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The off-beat cake flavours you can give a try

July 28th, 2016

If you do not like cake, the world would probably call you an endangered species!  From ring ceremonies to birthday parties, cakes are an important dish of every occasion. Not only it is good to your taste buds but can also lift your low spirits. While most people enjoy the chocolate and vanilla cakes, we have a list of offbeat flavours for you. So if you planning to order a birthday cake online, try one of these flavours.

Carrot Cake – A carrot cake might sound an unlikely flavour. However, let us clear the basic misconceptions about a carrot cake. Carrots are the key ingredient of the sweet cakes that are common in Europe since the Middle Ages. You see that a cake is not very healthy but carrots are very health variety of vegetables. So when you use the two together – the end product is a health cake which also tastes well. To make these you need to unify carrot in your cake batter. Then when you bake the cake, the carrot becomes tasty, moist and soft, giving you a beautiful flavoursure to win your heart. You will notice that the consistency of any cake made using carrots is thicker than other regular cakes. Carrots can also be used for the icing decoration. On a carrot cake, cream cheese is the best preferred icing though. Many bakeries baking this cake bake it with raisins, pecans, walnuts pineapples, etc.for the added flavour. But the flavour, we promise, is great!

Banana Cake–This may also sound absurd to you but a banana cake tastes good. Banana has a good taste and is naturally sweet, thus giving the cake a much better and natural flavour over the other cakes which are artificially flavoured. Banana is commonly used in many pies and desserts. You may have often heard of the banana pie or banana sundaes. For a banana cake, the fruit is mashed into the batter of the cake directly. You can use the whipped cream for a banana cake with chocolate garnishing. You can use and experiment many flavour combinations with the banana cake, usually all combinations taste great. The combination and recipe is up to you.

Lemon Cake–We are assuming that you already thought a lemon cake will taste sour. No, it will not. Lemon cakes are much delicious than what you make of them by their name. When you mix the tart of the lemon to the sweet of the cake, the resulting flavour is absolutely mouth-watering. Lemon cakes are a great alternative for those who do not like too much of anything sweet, including cakes. The main ingredients of the cake are lemon zest and grated lemons. The icing is a yellow or tangy frosting mostly. You can try baking lemon cake at home.

The next time you think of birthday cakes to order online, ask for one of the above flavours. The recipient, or the birthday girl/boy is sure to enjoy the new and exotic flavour.