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How to Gift Fresh Fruit Baskets ?

April 28th, 2020

Fresh fruit in a basket can brighten the day of any person. All the more so, if it is tied up with a bright ribbon and is accompanied by a few treats. In case you wish same-day delivery, you can go in for ripe, seasonal fruits. Else, go in for fruits that will not perish in the mail like citrus fruit or apples.

Official sources warn that mailing perishable items, like fruits, is at your own risk; you may use overnight delivery to reduce such risks. Have you ever presented a fruit basket to someone as a gift or to express thanks for something and then found out that the fruits were spoiled and rotten?

This is a truly embarrassing situation and a total waste of money. There are several companies out there who arrange for fresh fruit baskets as gifts, but it is good to consider a few points before selecting one and opting for one for next day fruit basket delivery.

First, find out who will be creating the fruit basket. Many companies will outsource the creation of baskets to florists near the recipient’s location. The florist will be paid for making the arrangement. It will be his responsibility and option to shop for the fruit and other gourmet items like wine that they include in it. They will use items that are only available with their local grocers.

A superior alternative is when the company you select for fruit basket delivery uses items from its own orchard. They will grow their own fruits, which is a better option than buying from grocers. They will pack the fruits and ship it to you. Thus, the price of the fruit basket is kept as low as possible.

Fruit baskets UK make ideal gifts for those loved ones who are recuperating in hospitals. If they are seriously sick, you might need to check with the company from whom you are ordering the fruit basket that the fruit basket is wrapped securely to avoid contamination with any germs before being delivered to the hospital. You can also check with caregivers that the fruit is washed thoroughly before they are consumed by the sick person.

Types of Fruit Baskets

  • Winter baskets

For winter baskets, you might like to include bright colored citrus fruit like tangerines, oranges and grapefruit which deliver in both flavor and looks. Exotics items like honey bells and blood oranges can be used. Other items may be included in the basket-like jars of marmalade, nuts and gingerbread cookies.

  • Spring baskets

For those living in cold climes, sending spring fruit spells the arrival of spring in their locales. You can mail items like long-lasting citrus fruit, mangoes and honeydew melon. When you hand-deliver the basket, add some strawberries and apricots if they are available. You can offer a hint of spring by including a bouquet of fragrant freesias and spring tulips.

  • Kid’s baskets

A combination of dried and fresh fruit will serve kids like the taste of candy. Even the pickiest eaters will love carefully chosen fruits. Also, exotic items like dried pineapple and strawberries dipped in chocolate will be delicious. Use fun containers for fruits like doll’s houses or dump truck toys.

To sum up, you can present the fruit basket wrapped in brightly colored paper with an over-sized bow. You may even use lace or tulle based on the likings of the recipient. For the final impact, cushion the fruits in the basket with foam pellets.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift?

April 27th, 2020

All of us get excited when our birthday is around the corner or an anniversary is hitting us soon. Such special occasions add dollops of joy to our lives. The best part about such occasions is the gifts you receive or present to others. From cakes delivery on birthdays to roses on Valentine’s day, gift-giving makes for an exciting time.

Some of us love to wait for surprises, while others love to rip open the gifts they receive as fast as possible. But no one wants a situation when the recipient does not like the gift but pretends that it is alright.

You might be a big fan of shopping, but selecting the right gift is a great challenge. There are many factors to consider while buying a gift for someone. There is no room for errors while considering their likes and dislikes as well as your budget.

The following are some secrets to find the perfect gift:

Make A Wish List

You can buy the perfect gift when you know the person well. Begin by making a list of all they like, including small details. For instance, for an avid reader, make a list of favourite titles and authors. For a travel enthusiast, items include maps, travel diaries or back-packs. Take a few minutes to compose this list. Now you can sit back and analyse things. When you invest some time on this list, you will arrive at a clearer picture.


A gift is a way to communicate a message to the recipient. Some gifts communicate intimacy while others, distance. Some say – ‘you must look after yourself’ while others say,” I appreciate your creativity and talents.’ Thus, you will move from ‘what will they think of the gift” to ‘what do I want to say to this person.’

