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Celebrating wedding anniversary when you are not together?

February 20th, 2015

Wedding anniversary is the time to revive the joy of togetherness. It’s the promise that we will remain together for the rest of the life. The time goes very fast and we wonder how the year passes by. The newlywed couple becomes 10-15 years old in a bling of an eye. And with the time your life also changes. You might seem that there are less frequent outings, dine outs, shopping together and many other things. It apparently seems to you that the love you people used to share is not like that now. You at this point you are wrong, just the responsibilities of life make man so much burdened and over occupied that people don’t have time to think about the romantic aspect of life that often. So anniversary is the time to give a break to other responsibilities and take some time out to spend with you better half. It’s the time assure them that the love we use to share has not ended but it has increase with the passage of time.

the situation become bad when you people are not together on your wedding anniversary. Now the question is how to celebrate it, how to make your better half happy on the special day. So there are many ways by which you can make your better half happy with your love and care.

Send flowers:

In this era of a global village the connectivity between peoples is very accessible. You can now send flowers to anywhere in the world with online stores. Make anniversary flowers delivery and become a reason of the priceless smile on your better half face. The flowers are avialbe in different sizes, colors and decoration so you can easily choose one according to your choice and budget.

Send Gifts:

Gifts is a token of love, the way you send gift have a deep influence on the receiver. when the other person see that even you are far, you make efforts just to show love and care then even a small gift become a big one. There are different means available to send gift either you can select a gift from any online store or buy a gift  by yourself and couriers it.

Send cake:

The cake cutting is an important part of anniversary celebration. So send a beautiful anniversary cake with the wording of ”missing you on our anniversary” or some other loving lines that show your partner that it’s a big day for you and its difficult for you to stay apart.

Other little things:

  • Make frequent phone calls and text to each other to give the sense of being together and close.
  • Talk about the wedding day and other things attached to your wedding.
  • Ask some family or friend to celebrate the day with your better half on your behalf.
  • Send a voucher of dine out or some amusement park to make her happy.
  • Make promises for the future and accept you past mistakes.