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Newborn gift baskets: What popular items are offered in it?

June 19th, 2019

The birth of the baby; be it a girl or a boy is a matter of rejoicing for the entire family, relatives, friends and others alike. It does require visiting the new mother and wishing her and the baby good, healthy and prosperous life. But going empty hand will not suit the person. Hence, it becomes important to carry a gift that is just appropriate for the occasion. (more…)

New Baby Is Coming, Baby Shower Is Next Week, Get A Fruit Basket Ready

July 12th, 2016

Having a baby in family is the blessed occasion and also a formal notification that dear would be parents, especially the mommy, you are going to run a lot. Therefore, if you nearest and dearest one is going to be mommy soon, give her all your support, arrange her baby shower of her choice, and present her gifts.

Gifts! Yes the gifts and now you would be thinking, what gifts.

So, let us now discuss and little bit.

Keep it healthy

There are plethora of choices like the new mother can be gifted with jewellery, new dresses, and all. But I guess nothing would be as nice as if you gift her new baby fruit basket– yes, handpicked and self-made basket, which is healthy and yummy too.

Now one would say why fruits, then I would include that during the nine months, mother and baby foetus, both need nutrition and necessary nutrients, which are finally used during their delivery. And here, what can be better than the fruits, which are healthy and provide all types of necessary nutrition.

Therefore, gift her fruit basket assorted with all types of healthy and sessional fruits that can devour her with all supplements and nutrition requirement.

What if she has delivered a healthy baby?

Well, in that case, too, fruit basket is a good choice, yet you have another plentiful of choices that are discussed below.

  • Baby items basket: Another basket which you can experiment is with baby items like the clothing, rattles, towels, nappies, baby gifts, baby oils, baby soap, etc. which are specially for the utilities of the kid. Another very smart selection is that whatever you bring should be organic. It will be safe for baby use.


  • Mother care basket: While a woman has recently delivered, she is short of out of the shape and has deed of coming back as she was. Hence, being a husband, or a best friend, you can gift her basket filled with spa coupons, gym packages, shape up oils and anything, which adds in her confidence and physical fitness.


  • Dry fruit basket: It is another nice selection where, you have all the healthy dry fruits in the baskets, which are very healthy and good for a new mother. If she drinks the dry fruits in milk, then she is always lactating and the new born baby is never out of mommy milk.


  • Chocolate basket: As a woman always loves chocolate, then this can be a very genuine and comforting gift for her. Also, as it is sweet it will add sweetness in the occasion. Therefore, you can even bestow a basket upon her full of chocolates, of which she would be eating one every day to rejuvenate her and bring happy hormones in her after a lot run down after the kid.


So, the final selection is yours that, which of the gift baskets you choose. However, it will be good if you select healthy one as the mother and baby, both need the good health.