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The Magical Realm of Chocolates

August 27th, 2016

Do you have a passion for chocolates? Do you know that if we look around, we will find that 7 out of every 10 individuals love chocolates? There are very rare people who don’t eat chocolates otherwise, chocolates instantly bring a big smile on everybody’s face. The beauty of chocolates relies in their variety, deliciousness, cuteness and handiness.

Yes, chocolates are the bars which can be carried anywhere or send to anybody living in any corner of the world. For example, if you have a special person living away from you, you can easily send a delicious chocolate by post to him or her.

Chocolates can do wonders

Yes, it is not a joke, chocolates can actually make a difference in most of the instances. If you haven’t tried the magic of chocolates yet then why not try one of the following chocolate magic?

  • Chocolates have always been our favorite because of their delicious taste. But do you know there is some more to it? Exactly, a chocolate bar is a good fellow too. Many a times, we get stressed, tired or feel low, frustrated or depressed because of circumstances, office work, burdens etc. in such instances, we need a friend to make us feel better. And believe me or not, a chocolate bar is that friend. Yes, chocolate has the capability to lighten your mood instantly and bring a spark of happiness in the moment. Try it once, and you will yourself experience it. Next time, whenever you feel sad or upset over something, just grab a chocolate Bar and embrace the magic.
  • Chocolates set the stage for every occasion. Have you ever come across a product, item or goodie that can be gifted in all occasions? Well, such is the charisma of chocolates. These can be gifted on any event or occasion. Whether it’s a party, birthday, promotion, valentine day, victory or a bonus anything can be celebrated in the presence of chocolates.
  • If someone is upset and is very angry with you, take chocolates for them and see the magic. No matter how angry your friend or dear one is, once they will see chocolates, their heart will melt in minutes. So, get ready for a big hug from them.
  • Sometimes whether we want or not but we have to stay away from our friends and loved ones. But the distance should never lessen the love and fondness. To maintain the bonds and relations, chocolates are perfect. So, next time if there is a birthday of your bestie or a dear one, don’t allow distance come between you. Just send birthday chocolates to them and let them know how deeply you love them.
  • Chocolates are multi-talented. Don’t believe me? Yes, chocolates come with variety of ingredients. The richness they offer is absent from all other things. Whether you like nuts, fruits, different flavors, you can find them all in different types of chocolates.


Thus, the charm of chocolates is matchless. No matter how many trends come or go, chocolates rule all the arenas.

Ways to make desserts healthier for your guests and you!

August 23rd, 2016

One of the biggest challenges people face when they are gearing up for any social event or a family get-together is that they need to decide on a menu that will be suitable to all yet delicious and sumptuous. Some people may prefer eating a simple salad without any dressings or cream, while some must have succulent slices of chicken or lamb cooked in the best sauces or oils for their dinner. So, how do you manage to balance the scale and keep everyone happy? The best option would be to make a menu that has a something for all kinds of food lover. If your main course is going to be a heavy one, then you can opt for light and healthy desserts, or substitute some of the ingredients in your desserts. You can include healthy cakes to be served as after-dinner treats rather than indulging in creamy desserts or eliminate any liquor from the menu to make your event a successful yet healthy one.

Now, if you want some ideas about how to make cakes with healthy ingredients before you plan your next party, then here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Butter – We all know that butter is one of the top ingredients that is used in making almost any kind of cake – right from the humble cup and sponge cakes, to the multi-tiered wedding cakes. But if you want health to take precedence over pure taste, then you can opt for a healthy substitute to butter – olive oil. Did you know that there can be delicious cakes prepared with olive oil, such as Jamie Oliver’s famous polenta and apple cake? Do remember that olive oil needs to be used much lesser than butter and it’s boiling point is much lower than that of butter.
  • All-purpose flour – Another chief ingredient that must be used in making cakes, there are plenty of options that you can choose from now-a-days in this section too. Make sure you head to the healthy section of your supermarket and select from flours that are made of wholegrains or that are free of gluten. Apart from being used in cakes, they can also be used in cookies, and the chief grains used are maize, potato, ice, and tapioca flours.
  • Vegetables – The days of side-lining these powerhouses of nutrients and flavours are over! The next time you are sending cake gifts to your friends, you can include long-lasting desserts such as cupcakes as gifts that are made up of vegetables primarily. Apart from carrots, there are other vegetables too that are loved by gourmet chefs in their cakes, such as beetroot, parsnip, courgettes, and a combination of chocolates and beetroots.

