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Qualities of a Good Florist

March 27th, 2015

Many persons looking for a good florist are often confused or disappointed.  This is due to the large number of florists in the market. Because of confusion, many people settle for any florist in their vicinity.

In such a case, you will be left frustrated when you find the florist not up to the market nor suited to your needs. To avoid settling for any sundry florist that comes your way, it is better your search for the right florist. This is a difficult task, but you can use the following tips to select a good florist:


  • Creative Flair: The number one quality of a good florist is his or her creative ability. It is quite simple to choose a creative florist when there are many florists in the city.  A creative florist will have a good collection of flowers, as well as ideas on how to arrange them into lovely bouquets.Flower arrangements can be considered as an art form as they depend on the artistic ability of the florist.  A flower arrangement is a mix of different foliage and flowers that are assembled with grace and beauty. It should not only be good looking, but also uplift the spirit.

    But creativity is not limited to making beautiful flower arrangements. It implies capturing the heart and mind of the buyer and the recipient. The florist must have complete knowledge of the colours, durability and symbolism of different flowers.

  • Client Connection: Check whether the florist is willing to connect with the customer. For this, take time and visit a number of florists in your city. You will encounter a florist who is keen to develop a relationship with you. At the same time, you may meet florists who are insensitive to your needs. In such a case, the natural and wise thing to do is to go to a florist who is keen on a strong relationship with you. This is because the secret behind a good floral bouquet is mutual understanding and communication.

  • Stock of Different Flowers: Different florists have different kinds of flowers.  A good florist is one who has an array of flowers in his stock. It is quite frustrating to get in touch with a florist who has limited choice of flowers. The different varieties of flowers are suited for different occasions. It also gives you the chance of developing a long term professional relationship with your florist.

  • Quality of Flowers: The main aspect of the florist is the quality of flowers available with them. Professional florists invest in cutting edge equipment to help preserve flowers so that they are not damaged or spoilt. Go for good quality and do not settle for substandard. Getting stuck with low quality is a frustrating experience.

  • Pricing:  The last aspect is the cost of flowers or flower arrangements. It is true that good quality comes at a price but is not always the case. Find a shop that offers lovely flowers at reasonable prices. This will help you to plan and budget for events requiring flowers. You might even get discounts on ordering online flowers.

These are some of the tips to help choose the right florist.

Flower types and their importance

March 26th, 2015

Beautiful flowers are indeed special and become a point of attraction in many occasions. Flowers excite the senses of people and send a friendly message to the minds. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day or even the funeral, flowers have their role to play. They are a symbol of expressing love, grief, comradeship, and passion. But many of you might be confused about the right type of flower to use for your event. So to make it clear, we present you various flower colours and their meaning.


Red is a common flower colour of Roses. It symbolizes love. Deep red colour signifies passion while light red expresses desire. So, no doubt, if you want to impress your Valentine, then pick out red roses without any second thought. Moreover, red symbolizes vitality, courage, and strength, which make the red flowers suitable for expressing condolences at the funeral of the military person.


Orange depicts endurance, warmth, confidence, energy, vitality and satisfaction. If you want to congratulate someone for their achievement, then you can pick orange flowers to do that.


Yellow signifies new happenings, beginnings, friendship, light heartedness and happiness. If you are falling in love with someone, give them a yellow rose. This won’t make you desperate but tells them that you have a light feeling of love towards them. It could be the best way to begin a relationship.


Green symbolizes springtime, new life, youth, beginnings, and nature. The green flowers also depict good fertility and fortune.


Blue usually depicts peace and relieves the worries. These create a contemplative atmosphere and cool emotions in a person.  If you are in a long term relationship, then blue flowers are the best for showing your intimacy to your partner.


Purple symbolizes adulthood and femininity. It also depicts royalty nature. Flowers of purple colour can be arranged nicely into a bouquet form. These show a smooth transition from one phase of life to other


Flowers with pink colour are associated with happiness, grace, gentility, innocence, beauty, and other gentle qualities. These flowers are best gifts for teenage girls.


White flowers depict purity and clearness. This is why white flowers are used for bridal bouquet. They represent elegance, beauty, and modesty.


Black depicts loss and sadness. Black roses are suitable for funerals and farewells.