Be Special and Exclusive

Gifts are a way to make persons feel special. The gift you select must be relatable and exclusive. There is no need that the gift is expensive, but it should be significant and meaningful to the recipient. You can get them something which reminds them of a special event or a beautiful memory. A diary with favorite quotes or a picture with both of you can make for special and exclusive gifts. 

Steer Clear of Stereotypes

It is good to avoid stereotypes while selecting the right gift. In place of going after clichés, try to experiment some more by getting to know the person more. Stereotype gifts convey the message that you didn’t put much effort into choosing the gift. The best way is to get creative with options and make use of the internet which offers you a

humungous choice of ideas. Sometimes you can even present a great cliché gift through a unique presentation.

Money Does Not Matter

It is time to bust the myth that more expensive a gift, better will it be liked. If you have a big budget, you can of course, go in for something lavish and luxurious. But there is no need to worry if your finances are tight. There are plenty of options out there for cheap but meaningful and attractive gifts. 

Your Personal Touch

Whatever be the gift you opt for; you must endow it with your magical touch. You can make the gift exciting and personal by adding a small but warm note. You can send cake online that expresses your sentiments like love or concern.

These are all some ideas for selecting the perfect gift.

Six Fun Things To Do On Your Best Friend’s Birthday

April 26th, 2020

Just as your birthday is special to you, so is your best friend’s birthday an extraordinary day in your life. As a friend, it is your duty to make your friend’s birthday a happening and a memorable one. This may imply that you have to don the robe of the party planner. All these years you must have taken your best friend out for lunch or dinner at a good restaurant or sent online birthday cakes. However, this year, you may try out newer things on your friend’s birthday. We list below six fun things to do on your best friend’s birthday.

  • Hit up at the bowling alley – Bowling may sound a simple birthday party idea, but it is surely a fun one. Get your entire group of friends together for some bowling fun. You could even dress up according to a theme.
  • Plan for a movie night – Instead of going the usual way of watching a movie at a movie hall and splurging money on eatables and tickets, why not organize a movie party at home for your best friend’s birthday party. You can also compile your best friend’s favourite movies and watch it together. There is no better way to celebrate your friend’s birthday by watching a movie in your cosy home atmosphere, tucked inside a blanket and munching on your favourite homemade snacks.
  • Organize a picnic – You can invite all the loved ones of your best friends for a day picnic in a park. Chilling under the sun, playing indoor and outdoor games, sipping squashes and munching on candies can make for a great birthday for your best friend.
  • Schedule a yoga or dance class – A healthy way to treat your best friend on her birthday is by scheduling a private yoga or dance class for her/him and the entire gang of friends. If your friend is a fitness geek, this would definitely make her happy.
  • Treat at a spa salon – Birthday is one day in which you get all the attention and pampering. You may make your best friend feel special by planning a full day at a spa. This definitely depends on the budget that you have. If money is not a constraint, you can treat your friend at a luxurious spa. If your budget is limited, you can gift her/him do-at-home facial masks and other cosmetic products.
  • Organize a food party – If your friend is a foodie, you can organize a food party in your home. Prepare our best friends favourite food and drinks and invite all your friends to have some incredibly lip-smacking food. We are sure this would bring more happiness than treating a friend at a restaurant.

We are sure, all of the above unique and fun ways along with placing order birthday cake online, will definitely bring a smile on your friends face and the memories will be cherished for a long time to come.

9 Things to Do on Your Birthday When You Are Running Out of Ideas

April 25th, 2020

Most of us are always counting the number of days left for your birthday. Birthdays are special to each one of us. Moreover, if it is a milestone birthday, it is, even more, an extraordinary day. A lot of planning goes into throwing a birthday party a successful and memorable one. We list below nine exciting ways to make your birthday an enjoyable one.

