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How to surprise your loved ones on their birthday

June 15th, 2019

Pleasant birthday surprises are always the best for those who love surprises! So, do you want to do something special for your loved one this birthday? Want to make sure that you plan the perfect surprise for your loved one this time? Well, we are often separated from our loved one because of the distance, but that should not stop you from surprising them on their birthday. (more…)

Chocolate: Some interesting fun facts to know

May 6th, 2019

Chocolates are considered to be among the most purchased and consumed edible items all over the world. This is one product that is found in different varieties and simply enjoyed by all ages. This edible delicious item can be given on all occasions and for all purposes and to anyone without any hesitation. They do make excellent gifts and can be given with flowers, cards and other items. (more…)

Gifting a Chocolate Hamper is a Delicious Option

August 18th, 2017

Gifts carry a very special place in the lives of people. But the more important thing about a gift is its type. No matter how rich or middle class you are, you can always win hearts with some special gifts that fall in the budget of everyone. You cannot make an excuse that you don’t have a budget to give a gift that can be cherished.

Enjoy the Domain of Chocolates

In the presence of handsome and smart chocolate hampers, you should never feel disappointed. Just Send chocolates online to your loved ones and make their day. Chocolates not just add sweetness in the day of the receiver but are not at all a wrong choice to give. It is needless to say that Chocolate is a well-recognised token of love and appreciation. Irrespective of an occasion, you can gift a beautiful package of chocolates.

Well, in all most all the age groups, chocolate gift has the potential to delight the recipients. It is an exhilarating sweet surprise for a child but also carve out the childlike joy in adults. Who would not love to open a gorgeously draped box of chocolates like truffles or peel the glossy foil wrapping from a chocolate bar Easter Egg? Come on, you cannot deny the fact that it already sounds so cool and fulfilling.

Chocolates are crammed with benefits

It is needless to say that chocolates are the ultimate comfort meal, a sure fire stand-by in the instances of stress, a consistent source of consolation when life has let you down and a mood enhancer and inducer of romance in positive situations. But the point is if the chocolatesare healthy?

If you consumelots of it, it won’t be healthy. But there is a bunch of medically proven ways in which chocolate rather say good chocolate that is dark chocolate, having a cocoa percentage of about seventy per cent or more is good for everyone.

Chocolate is good for heart and circulation

A study has found that dark chocolate is helpful in restoring flexibility to arteries while also averting white blood cells from sticking to walls of blood vessels that are both common causes of artery clogging.

It diminishes risk of stroke

Researchers have found that consumption of chocolate lowers the danger of suffering a stroke – by an astounding seventeen per cent average in group of men they tested.

A rich delight

Dark chocolate is housed with beneficial minerals such as zinc, potassium and selenium. So, chocolates are not just rich in their flavour and taste but in their ingredients too. They aren’t going to harm you!

Reduction of cholesterol

Consumption of cocoa has been denoted to diminish levels of bad cholesterol and it has raise levels of good cholesterol which is potentially lowering the danger of cardiovascular ailment.

Skin friendly

The flavones in dark chocolate can safeguard the skin against the sun damage. So, in a manner, consumption of chocolate plays a role in maintaining a good skin too.


So, just send your loved ones birthday chocolates by post. Your chocolates can fill them with good mood and sweetness that too without even harming their health.

Chocolate and its types

April 15th, 2016

Been away from your near and dear ones for a long time? Wish to send them a gift on a special occasion? Well, thanks to the online services these days, sending gifts are not a problem anymore. You are just one click away from sending your love through gifts.

Armed with the technical support, we more often than not face a serious dilemma- what will make the perfect gift! Well, if you are confused and do not know what gift to go for, here’s a saviour for you- chocolates. These delicious treats come in all shapes and sizes (well, almost). There is no dearth of varieties when it comes to chocolates; so you have a lot of options to choose from when sending chocolates by post.

