Attractive Gift Ideas of Chocolates

June 2nd, 2018

In any special occasion, the most common sweet and tasty item is chocolate. We can give chocolate to someone for any reason. Always celebrations are not needed for this gift hamper. Any celebration cannot be completed without chocolate.  Chocolate comes to us in many forms like bar, dessert or even as a flavour. Chocolate is a traditional gift also. From the early age, this tradition has been started.

The chocolate as a gift hamper is still preferred to people due to some special qualities. Lots of discussions have been described for the health benefits of the chocolate, especially for the dark chocolate. It has been examined that chocolate can make your mood happy. It defines the symbol of love and thus it preferred by the people of all across the world. No matter how old are you, it brings a smile to everyone’s lips. For that reason, it is used so largely in the menu of dessert.

No doubt, chocolate is the best gift option for anyone to make smiles for the near and dear one even without any occasion. Now people can send chocolate gifts hampered very easily and quickly.

A personalised chocolate gift hamper is also a very famous gift item in the UK. The delivery of gift items is now very fast and active across the UK.

Different Gift Form of Chocolate for Your loved one

  1. A Chocolate Gift Hamper- A very well known chocolate gift. You can find a wide collection of chocolate gift hamper in a market very easily. It comes with different types of cookies, dry fruits and many mouth-watering deliciously flavoured chocolates. The beauty and the essence of the chocolate bouquet are clearly unique tasty and also charming. A creatively personalised chocolate gift hamper is a Signature gift item for all occasions.
  2. Chocolate Cakes and Cupcakes– For any chocoholic person the best gift is a mouth-watering, yummy, sweet tasty chocolate cake. In the UK market, different types of chocolate cakes are very easily available with also in different flavours like- Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Tiramisu Cake, Death by Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake and others. Choose your special flavour for a special occasion. For chocolate lovers, choco cupcakes are ready for them to satisfy their meal.
  3. Chocolate Bouquets– Are you trying to show your love quite differently, and then switch your normal bouquet to a chocolate bouquet. An attractively unique decoration of chocolate bouquet can easily win the heart of your loved one and your family members. It creates its own place among all gift items. Now you also can send different bouquets of chocolates by post.

Still, are you looking for reasons to gift chocolate? Please check these points!

  1. No need to personify when you are sending them a chocolate in the form of a gift. Chocolate is a thing, all age group of people loved it for its sweet taste and flavour.
  2. Chocolate is a symbol of royality, used to pamper your special person.

So, send chocolates by posts or by hand. It is not just a memento of love, it is also symbolized the caringness of the sender. So, make the proper choice for your family, friends or your valentine and choose your favourite form of chocolate.

Chocolate desserts in 5 minutes!

November 17th, 2015

Are you in a hush-hush situation? Do you want quick dessert recipes with chocolates? If yes, then we are here to help you. These chocolate delights take only 5 minutes to perfect if you have all the ingredients set on your table. Let’s get started with the recipes…

  • Chocolate mousse – Not really the proper mousse but just a chocolate delight mixed with a little milk. Take melted chocolate sauce which has thick consistency and mix it with a little milk. Keep folding it until the texture gets even thicker and put it in your freezer for 2 minutes. That is all you need to do for this easy recipe.
  • Chocolate crunchy – Take waffle biscuits and put some raspberry syrup on the biscuit (You can take any biscuit of your choice; make sure it is big in size). Add in chocolate sauce all over the syrup and put a little cream. This recipe can be made on the spot too when you run out of ideas for desserts with unwanted guests.
  • Nutella sandwich – Take two big rectangular biscuits, which have no sweet in them. They can be salty but not sweet. Put a layer of Nutella on one and cover it with the other biscuit like a sandwich. Put a little cream on top and a cherry for decoration. This hardly takes 5 minutes if you have everything in hand. It is delicious, easy and super simply.
  • Chocolate smoothie – Use your mixer or food processor to make this recipe. Add in lots of chocolate sauce, throw in some biscuits, add a hint of fruits to this and blend it on medium speed. Once the texture is thick enough, remove it and serve it! You can add ice cubes to make this cold and a little vanilla ice cream on top too. Sounds delicious, right?
  • Hot chocolate – We all know how hot chocolate is made. You can either make it with the help of part milk/part water mixed else take hot milk and mix it with chocolate powder, sugar (if required). Blend this well by stirring constantly and if the powder doesn’t blend then make this in a saucepan. You have to just heat the ingredients together to combine them. This will take hardly 5 minutes to make. You can make the cold version of this too by adding tons of ice cubes to the hot chocolate and stirring it 5 to 6 times.
  • Chocolate fruit salad– Put a little chocolate sauce in a large bowl and add in freshly cut tiny pieces of different fruits. Mix this well until all the fruits are covered in chocolate. You can add more chocolate if you want. Other than this, you can serve it with cream on top. This is healthy, sweet, chocolate filled and scrumptious. Plus you can make this in 3 minutes only. It is all about mixing well!

These were just few simple ideas to do with chocolates. The next time you send chocolates by post to your loved ones, add these recipe ideas with the gift.

Top 10 ways to utilise chocolate

May 16th, 2015

Using chocolates in your cooking methods is not too difficult. Desserts and chocolates go hand in hand. Everybody has a sweet tooth for this delicacy. On that note, here are some things you can make out of chocolate.
We are sure you are aware that these are not just the ways to utilize your chocolates. So do not hesitate to send chocolates to anyone. They are super-duper convenient and can be consumed in numerous and flavoursome ways.

