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10 Most Adorable Smash Cakes for Your 1 Year Old

May 25th, 2016

Smash cakes are the latest sensation of birthday parties for one year olds. It is a fun way to introduce your child to the spongy creamy world of cakes and let him fascinate with its beautiful flavors in his own way. Smash cakes are not birthday cakes but are just small cakes made for the guest of honor i.e. your child. They are given to the kid to dig into it with hands and enjoy the scrupulous cake while playing with it. Since, uptil one year most kids have not eaten much of sugar, so getting on a smash cake with a bang is a really funny and exciting moment for both the parents and the kid as well.

Nowadays, it is easier to order birthday cake online, so if you are efficient enough you can bake a smash cake on your own for the kid and save some bucks because ultimately it has to be destroyed by the little player. So you won’t have to worry much about the cake and the money but just let the kid enjoy his precious time. There are distinct types of smash cakes that one can get for her kid’s first birthday. Since it is a memorable event, you would like to capture it on camera for sure.

Sprinkled Smash cake

When all creativity fails, bring your cake some sprinkles to make the topping. It can be of one color like pink or blue or multicolored.

Simple white cake

It can be a plain cake with white frosting and some colorful syrup strips to make it more presentable.

Simple Blue & red cake

Bake the cake with blue frosting and put some polka dots with red frosting on it. It will be a smashing cake.

M&M Smash cake

Bake the chocolate cake with some M&Ms covering all over it. Most kids would certainly go to pick the M&Ms first. Yes, they are tempting!

The 1 Cake

You want to go directly to show it in the cake? Just get this classic one cake of vanilla flavor carving the number 1 beautifully into a smashing cake.

Plain Little Green Cake

Bake a plain cake with green fondant to cover it. Put a little multi color candle to simply make it adorable. It is a great cake to be smashed by your toddler who enjoys to play in cream.

Colorful Candy Cake

Get this pretty plain white cake with multi color frosting on the edges and with a colorful big candy to ornament it in the center. It would be a great attraction for the toddler to enjoy the colorful candy along with delicious cake bites.

The Giant Cup Cake

It is a trendy cup cake a little upsized to let your kid fully indulge into its base. It can be of any flavor from creamy vanilla, to chocolate fudge. Cover the topping with white frosting and add some colors of dots with your choice.

Cheerio Cake

This cheerio cake is perfect if you are short of cake materials especially frosting and toppings. You simply bake a mango or orange flavored cake and decorate it with cheerio delights. Ta da!!! Cake is ready to be smashed.

Naked Layered Cake

This awesome cake comes with layers with vanilla butter cream and strawberry jam sandwiched between two layers of moist sponge cake. You can easily make this cake delivery if you are out of time or have no skills to make it.

6 Cool Gift Baskets for Summer Vacations

May 25th, 2016

Summers have arrived with all the hustle and bustle, shiny leaves, summer flowers budding and people making plans to make the best time of it by planning for vacations. Mostly people like to travel in summer season because it is light season, sun is around most of the time and you can easily move from one place to another. You get rid of bulky and heavy clothing and enjoy light and cool summer apparels and relax with your friends while enjoying cold drinks and snacks.

Summer is just another bright and shiny season which you can send welcome wishes for to your loved ones. You can always send them beautifully designed summer gift baskets for them to enjoy their vacations. Nowadays, with all these online stores you can easily look for variety of gift baskets that will be suitable in summer.

Fruit Splash Gift Basket

Send a succulent collection of fresh fruits assorted in a basket with a flavorsome Raspberry & Lemon cordial to be enjoyed by loved ones in summer. Fruits are perishable so make sure to have fruit baskets next day delivery to let your loved ones easily take it fresh to their summer picnic. Other than the tasty cordial, the hamper contains:

Green Grapes
Green Apples
Red Apples

Beach Bucket

You can make up your own beach basket for which you should use a large beach pail to assort the goods. You can put in

  • solar charger
  • sunglasses
  • hats
  • beach ball and other travel games
  • waterproof pouch for mobile and camera
  • sun block

Poolside Bucket

You can make a poolside bucket for a pool party with festive cool stuff.

  • Playing cards that are waterproof such as Uno, H20 to Go
  • Sun block cream SPF 15
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats and caps
  • Pool ball

Picnic Basket

Take a big collapsible basket cooler and put everything in it.