Apart from considering the colour of flowers, one can follow specific flower patterns to express their thoughts. For instance, two entwined roses say ‘Marry Me’.  This works without having you to speak a word about the proposal. To send a secret admiration, you can send 13 roses to your special person. If possible, do not forget to secretly see the facial expression while she receives it. Likewise, six roses show your urge to be cherished and loved, 11 roses show that you deeply love someone. If you are on a budget, there are options online for getting cheap flowers delivered to your partner.

If you are a believer of horoscope, then below are the various flowers appreciated by people belonging to different sun signs:

  • ARIES -Calceolaria, Tulip
  • TAURUS- Iris, Hydrangea
  • GEMINI- Alstroemeria, Geranium
  • CANCER- Rose, Gloxinia
  • LEO- Carnation, Begonia
  • VIRGO- Gladiolus, Chrysanthemum
  • LIBRA- Dahlia, Cyclamen
  • SCORPIO- Gerbera,  African Violet
  • SAGITTARIUS- Anemone, Azalea
  • CAPRICORN- Chrysanthemum, Poinsettia
  • AQUARIUS- Daffodil, Primrose
  • PISCES -Freesia, Cineraria

In fact, none other than flowers can convey your innermost and sincere feelings. So, just express your thoughts with only and only flowers!

A few reasons to remind you why sending flowers is important

March 26th, 2015

Flowers are something that people have been sending for a long time. This process dates back to the Egyptian times and is still followed. However, most of the people have resorted to calling or meeting up, but there’s a certain joy that only flowers can give you. Receiving a bouquet that’s meant for only you is a big deal. Flowers are beautiful and they give you good fragrance, which is always admired. Sending flowers to someone does not need to have any specific reason. You can send them on a normal day and lift up the other person by the colours of the flowers.

Here are a few reasons why you should send more and more flowers to your loved ones.

  • Sending flowers is a gesture that people do not do often these days. So, if you send them to someone, they automatically feel special, loved and also appreciate your effort towards reaching out to them. If you send the flowers early morning, it’s even better as flowers can really light up someone’s day.

  • Sending flowers to someone is also cool because then the other person knows that you are thinking about them. A lot of time in life, it so happens that we are not able to see our friends, family or colleagues. Many a times, we feel drifting apart and want to catch up with them. This is where the flowers come in. They not only tell the other person that you care but also help you to open up to them in a more open way.

  • One thing’s for sure, majority of the ladies love flowers, be it any kind. This could be a good gift for your wife while going back home or your girlfriend or any friend. Once you get her in a good mood, half the job is done.

  • Flowers are not only for good times. When someone you know is going through tough times, a random act of kindness like sending flowers means a lot to them. If you are not physically present with them there, this can be a great gesture to let them know that you are there for them and care about them.

  • The last thing here would be that you really don’t need any reason to send flowers. You can just select a bouquet and dispatch it to whoever you want to. As far as I know, no one will ever say no to some lovely flowers under normal conditions.

So, these were some of the reasons that should lift you up to send more and more flowers to your loved ones. Obviously, you won’t wait for a specific occasion to send them. A lot of companies deliver flowers all over the world. You can send flowers in UK and anywhere in the world through their help. So, get up and send some flowers so that people know you are here, you are alive.

How to Grow Flower Gardens

March 26th, 2015

For most people, flowers are the definition of a garden.  Whatever be your level of experience, you can create beautiful blooms in your garden.

You only have to take care of the following basics to create a flower garden:

  • Sunlight is crucial: Growing a flower needs a lot of energy and the entire energy of a plant comes from the sun. As such for a flower garden, the plants require exposure to sunlight 6-8 hours a day, throughout the growth season.

  • Good soil: Neither too sticky nor sandy, the soil must contain sufficient organic matter to drain well and suit the insertion of roots of flowering plants. The pH and fertility of your soil must be tested.

Differences between annuals and perennials:

There are basically two types of flowering plants- Annuals and Perennials

  • Annuals- They complete their whole lifecycle in a single growing season, sprouting from seeds, growing  roots, leaves, flowers, creating fresh seeds and then die away. They are popular even though they require more care.

  • Perennials: Are plants in which root systems stay alive, underground for many years, even decades. The external part of the plant including flowers may die and lie dormant in winter but will sprout again in the spring season. The catch is that the flowers of perennials only bloom for some weeks or months. How long they bloom differs between species.

