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Six Fun Things To Do On Your Best Friend’s Birthday

April 26th, 2020

Just as your birthday is special to you, so is your best friend’s birthday an extraordinary day in your life. As a friend, it is your duty to make your friend’s birthday a happening and a memorable one. This may imply that you have to don the robe of the party planner. All these years you must have taken your best friend out for lunch or dinner at a good restaurant or sent online birthday cakes. However, this year, you may try out newer things on your friend’s birthday. We list below six fun things to do on your best friend’s birthday.

  • Hit up at the bowling alley – Bowling may sound a simple birthday party idea, but it is surely a fun one. Get your entire group of friends together for some bowling fun. You could even dress up according to a theme.
  • Plan for a movie night – Instead of going the usual way of watching a movie at a movie hall and splurging money on eatables and tickets, why not organize a movie party at home for your best friend’s birthday party. You can also compile your best friend’s favourite movies and watch it together. There is no better way to celebrate your friend’s birthday by watching a movie in your cosy home atmosphere, tucked inside a blanket and munching on your favourite homemade snacks.
  • Organize a picnic – You can invite all the loved ones of your best friends for a day picnic in a park. Chilling under the sun, playing indoor and outdoor games, sipping squashes and munching on candies can make for a great birthday for your best friend.
  • Schedule a yoga or dance class – A healthy way to treat your best friend on her birthday is by scheduling a private yoga or dance class for her/him and the entire gang of friends. If your friend is a fitness geek, this would definitely make her happy.
  • Treat at a spa salon – Birthday is one day in which you get all the attention and pampering. You may make your best friend feel special by planning a full day at a spa. This definitely depends on the budget that you have. If money is not a constraint, you can treat your friend at a luxurious spa. If your budget is limited, you can gift her/him do-at-home facial masks and other cosmetic products.
  • Organize a food party – If your friend is a foodie, you can organize a food party in your home. Prepare our best friends favourite food and drinks and invite all your friends to have some incredibly lip-smacking food. We are sure this would bring more happiness than treating a friend at a restaurant.

We are sure, all of the above unique and fun ways along with placing order birthday cake online, will definitely bring a smile on your friends face and the memories will be cherished for a long time to come.