is evident that everyone needs a good mouse mat. So have it engraved with your company’s name and gift it to your clients.

7. Calendar– These are old and gold promotional gifts. You can put in the pictures of your products and get your company’s name printed at the bottom of the calendar.

8. Business card holders– These are elegant and very business-like gifts for your boss, colleagues and clients.

9. Leather organizers– These make the classic gifts for your boss and colleagues and are a perfect promotional gift. You can keep all your appointments and important visiting cards at one place and carry it along without hassle.

10. Magnetic key holder– Everyone keeps keys and most of them keep misplacing it. Magnetic key holders make a wonderful, innovative and appreciated give away promotional gift.

11. Adhesive rings– These are modern and fascinating gifts. These can be attached to the back of every device and make them easy to be held. Attached at the back of the devise, these also act as a stand for the device.

12. Rolling cubes– Two cubes with messages on all its sides that can be combined and used. Engrave company’s name on dice holders. These make thoughtful gifts for corporate clients.

13. Key Rings– These are one among the oldest corporate gifts. You can get them customized according to your corporate image.

14. Table timepiece– Table clocks are thoughtful and sweet gifts for corporate.

15. Pen holders. Pen holders or pen stands are one among the oldest and safest corporate gifts.

Apart from these, there are many other gifts that can be used for corporate gifting. Beautiful paper weights, shopping bags, gadget covers, etc. are taking tolls in market. For your much esteemed clients and boss, you can use few collective items and get the gift hampers delivery for them at their office.