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Flowers to brighten your mother’s special day

April 30th, 2015

Love for your mother cannot be restrained to just one day. But you can make a Mother’s Day special by gifting the most important lady of your life with some special flowers. With exceptional flower delivery service in and around UK, you can be guaranteed that if you have placed an order correctly, your gift will surely reach your mum, no matter how far she may be from you, on time and in pristine condition. If you are not sure which flower bouquet to buy for your mum on this special day than Here are some options for you:


Add a special, natural touch to this year’s Mother’s Day celebrations and order one of these bright beauties today

Here Come New Ideas for Purple Flowers

April 28th, 2015

Add a dash of the royal colour to your gardens and floral arrangements by including purple flowers in them. This is a deep shade that goes very well with many other shades such as white, yellow and black and can create interesting contrasts at home or in a bouquet. Purple flowers are no longer restricted or a rarity. There are several that you can choose from and here are some of them listed for you:


Whether you send flowers by post or your hand-gift them, selecting from one of these gorgeous purple beauties will surely add charm and beauty to your gift. Unique coloured flowers for a unique person is certainly a good idea for all occasions and in all seasons!

The ‘Plango’ is here. Is it making your mouth water yet?

April 23rd, 2015

Mangoes are the best thing about summer. They are the ideal treat for a hot day. Well, almost. We all love the gooey King of fruits, but the mess it causes can sometimes be off-putting. Now, what if you had a fruit that tasted and looked exactly like the mango, but had none of the messiness associated with it? Enter, the Plango: Scientific name – Bouea macrophilia. Origin – Thailand! This ‘individual’ fruit has been produced by expert growers working in close association with the Marks & Spencer’s over the past few years trying to develop a hybrid fruit between the Mango and Plum

So, what is that makes the Plango so special? Following the launch of Papple Pear (an apple tasting like a pear) back in 2012, it does seem we will continue to try and see new and exciting fruits in the coming year. So how much we all know about this new Fruit, well:

The texture of the fruit is slightly firmer than that of plum

In terms of taste, it reminds you of Alphonso Mango.

So having a firmer texture and being edible with skin on It does promise you a dribble and drip-free bite, without any irritating fibres that stick to your teeth.

For Size the plango is much shorter than an actual mango though – just 5cm in diameter and 10 cm in length

The plango has already been in stores for a couple of weeks at stores Having said that we all know kids are fussy eaters and sometimes got bored having the same fruit all the times especially School lunch packs, however trying new fruits and by making fruit fun and exciting you can make your children’s fall in love with fruit like Fresh Fruit salad with Berry sauce or Peaches with Strawberry sauce are few to mention to enjoy your 5 a day.

Top Ten Flowers Symbolizing Love and Romance

April 20th, 2015

Women love to be wooed with flowers-forget the usual designer hand bags and costly baubles. Flowers are still the most romantic of all gifts. Choosing the right flowers is the tricky part. If you don’t know what her favourite flowers are, it is best go with the flowers associated traditionally with particular meaning. Women adore receiving flowers as it signifies the time and effort you put in to choose a lovely bunch for her. You need not wait for her birthday to present a romantic posy; you can send flowers anytime just to surprise her.

Here is a list of top ten most romantic flowers:


You can surprise your loved one with flower ideas like a bedside arrangement on a morning or a vintage vase arrangement with flowers of complementary colours. Or you can display flowers along with their stems in a glass bowl. Go for jewel tones with richly coloured flowers like Dahlias. Or you can display rose blooms in stem less wineglasses floating in water.

Unique flowers you’d love to have in your garden!

April 20th, 2015

Flowers are admired for the beauty and fragrance they bring to our public and private spaces. Flowers are an integral part of our most sacred and joy filled social rituals.

The history of flowers goes back 130 million years ago in the Cretaceous period when flower bearing angiosperms appeared from nowhere. Down the years, flowers have taken an amazing variety of shapes, scents and colours.

Apart from the usual flowers, there are a great variety of flowers in the world with 235,000 known species. Here is a list of beautiful, but totally unusual plants in the world:

These are some of the most unusual flowers in the world. They have distinct shape, colour and fragrance that make them unique and fascinating. You can send flowers to your loved ones far away. Flower delivery services will bring sunshine to the life of the recipient.