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Choose The Best Bath Hampers For The Person You Love

October 22nd, 2021

When it comes to gifting, we often might get confused as to what to gift the person. It can be for a birthday, anniversary, special occasions, achievements or just randomly. Since gifts are a way to express our love, we should also consider the fact that they should be useful and liked by the person we are planning to gift. Therefore, beauty gift hampers are one of the best ideas since we all like skincare and different scented bath products; the hampers contain an assortment of different products that could be useful to the person, and in this way, the gift could also be put to use instead of just keeping it in some corner of the house and forgetting about it.

Here are some of the types of beauty gift hampers that you can gift to your loved ones:

  1. Luxury soaps: This hamper consists of different kinds of scented luxury soaps that aren’t available easily in stores which is what makes them authentic. It is a great gift for someone who loves trying new bath products as soaps are one of the major parts of it, so you can gift it to them as a thoughtful gift.
  2. Body butter hampers: This kind of hamper is great for people who like skincare as it consists of body butter, hand cream and many other products which are great for the skin and since there is a variety of products in it. The person can use them differently and also choose the one they like the most. It will be like you are gifting them a collection of things they will love to use, so it is a great idea for gifting.
  3. Themed bowl: This kind of hamper consists of different kinds of products, but it sticks to one particular theme; for example, a bowl can be full of different products like soaps, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, loofah etc. with a plum fragrance and also as the main ingredient. Therefore, the person has products full of the ingredients they might like the most. This can also be lavender, which smells great, or any other fragrance that is good for the skin and smells amazing. You can gift such kinds of hampers to the people who love to go extra while taking a bath. As it has loofah and different bathing brushes, it is an all in one gift set for your loved one.
  4. Spa set: This is also a great option for when you want to gift them something that would help them in relieving the stress, and it is a great option since it has a lot of products. A good bath does take away a lot of stress, so it is a great option for you to get this for someone you know is going through a lot and just needs to relax a bit.

Get these beauty gift hampers from the best gifts service company online and send them to your loved ones from any part of the world to make them the happiest.


5 ways to pick the right to hamper online

August 22nd, 2021

Endless options are available to us when we decide to gift someone anything. Gifts are not just material things but they are something filled with lots of emotions. Nowadays they are the way through which people express their care, appreciation, love, and many other emotions. Even in corporate life, the concept of gifting has come up as a huge trend. Deciding on to the gift is one of the most difficult tasks and that is why online gifting websites ahs made this easier. 

All most every variety of gifts is available online and is just a click away you can explore, choose, and place your order anytime. One of the most trending gifts is hampers. Hampers are now considered as one of the best gifting options that come with variety as well as with attractive packing. Instead of gifting two or three items separately, you choose a bunch of them in a hamper. Bath hampers, fruit hampers, gourmet hampers, etc are some of the hamper options available to us on Express Gifts. Some things that you must consider in advance while deciding on the hampers as gifts are:

  • Choose from the available hampers: As we all know a variety of hampers are available online that includes bath hampers, fresh fruits, dry fruit hampers, and so on. Before making your decision make sure you have explored the range of hampers available online. The hampers are perfect for new home gifts, wedding gifts, etc. 
  • Add a personalized touch: You can also add a personalized touch to the hampers by way of adding something personal to it. You can add something that the receiver likes the most in the case of beauty gift hampers or fruit hampers you can do this. Or personalize it in the way of the favorite color or packaging style that the receiver likes the most. 
  • Choose unique hampers: You must have unique hampers that not only look attractive but also look cute. The unique hampers will give a unique look and it is always better to choose something different. You can also add a twist to these hampers to make them unique. 
  • Choose in your budget: The online gifting websites allow us to choose the hampers as per our budget. Every budget hampers are available online in different sizes, varieties, or in packaging and you can easily choose from them. No matter you want a cheap hamper or a luxury one you will find both on the online gifting sites. 
  • Read what’s included: Sometimes we just on the packaging of the hampers only and really forget to look inside. But the online hampers provide every detail of the items that are included in the hamper. In the case of local shopping, this is not available and there are more chances of receiving duplicate or cheap products inside the packaging.

So, consider these things in advance and make sure you have chosen the best of the hampers available. Don’t forget to add a personalized message on the hamper. 

Celebrate your beauty with bath and beauty hampers to gift

February 17th, 2015

Every person wants to look beautiful, and especially for women; beauty can come from all the makeover etc, but the real beauty comes when the person feels fresh and beautiful from within. For this reason it is important for every person to have the best bath and beauty hampers at their homes in order to feel relaxed and fresh at any time they want. These products are a source of providing the person fresh feel and their luxurious aroma can keep the person relaxed for a long time.