  • Blanket
  • Favorite cordial flavor and juices
  • Chiller bag
  • Tray to hold glasses
  • Gourmet sandwiches recipe card

Spa Bath Tub Hamper

This is the best way to invigorate in holiday summers as you are looking for something to refresh you. Having a cold and cozy bath with all the lavish spa items in your bucket, you will certainly enjoy the summer time. This spa tub comes with sassy products:

  • Reusable Ceramic Bathroom Caddy
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Spray
  • Body Butter
  • Toweling Sponge

Gourmet Hamper

You can always choose a gourmet hamper for any summer fun vacation. This gourmet hamper is a sunny delight hamper with some savory treats. The hamper can be plentiful to throw a small summer tea party to enjoy the evening with family and friends. The hamper includes:

  • Ardens mature cheddar & spring onion bites
  • Atkins & Potts jalapeno & red onion relish
  • Mrs Bridges Scottish strawberry preserve
  • Mrs Bridges Four berry preserve
  • Mighty fine peanut butter honeycomb bar
  • Rococo soft italian fruit nougat slice
  • English Tea shop earl grey tea 8’s

Send any of these luscious summer baskets to your loved ones to give them a lovely summer treat.

DIY Fruit Baskets Customization

May 23rd, 2016

Want to give you recipients a healthy gift? Why not try making a fruit basket for them by yourself as it will enable you to bring your personal glance to the gift. There are plenty of varieties available online where you can easily purchase a readymade fruits basket for delivery to your loved one. However, if you want to showcase your talent along with the sensational variety of fruits beautifully assembled in a basket then you can simply decide to create your own. There are few things you need to make your own fruit basket.

–          A wicker basket

–          A silk ribbon to wrap the basket or simply make a bow on the gift

–          A net wrapper that is feasible for fruits and would not perish them.

–          A greeting card

–          Green fern

–          Fresh Fruits imported & local

There are different sized wicker baskets available so you have to decide which size suits your gift. If you are using less number of fruits, you should get small basket otherwise get a bigger one oval shaped basket.

Once you select the basket now you should get some fern leaves to make the base of fruits. Real ferns are used because they keep the fruits fresh refrain them from being destroyed.

Now you need to take a variety of fresh fruits from the market. Make sure the fruits are neat and not damaged. If you are getting seasonal fruits then they must be very juicy and if you are getting some imported fruits then you must assure that they taste as good as you want because different countries have different tastes for a fruit.

Also when selecting fruits, you must ask the seller how much shelf life they would have. It would help you to deliver the basket within the right time so the recipient can easily use all fruits within their shelf life. Some of the fresh fruits you can choose are green apples, bananas bunch, grapes both green and black, pears, oranges, pineapple, Clementine and many other freshly plucked and ripening fruits.

When assembling the basket of fruits, you can also add some additional item other than fruits like a chocolates bar or a cookies pack. This would make your basket versatile and trendy. Use some barry’s hedge greenery leaves between the fruits to keep them from damaging.

Now you bring the wrapping net and cover the basket with it. Tie the net on the basket edges with plastic strings. The net wrapper would let the fruits stay firm and not fall while delivering. Now you can use the ribbon to make a bow and tag it on either the basket handle in the middle or on one side that is visible.

Next attach a personalized gift card with your heartiest greetings written. Make sure to stick the card on the top to let the recipient read it instantly from where it came from.

However, if you are shipping the basket you must pack the basket with a wicker gift hamper that is covered with a wicker cover. Also choose the fruits that are firm and still have room to ripen so they get a chance to ripe on the way. Usually the delivery takes 2 to 3 days so you must assume the desired time for fruits to ripe.

The fruits basket is ready to be delivered to your loved ones doorstep with a beautiful collection of fresh and exotic fruits.

5 rare occasions to send fruit baskets

May 23rd, 2016

Have you ever been in a situation when you feel like celebrating the moment and making it special?

We all somewhere go through such situations where we want to do something special for our loved ones to make them feel extraordinary and to enhance the joyful feelings they have. There are many occasions in life that need celebration or the moments of happiness that cannot go away without sending a gift for your loved one. Some occasions are not announced or celebrated properly, but only shared happily among the family members.