Before, taking your pick, it is best to be well informed about the specialities of each kind of chocolate. So, here’s a choco-laden list of the major types of chocolates and their basic characteristics:

  •  Milk Chocolates: These are the ones that we generally come across and start our chocolate adventure with, in our childhood. The milk content in these chocolates are greater than twelve per cent and the content of cocoa solids range between ten per cent to twenty per cent. These do not make the best baking partners and hence are generally not included in any baking recipe. However milk chocolates are used sometimes for baking cookies. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Hershey’s milk chocolate, Irish milk chocolate are some of the most reputed brands.
  •  White Chocolates: This one does not contain much cocoa solids. In fact it has been stripped off of all non-fat components there are in a cacao bean(Sorry if you are on a diet, it is best to stay away from these delicious devils), which renders it its characteristic colour. Vanilla is the most common flavouring of these chocolates, though sometimes it may be accompanied with others. When it comes to white chocolates, it is best to go for brands like Godiva, Divine, Prestige of Belgium white chocolate, etc.
  •  Dark Chocolate: If you are on a diet, or are suffering from diabetes but still love to gorge on chocolates, well then you have found your choco-mate. The content of the cocoa solids is very high in these where as milk solids are close to non-existent. Dark chocolates come in varying degrees of sweetness depending upon cocoa content in them. The higher the cocoa content will be, the lesser will be its sweetness. If you are looking for the perfect baking dark chocolate then the ideal one is a semi-sweet dark chocolate. If the one you intend to send the gift to loves dark chocolate then go for the bitter-sweet ones and send the over with the help of chocolates online delivery services. Some of the famous brands for dark chocolate are Lindt, Green and Black’s, Pierre Marcolini, etc.

A tip in time: Never ever gift unsweetened chocolates, since they are not meant for eating, but entirely for cooking and baking. However if you have budding chef at home, you can always send these for them to experiment with!

10 Health Benefits of Chocolates for Women

March 25th, 2016

Chocolates are well known as mood lifter and emotional twister as they have the power to instigate certain types of feelings. Many research studies have been done and various health impacts of chocolates have incurred. As some of them are negative, there are certain quite interesting impacts of chocolate that are specifically beneficial for women. It is a universal fact that women love chocolates more than men. It has special connection with women not just for health reasons, but for the sake of taste, flavors and women’s emotional attachment with chocolates. This is why we see men sending chocolates by post to their lovely women on special occasions like Valentine’s day, Birthday or Anniversary.

  1. As far as health benefits of chocolate are concerned, there are plenty of them which are very effective for women’s health. The most common benefit of chocolates is they are stress reliever. A recent study results indicate that chocolates can be a part of a pregnant woman’s diet because of its various health benefits. Eating chocolate in small amount during pregnancy is good for mothers and their babies.
  2. One of the basic ingredients in chocolate called flavanol is effective to reduce cholesterol level and also the risk of cardiovascular issues.
  3. Eating Chocolate leads to higher level of intimacy among partners. It triggers the mood altering endorphin that intensifies attractive feelings among people. This is why Valentine’s day sees great chocolate sales as people send chocolates by post or make gift delivery to their beloved lady to arouse such feelings.
  4. Dopamine and serotonin are two essential chemicals in chocolate that promotes the ability to sleep and also decrease any physical pain. As a recent study showed that women need more sleep than men, this can be a good motivator for sleep in women.
  5. Chocolate has a chemical epicatechin that amplifies the mitochondrial function of your cell. This means it helps in boosting your energy levels especially the dark chocolate.
  6. Chocolate can help fight PMS as it releases calming endorphins that helps reduce anxiety. The presence of magnesium in it reduces water retention and also improves your mood.
  7. Dark chocolate specifically has various benefits. It helps to control sugar levels, and is a great antioxidant to avoid premature aging. It is also very effective to treat various types of cancer.
  8. Another benefit of dark chocolate is that it helps lower your blood pressure, prevents the formation of blood clots and also improves the flow of blood.
  9. Dark chocolate also has protective chemicals for your skin against the sun. the chemicals increase skin density and keep it hydrated.
  10. Dark chocolate is specifically effective for brain functionality. Its consumption improves the flow of blood to the brain.

Overall these health benefits are not just limited to women but since women are more concerned about their health as compared to men, hence, these benefits can be very beneficial if considered by women of all ages. Although consuming chocolate in an appropriate quantity is the only way to gain benefits.