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Old book tricks to keep your flowers fresh

May 7th, 2015

If your loved one spend a lot on getting you some beautiful flowers and you want them to last longer than their life then you should read this – Presenting some helpful and easy household hacks to keep your flowers fresh every time of the year.

Guess what? These are common ingredients found in the house.

So what are you waiting for? Go save your gorgeous bouquets!

Floral Ideas: Summer Flowers for your Arrangement

July 18th, 2013

Flowers are always a fresh and vibrant addition to any kind of arrangements whether it is your regular home decoration or for some party. Flowers will always make the place look charismatic with their natural beauty and significance. Now as summers are on its peak, we bring some thoughtful ideas of flowers to be used for arrangements for your summer parties, a simple table family meal, or for any other ornamentation of the house.


Freesias are considered to be fascinating because of their delicate look and can be used for any formal flower arrangement. They have the tendency to merge with other flowers thus if coordinated with some light colored Gladiolas or any bright colored Chrysanthemums, they will make a lively combination. Freesias tend to have smooth colors like light purple, white, light yellow hence these colors can add to the ambiance of a delicate evening like a wedding or a formal gathering in the afternoon.


 Lilies are famous for their blissful colors with long stems adding to their beauty.  You can easily find long vases in the market and place lilies in them for a table arrangement. They have refreshing colors which can enhance the ambiance of the table. You can also place Lilies in combination of different colors especially white lilies can go with purple to give a neutral look. These can be placed on a window table in a lounge to give a natural feeling to the room.

Summer Roses

Roses are all time favorites and widely acceptable flowers by everyone. However for a summer embellishment, you can use some chirpy colored roses such as shocking pink, bright yellow, orange and a touch of purplish pink for an ecstatic ambiance. These roses can prove to be a center of attention if used in combination of these colors. You can use these flirty colored roses for any joyful gathering such as an engagement party, a valentine celebration or any love filled moment to make it colorful.

Valentine’s Day with a TWIST!!!

February 7th, 2013

Usually Valentine’s Day comes with a very sweet, charming and passionate feeling towards our loved ones. People express their feelings through unique and innovative ways to impress their loved ones and make this day special for them. However any relationship seems to be lifeless until it has some humor in it. So we thought about bringing you a series of funny, interesting and unusual love quotes to make this Valentine’s Day exciting and memorable for your loved ones.
The First Part of the Series is based on humorous and some unusual Love quotes.
Love is a box of chocolates. It is here to enhance the sweetness of our relation but not your weight.
• Love is blind so am I, until I see You.
• The dentist asked me the reason of pain in my cheek bones, I told him about YOU, as the reason of my lasting smile.
• People told me to write about my cheerful love life. I told them my grammar sucks for writing an inspirational book.
• My social life is described by You, Me & US.
• You might be someone’s first love, but I want to make you mine forever.
• Ah, I forgot your name. Can I call You mine? And in case you forgot my name too, call me Yours.
• Love is a drug which even doctors would love to overdose.
• I wanted to give you my complete heart but that little naughty cupid bruised it with its arrow.

Share these amusing love quotes with your special ones and cheer them up this humorous Valentine’s Day. We would love to hear your versions of humorous love quotes.