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How to Gift Fresh Fruit Baskets ?

April 28th, 2020

Fresh fruit in a basket can brighten the day of any person. All the more so, if it is tied up with a bright ribbon and is accompanied by a few treats. In case you wish same-day delivery, you can go in for ripe, seasonal fruits. Else, go in for fruits that will not perish in the mail like citrus fruit or apples.

Official sources warn that mailing perishable items, like fruits, is at your own risk; you may use overnight delivery to reduce such risks. Have you ever presented a fruit basket to someone as a gift or to express thanks for something and then found out that the fruits were spoiled and rotten?

This is a truly embarrassing situation and a total waste of money. There are several companies out there who arrange for fresh fruit baskets as gifts, but it is good to consider a few points before selecting one and opting for one for next day fruit basket delivery.

First, find out who will be creating the fruit basket. Many companies will outsource the creation of baskets to florists near the recipient’s location. The florist will be paid for making the arrangement. It will be his responsibility and option to shop for the fruit and other gourmet items like wine that they include in it. They will use items that are only available with their local grocers.

A superior alternative is when the company you select for fruit basket delivery uses items from its own orchard. They will grow their own fruits, which is a better option than buying from grocers. They will pack the fruits and ship it to you. Thus, the price of the fruit basket is kept as low as possible.

Fruit baskets UK make ideal gifts for those loved ones who are recuperating in hospitals. If they are seriously sick, you might need to check with the company from whom you are ordering the fruit basket that the fruit basket is wrapped securely to avoid contamination with any germs before being delivered to the hospital. You can also check with caregivers that the fruit is washed thoroughly before they are consumed by the sick person.

Types of Fruit Baskets

  • Winter baskets

For winter baskets, you might like to include bright colored citrus fruit like tangerines, oranges and grapefruit which deliver in both flavor and looks. Exotics items like honey bells and blood oranges can be used. Other items may be included in the basket-like jars of marmalade, nuts and gingerbread cookies.

  • Spring baskets

For those living in cold climes, sending spring fruit spells the arrival of spring in their locales. You can mail items like long-lasting citrus fruit, mangoes and honeydew melon. When you hand-deliver the basket, add some strawberries and apricots if they are available. You can offer a hint of spring by including a bouquet of fragrant freesias and spring tulips.

  • Kid’s baskets

A combination of dried and fresh fruit will serve kids like the taste of candy. Even the pickiest eaters will love carefully chosen fruits. Also, exotic items like dried pineapple and strawberries dipped in chocolate will be delicious. Use fun containers for fruits like doll’s houses or dump truck toys.

To sum up, you can present the fruit basket wrapped in brightly colored paper with an over-sized bow. You may even use lace or tulle based on the likings of the recipient. For the final impact, cushion the fruits in the basket with foam pellets.