Desserts, like other staple food, are subject to a lot of cultural and health concepts. Experimenting with them can be a rewarding thing if you do it right! Be sure to check out other healthy ingredients that you can use, such as fruit slices and healthy frostings instead of using regular ones such as cheese and buttercream. If baking seems tough, you can order for cake delivery in UK also.

A Perfect Gift Wrapped with Love and care

August 16th, 2016

Are you planning to give a gift to someone you know? If it is so, then don’t come up with the same old ideas of giving clothes or watches as gifts. Add some sweetness to your gift, let the special one feel it. When talking about sweetness and feel, the best option can be a chocolate. Exactly, chocolates can make any one happy and excited instantly. Moreover, there are absolutely no issues related to size, design or shape, a chocolate can mesmerize any heart.  Without any extra effort, send delicious Chocolate gifts by post to your desired address. Today, fast courier services are getting the presents delivered faster than never before. even the packings of these chocolate boxes is done in such a beautiful manner that the receiver opens it with heavy heart as he doesn’t want to take his eyes off from the tasteful gift wrapping.

Would You Like To Know the Benefits of Chocolates?  Well, here are some of them:

  • Do you know that according to a recent study, eating chocolate can help a person stay thin? Some researchers have discovered that persons who often eat chocolate possess lower body mass indexes as compared to the ones who don’t.
  • According to a Swedish study the consumption of more than 45 grams of chocolate every week i.e., around two bars, lead to around 20 percent reduction in stroke danger among ladies. These sweet, scrumptious bars carry flavonoids. Antioxidant properties in these prove very helpful in fighting strokes.
  • If you are a heart patient then too chocolates have something good for you. Yes, these prevent blood clots, which in line lessens the danger of heart attacks. Blood platelets cluster together more slowly in chocolate consumers.
  • Chocolates are also helpful in reducing the scope of cancer. Cocoa comprises a compound known as pentamer, which interrupts the ability of cancer cell to spread. With its existence, the cancer cells cease to divide. .
  • As per the Italians, chocolates are helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes. Consuming chocolate upsurges insulin sensitivity and it lessens the danger of diabetes.
  • Chocolates also play their role in improving the quality of skin. Especially, the dark chocolate. The flavonoids in dark chocolates guard skin of women from the UV rays of Sun. IT is not a myth. In fact, a study by Germans prove it.
  • Chocolates are also very effective in cheering up the mood. For example, if you are stressed, upset over something or very tired, just unwrap a chocolate bar and eat it. Soon all your stress will be drained and you will find a sense of positivity in yourself.

To conclude, chocolates not only cheer up the mood instantly but these carry numerous benefits which make giving chocolates as gift a perfect idea. Thus, what are you waiting for, let your chocolate bars add love in your relationship and simultaneously, protect the special one from so many unwanted troubles.  So, whether you want to give your chocolate present by hand or want to send chocolate by post, in the both scenarios, the sweetness of the chocolate bars will strengthen your bond.

Orange, the most famous citrus fruit

August 12th, 2016

Oranges are the most underrated fruits. We eat them regularly, but they do not get the credits that they deserve. They are sweet, they are juicy, they are filled with nutrients and they are light on the stomach, what more do you need from a fruits? As the name itself says, oranges are orange in colour. But, sometimes the peel may be yellow or green. The taste varies from sour to very sweet. You must include oranges in your fruit basket for its inherent benefits.