We have usually seen celebrations for Birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, or Christmas. However, you can make any other occasion special just by making a little move of sending a fruit hamper for your loved one. Fruit baskets have been very popular gift item and they have been making gracious gifts on all lavish occasions. So here we will tell you about some occasions that are rarely celebrated but can be enjoyed by having luscious fruit baskets.

Thinking of You

This is the time when you are thinking about someone very special and missing them and suddenly you have that urge to meet or at least talk to them. Considering the time and distance factor, you can always make a fascinating fresh fruits basket delivery to your loved one’s doorstep, tagged with a ‘Thinking of You’ card. Isn’t it a great way to astonish your recipient with a loving thought of sending a fruit basket just because thinking about them makes you happy?

Just Because…

Sometimes words become extinct to express that feeling that you both share. You do not have any specific word to name that moment or relation but you just want to enjoy it with your loved one. So celebrate that sweet moment and convert it into pleasurable memories with Just because fruit baskets. There can be multiple reasons of just because them being in your life or just because their happiness is most important to you.

Pregnancy Announcement

Usually the moment is announced as a private celebration with few family members. So why not give the mum-to-be some nutritious gift which she will need a lot. Sending a fruit basket to someone who is expecting with a baby is a great way to compliment the mommy. It shows your concern for her health, her baby’s growth and also represents the joy of the occasion.

New Job/ Promotion

For the person who is promoted to a higher position or who got a wonderful opportunity to advance in his career, it matters a lot if someone celebrates their success. Sending a freshly plucked fruits basket would certainly motivate them for the bright future and would encourage them to continue towards the path of growth.


When someone gets a new home, it is the biggest moment of their life because it might be one of their life’s milestones. Hence, you should really celebrate with them their accomplishment of getting a new house by having fruits hamper. It is a symbol of spreading love, happiness and fill colors of joy in their new home.

When chocolates turn to a good effect in life!

May 16th, 2016

People say all the negative things about chocolates. They say, that chocolates can give you weight gains and others insist on not having chocolates as it can ruin your teeth and gums. Thus, everyone stops you from eating chocolates. One often tends to forget or is oblivious of the fact that there are innumerable benefits of having chocolates. Yes, there actually are plenty of benefits of eating milk and dark chocolates in a certain amount. Next time, you send chocolate hampers uk to someone, do not forget to keep these varieties in them. Enjoy your chocolates with a light heart now.

When sweetness has all the goodness

  • Research says a bad conjugal life can be saved by chocolates. Wondering how? Here is the answer. If you lose interest in your partner, then chocolate is the ultimate remedy. Eating chocolates can actually lead you to a higher level of sexual desire and satisfaction. This is because chocolates contain a thing called phenyl ethylamine. This compound actually releases endorphins, which can change moods. It intensifies and one feels more the sense of attraction in their body after having chocolates.
  • Regular consumption of chocolates in a certain amount can prevent the blood clots in a human body. Those who are regular chocolate eaters, their blood platelets clump together and they reduce the risk of heart attacks.
  • If a woman eats more than 45 grams of chocolates per week, it can decrease the tendency of stroke in their body. Why this happens? This happens because chocolates contain flavonoids which again contain antioxidants and thus reduce the tendency of having a stroke.
  • Eating chocolates on a regular basis is good. But then, try to stick to dark chocolates. Many research works have come to the conclusion that consuming around 7 grams of dark chocolates everyday helps in keeping the blood inflammatory proteins away from one’s body.
  • There is another compound present in chocolates known as pentamer. This is very powerful because it disrupts the cancer spreading cells. Thus, chocolates can actually prevent the human body to create cancer cells.
  • Those who have a high level of blood sugar should not have sweetened chocolates but they can always consume bitter dark chocolates. It is said that, dark chocolates increases the level of insulin in a human body reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • Have you ever thought that chocolates can bring good marks in Mathematics? If you have not, then know it now. The flavonoids that are present in a chocolate can keep the brain cells clear. A cup of hot chocolate can actually make you fearless towards the boring mathematical formulas.
  • The flavonoids that are present in chocolates are actually good for skin. It also keeps the skin safe from Ultra Violet rays and also helps in preventing acne.

Sending someone chocolates by post is very easy. One can also order from online websites and add their favourite chocolate bars into it. But it is always a good option to keep a good amount of dark chocolates as this is very good for health.