Having such a luxurious life has now become extremely easy with the help of the companies of United Kingdom, as now every person can buy these products easily only with the help of these websites and can also get them easily delivered at their doorsteps. People order such hampers from these reliable websites for their own use; but as the traditions are changing and the tradition of gift sharing is increasing; many people have been availing this opportunity for gifting these beauty hampers to their loved ones e.g. to their wife, mother, sister, or a friend. These beauty hampers are selected and designed carefully by experts to make sure that the customers get the best packages delivered and the customer loyalty and satisfaction is maintained throughout the time.

These beauty and bath hampers include different items in them such as shampoos, soaps, body and bath gels, scrubs, bath foams, bath salts and other bathing and beauty items all wrapped up in beautiful and colorful wrappings with striking ribbons; which can be customized with special messages for your loved ones. All the items are of highest quality and can be purchased at affordable prices easily; as the company does not compromise on the quality or the satisfaction of the customer.

Not only for ladies, these bath and beauty hampers are also recommended for men; while offering some of the best bathing hampers include shaving creams, shaving brushes and other accessories; these gift hampers are perfect items to present to any man. All the hampers are made up of different themes such as fruits and flowers and many others. These themes are represented in the packaging of the items which illustrate what scent the items will be having, thus makes it easier for the buyers to carefully understand their purchase before placing the order and also to know what kind of products they would like to use more. All the items are placed in a beautiful holder which are either designed as bath tubs or dressing drawers to compliment the items that are to be placed in it for the final packaging.

There are different categories in which these products are produced, such as categories of several fruits such as apples, grapes, pomegranate, and coconuts and also apart from fruits; many flowers’ scents are also available such as vanilla, roses, lavender etc. which make the products more special and attractive.

There are also different payment methods devised for the customers to make the payment according to the ease of the customers. For instance, some consumers can make the payment at the time of delivery on their doorsteps to the authorized delivery man, or on the other hand; customers can also make payments online through their credit cards and get their packages delivered later the very next day. Gifting these best bath and beauty hampers are a perfect way to make your loved ones feel special as their special packaging, wrapping and most importantly the items that are included in the hampers cannot be ignored or disliked by anyone.

Some Tips for Beauty Gifts

January 20th, 2015

If you have a loved one, who is concerned about chemicals in their favourite beauty products, you can gift them something special. These are beauty products made at home or beauty gift hamper filled with carefully selected beauty products.

Homemade beauty products are a great alternative to products bought from stores. One can make great products at home, which are healthier substitute for commercial products and are completely personalized for the needs and preferences of the recipient.

There are so many recipes available and you will only need to decide which to make. Instead of gifting one product, you can also assemble a gift basket filled with several beauty products.

Some of the items are:

  • Perfume:

You have the option of making perfumes customized to the liking of the recipient. You can even develop perfume making into a full time hobby. Options for fragrances include stimulating scents like cinnamon and rosemary and calming scents like lavender and rose. Make a wonderful perfume by mixing together 8-10 drops of Valerian essential oil, 4-5 drops of lavender oil and 9-10 drops of Chamomile. You can adjust the ingredients to more or less, depending on your personal preference. Add the essential oils of your choice to the base of the perfume consisting of 2 cups distilled water and 3 tablespoon Vodka. Shake the box to mix thoroughly. The perfume will be ready for using on completion of 12 hours.

  • Facials or face masks:

Face masks are great for smoothening and cleansing your skin. They are easy to make and can be made with common household ingredients. Some of these are eggs, oatmeal, mint leaves, peaches, strawberries and papaya. If the beauty products are meant for a particular day or a spa party, peach facial mask will do well. Combine one egg white with one ripe pear. Whip thoroughly. This mix is meant for immediate use and has no storage life.

  • Hair care: These are shampoos and conditioners made of natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. Look for attractive containers such as cute plastic bottles with push dispensers. Glass bottles are also good but are risky in the bathroom if they break accidentally. Natural shampoos are simple to make: For e.g., mix 1 oz. each of nettle, rosemary, lavender essential oils and sage as well as 8 oz. Castile soap. To strengthen and nourish hair, add some organic sulphur.
  • Lip balm: it is great fun to make lip balm at home. Some of the favourite lip balms include chocolate, honey and peppermint lip balms. To make peppermint lip balm, use peppermint oil (22 drops), petroleum jelly (4 tbsp) and 2 tsp beeswax.

For preparation of this lip balm, in a pot, melt the petroleum jelly, add some beeswax and keep heating till the melting of the beeswax. Add the scented oil. Pour lip balm into special containers and allow it to cool. They make a great gift for any woman you know.

These are some of the items that can go into your beauty gift hamper. Be it Mother’s Day or birthday or Valentine’s Day, these homemade gift baskets filled with customized beauty products will be much appreciated.