Other differences:

  • Which is best?

Both annuals and perennials are suitable for gardens. Annuals are good for locations where you need a profusion of flowers. But they require more care and maintenance like watering, fertilizing, etc and re-planting them every year is a tiresome chore. On the other hand, perennials provide steady form and structure to a garden. Gardeners wait with great anticipation for their blooming season. They require less care than the annuals.

  • Short term Vs Long term: If you plant perennials, it may take a year for them to bloom, but it is a long term investment for several years. Annuals are ideal if you want blooms as soon as possible. But often, there is no conflict of choice; gardeners combine perennials with annuals in their garden.

  • Combining both: Annuals allow you to change the look of your garden, year to year.  A garden which has a backbone of perennial plants gets wonderful accents from annual flowers. You can combine s annuals with perennials in a common pot or plot if their needs are compatible.
  • Plants or seeds? Both the types can be grown by using seeds, but the time period of blooming differs from a few weeks for annuals and almost a year for perennials. Some prefer buying plants that are already sprouted.
  • Maintenance cost: The annual flowers are more demanding in terms of watering and fertilizing. The plants also require sunlight as well as regular pruning- getting rid of decaying flower heads. But Perennials are not completely care free; it depends on the climate, soil and species of plants. They may need some watering and fertilizing, but not as much as annuals.

  • Sunlight: Typically, the less sunlight a plant gets, the less blooms it produces. In shade, plants may sprout leaves but fewer flowers. Search for species of annuals and perennials which grow with 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. Read instructions carefully before planting flowering plants.

These are some of the considerations while creating a small flower garden. If you wish to share some of the flowers in your garden, look for the best flower delivery. Anyone will love fresh flowers from the garden.

Enraptured by flowers since millennia

March 26th, 2015

Are you one of those who are charmed by the softer side of life? Do you lose yourself in books for hours without a trace of regret and like reading about kings and queens and their royal tales? Do you revel in the warmth of sunshine and enjoy the fragrance the breeze brings to you while strolling in a park? Then you are definitely someone who shouldsend flowers as gifts this coming festive season! Flowers have a rich history; read on to know about some interesting facts about the beauties of nature.

  1. Roses and secrets – It is said that during the Middle Ages, people used to hand a rose from the centre of the ceiling to bind everyone in an automatic pledge of secrecy. Popular amongst politicians and Council meetings, it was not unusual to find a beautiful rose dangling from the ceiling, in plain sight of all, thus leading to the rise of the phrase “sub rosa”.

  2. Healing Asters – Did you think that only the Egyptians were particular about how their departed souls were to be buried, jewels and cats and servants included? That’s not true. Scientists have found that many French soldiers, who were buried, were laid to rest with asters which are believed to have several healing flowers. Although there was no hope that the dead could be revived, the flowers used in the burials symbolized their wish that such deaths need not have taken place.

  3. Curious Chrysanthemums – Like certain words have different meanings when used in different languages, there are certain flowers that are also looked at differently in various parts of the world. Chrysanthemums are considered holy and loaded with healing powers by the Japanese and their great kings preferred to sit on thrones shaped in the form of these flowers. At the bottom of their wine glasses, one could also find these flowers’ petals so each sip of wine they took brought them pleasure and health at the same time! These same flowers however are associated with death in Italy!

  4. Holy Holly – Those familiar with intricate details of the Bible would surely be able to understand the phrase which this refers to. The pointed leaves of this plant were used to represent the thorns in the crown worn by Lord Jesus as he was led to the crucifixion spot. The pearls of blood that dripped were symbolised by the cherries of the plant. Hollies were also used to make garlands by ancient Romans and the Medieval Monks believed that these plants kept evil spirits away.

  5. Vibrant Violets – These flowers are associated with a very interesting man who shaped world history in a big manner – Napoleon Bonaparte. His love for Josephine is known to everyone and it is said that he gifted her violets for each of their anniversaries. He was also known as the Corporal Violet due to this penchant for these flowers and is said to have died with a necklace that had a locket containing violets he had picked up from Josephine’s grave site.

So choose from the plethora of floral beauties; make a vivid bouquet of them and you can easily brighten up someone’s da with just them and your smile!