Here are some interesting facts about oranges –

Scientific description –

Orange is a citrus fruit belonging to the family Rutaceae. In reality, orange is a hybrid, of pomelo and mandarin which are citrus breeds. There are many types of oranges such as bitter orange, mandarin orange, sweet orange, bergamot orange and trifoliate orange. Usually an orange is round in shape. The outer peel is acidic and easy to remove. The inside consists of many pockets of crescent shaped fruits. These have a soft skin and many seeds inside them. The pulp inside this skin is soft and juicy.

History –

The mention of sweet oranges is seen in Chinese literature as early as 314 BC. But today, we can see oranges are cultivated all around the world. They grow the best in tropical and subtropical climates. India, Brazil, US, Africa, Australia, Europe and many other countries grow oranges.

Consumption –

The fruit can be eaten fresh or ground into a juice. It can also be added to cakes and pastries. The oranges also make great pudding stuffing. As they are rich in vitamin c, oranges are the best fruit all around the year.

Uses –

  • They are used to produce citrus. 70% of the citrus produced is by oranges.
  • The presence of phyto nutrients has helps in the healing of body damages.
  • It will help in lowering blood pressure.
  • It has many anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is a very important fruit in increasing the immune system.
  • It helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body.
  • It is protective against cardiovascular diseases.
  • It will help in preventing kidney stones.
  • Oranges are a good source of fibre and thus will offer relief from constipation.
  • They help in the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • The oranges are good for the skin. It rejuvenates the skin and lessens dark spots and tans.
  • It can also reduce ulcers and the risk of stomach cancer.
  • It strengthens your respiratory system.
  • It protects against rheumatoid arthritis.

Preparation –

  • Oranges, apples, pineapple, and grapes should be cut into medium sized pieces. To this add a dash of salt and pepper. It is a very light and tasty salad to eat on a hot summer day.
  • Take an orange and juice it up. Use the juice instead of water while baking a cake. The flavour of oranges will add to the deliciousness of the cake.

With oranges having so many benefits, it is but fair to use them in your fruit baskets UK. They are tasty and healthy.

Cakes and their role in weddings

August 10th, 2016

Cakes have been an integral part of weddings since a long time. It has become a tradition now. On wedding days, almost all the couples love to cut a cake together to start their new conjugal life. In fact, there is also a tradition of storing the upper tier of the cake for one year and the couple takes a bite from that cake on their first anniversary. This is also a token of good fortune for the new couple.

Celebrating anniversaries with cakes is thus a common thing now. If one wants to send anniversary cakes to a couple, they can always bake one for them or can order from the ample varieties and flavors available.

History of wedding cakes and where it began

It is said, in ancient Rome, people used to end a wedding by breaking a cake on the bride’s head. This cake was made of wheat or barley. They took it as a symbol of good fortune. After the cake breaking ceremony, the newlywed couple used to eat a few pieces from the broken cake together which meant, that they will share and spend their life together this day onwards. After that, the invitees used to gather up the remaining pieces of the cake, which were taken as a symbol of good luck.

Then came the medieval England tradition. There in weddings, there were small spiced buns, which were stacked up during the occasion. Then the invitees used to put up a challenge to the new bride and the new groom. They will have to kiss each other over that tall stack of buns so that they couldget lifetime prosperity.

In early British period, the wedding cake was popularly known as Bride’s Pie. This was a large and round pie with a decorated pastry crust on the top. This crust was made with filling of sweetbreads, spices, pineapples and oysters. It was considered to be a symbol of future happiness for the newlywed couples. Each invitee present in the wedding was asked to take a bite from the pie and one who got the wedding ring hidden in the pie was considered the one who will marry next.  The concept has become old, but the bride’s pie is still a delicacy in many parts of England.

Fruit cakes and weddings

Fruit cake became the centre of attraction in the weddings since 17th century. This is because fruit cake is said to be the symbol of fertility and prosperity. In some places, a small cake was offered to the bride on her arrival at her new home. After eating a piece from it, the bride would throw the rest of the cake over her head. This was taken as a symbol of good fortune.

To send anniversary cake; one can take help from the online cake websites, which have the facility of delivering fresh cakes at doorsteps. If one wants to bake an anniversary cake; they can always find delicious recipes online and make them.