  1. Plan a day at a spa salon – Spending a day at a spa salon is a great way of mental detoxification. Search for the best spa in your city/town. Get yourself pampered with facials, manicure, pedicure, and mud baths and just about everything else.
  2. Go to your wish list restaurant – Have you been yearning to go to your favourite restaurant sine a long time. Let your birthday be the perfect occasion to visit your most desired restaurant. Reserve your table beforehand. You may as well take your best friend with you and have a meal that you will cherish all your life.
  3. Buy yourself a present – Why not gift yourself something on your birthday. Plan a budget and go shopping for the bag or shoes that you wanted since so long. Treating yourself is a great way to celebrate your birthday.
  4. Book a stay in a luxurious hotel – Book a room at a boutique hotel that has an in-house bar, restaurant, cafeteria, and poolside. You can dine wine and relax in the hotel room with the utmost serenity and lavishness.
  5. Meet an old friend- If you have missed meeting an old friend who lives in another town/city, make this birthday the perfect occasion to catch up with her/him. Plan a trip, visit your friend, and celebrate your birthday together. It will give you a change of location and countless memories with your pal that you will cherish forever.
  6. Go to the beachside – Nothing can be more tranquilising than spending time on a beach. Lounging by the beachside is a great way to spend your birthday. It is the best way to get away from the busy and hectic life.
  7. Engage in movie time – Call your friends for a sleepover in your home and spend the night watching all your favourite movies in the cosy atmosphere of your home, cuddling away on the sofa, tucked inside the blankets and munching your favourite candies.
  8. Throw a pool party – If your birthday falls in the summer, you have a good opportunity of throwing a pool party. Invite friends and jump into the pool to celebrate your birthday in the most cooling way.
  9. Indulge in a piece of cake – Whether you make your own birthday cake or get cakes delivered uk from the online stores, a cake is a must on your birthday.

Make your birthday a unique one by using the above tips. Do not be surprised to see your best friend send cake online to you to have a yummy birthday!

The Best Gift You Can Gift Your Mom on Her Birthday

April 20th, 2020

Are you confused as to what to gift for your Mom’s birthday? Do you feel like you are running out of options that she might like? Then here is a solution that will help you, Fruit baskets. You might be wondering if it will even count as a gift. But fruit baskets are the perfect gift for not only birthdays but any occasions like holidays, thanksgiving, farewell, congratulation gifts, etc.

Giving birthday fruit baskets for your mother can be the best gift you can give to her which will make her happy. Here are a few reasons why fruit baskets are one of the best gifts for birthdays.

  • The fruit baskets are cheap. First of all, usually, mothers don’t appreciate us spending and putting in a lot of money on expensive gift. Even if they like the gift, they will still worry about the money spent on that particular gift. So, giving fruit baskets as gifts will change the scenario, and it will make mothers happy.
  • The fruit baskets are handy. While you are shopping for fruit baskets, you can get a lovely fancy basket to place the fruits on. You can decorate it in just the way you want to by attaching ribbons and balloons to it. Many websites sell cute fruit baskets based on our need.
  • You can choose the fruits in the fruit baskets. Whether you are getting the fruit basket from external sources or decide to make the fruit basket, you can always choose the kind of fruits you want. There are a lot of varieties of fruits to choose from. You can also go with seasonal fruits as they are readily available and fresh. You should also keep in mind what kind of fruits your mother would like to consume.
  • The fruit baskets are very healthy. All of us know as a matter of the fact that we should consume more fruits, but we never do. But given as a gift, the person will have no choice but to finish them.
  • The fruits in the fruit baskets last longer. Even if your mother receives more than one fruit baskets, it won’t be of waste—some of the fruits last longer. For example, oranges, apples and all last up to three weeks. Also, it is possible to store the fruits and consume them.
  • The fruits in the fruit baskets can be consumed in different forms. You don’t just have to eat the raw fruits. You can make fruit juices, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit salads, pie and a lot more out of it.
  • Also, fruit baskets are not just for birthdays, but it is suitable for almost all occasions like anniversaries, housewarming ceremonies, get well soon, congratulation gifts, etc. And it is always useful.

You can also add a note on the fruit baskets to leave a personal touch and bring a smile on your mother’s face. You don’t have to think about sending a fruit basket gift to your mother when you both don’t live in the same society. Birthday fruit baskets delivered to the desired location options are available on some websites.