Unique Uses of Chocolate

March 11th, 2015

The history of chocolates begins with cultivation of a plant called scientifically as Theobroma Cacao. This means it is called as ‘food of the Gods.’ Down the centuries, people have been enjoying the rich taste of chocolate, derived from this plant.

Historians believe that it was the Mayan people of South America who learnt to grow this plant, 2000 years ago. Mayans began sourcing these plants from the rain forests and grew them in their courtyards. They cooked the seeds of the cacao fruit and made a paste. The earliest product was an unsweetened chocolate drink made by adding water and spices to this chocolate paste.

Today, chocolates are big business with trade running into billions of dollars. They are prized not only for their delicious flavour, but recently revealed health benefits.

Other than the use of chocolates in the form of sweets, bars, cakes, puddings, cookies and milk shakes, there are numerous other ways in which people consume chocolate.

Here are a few unique uses of chocolates:

  • Chocolate Toothpaste: In 2005, Unilever introduced a chocolate flavoured tooth paste in Philippines and some other brands have imitated this product. Users say the toothpaste tastes just like chocolate. This product is rare in stores, but one must try using it for its health benefits, which is better than even fluoride according to scientific studies.
  • Chocolate Bubble Bath: This is a chocolate flavoured bubble bath, ideal for kids. It has the smell of real chocolate and works like any other bubble bath product.
  • Chocolate Soap: For a relaxing, sensual bath, this soap wows with fragrance and flavour of chocolate. However, the idea of chocolate soap melting all over your body is an odd one and some may not like the scenario.
  • Chocolate Candles: Resembles real chocolate but it is most definitely not. However, it emits a rich scent of chocolate and is ideal for a romantic, candle light dinner.
  • Chocolate Dress: if you wish to go over the top and have dollars to whittle away, wear a dress made of chocolate. Chocolate dresses will certainly capture everyone’ attention. They are mostly designed for fashion shows and once -only events as they are likely to melt when warm.
  • Chocolate Perfume: Scent that attracts others and makes you feel grand like a queen/ king.
  • Chocolate Wine:  A liquid drink that blends chocolate with wine. This wine is created out of not only grapes but some chocolaty ingredients. A perfect concoction of wine and chocolate.
  • Chocolate Pasta: This is real pasta with a twist: made of chocolate ingredients. It tastes like consuming chocolate spaghetti. Chocolate pasta is bound to be tasty.
  • Chocolate Gum:  A unique product is chewing gum with chocolate flavour. It is made of usual bubble gum products as well as cocoa ingredients.


  • Chocolate Sushi: Made of regular sushi ingredients and natural chocolate to wrap up the sushi.

A unique food item!

  • Chocolate Beer: It has the taste of a blend of coffee, real chocolate and roasted malts. It has a deep, dark base and a sweet taste at the end. Mostly brewed in Ireland.

These are some of the unique use of chocolates. For the ardent lover of chocolates, send chocolates online to lift up their spirits and make their day.

A story behind delicious chocolate

February 27th, 2015

Who doesn’t like receiving chocolate gifts by post? We all love the flavours and texture of chocolate in various forms – whether they are shaped as bars, candies, in pastries or even in the form of sauce. People with a sweet tooth swear by chocolate and consider it the greatest creation of God. Even people who are not fond of sweets and candies occasionally crave a bite or lick of this yummy treat! But here are some fun facts related to chocolate that would make your tryst with the dark hero even more enjoyable!

About the name – Ever wondered how chocolate got its name? Well, most people believe that the word chocolate has its roots in the Aztec word “xocolatl” which means “bitter water”. If you were to bite into a bar of dark chocolate, you will realise why it was thus called. Cocoa beans, from which chocolate is made, are actually bitter. When you mix the extract with milk and sweeteners such as butter and sugar, you actually get the edible chocolate variants available in the market.

A source of energy – Surprised? Most people are only aware of protein shakes and fruits like bananas that are considered instant sources of energy. Studies have proven that if you were to consume just one chocolate chip, you will get enough energy to walk about 150 feet!

A stellar companion! – Russians and Americans have been two of the most active nations when it comes to exploring space, the galaxy and our neighbouring planets. Did you know that each time one of their spacecrafts took off, the astronauts had a small stash of chocolate with them?! It seems that whether you are on or off the planet, there are some cravings that just don’t change and chocolate is the most delicious of them all.

Mood enhancer – People, who consume chocolate have often mentioned on how happy and light they feel after consuming some amount of chocolate in any form – solid or liquid. This is not because chocolate rouses the mushy feelings within them! This is because consumption of chocolate is known to increase the supply of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the compound that is released by the brain which keeps us calm and happy!

When chocolate became blood – Well, this is not one of the fun facts but is a slightly bizarre one! Alfred Hitchcock, the famous movie director, used chocolate in a really unique manner. There is a scene in his movie “Psycho” wherein he used chocolate instead of coloured water or fake blood in a shower! That must have been one of the most tasty crime or thrilling scenes that was ever shot in the history of filmmaking!

Chocolate has and will always be a popular choice with children and adults alike. So the next time you have to gift something and are in a fix about what to gift, consider chocolates, especially the flavoured ones, and the chances that you will go wrong would be very slim indeed!