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10 Occasions To Send a Gourmet Fresh Fruit Gift Basket

November 26th, 2020

Fruit baskets are ideal gifts to friends and family celebrating their special occasions. Fruit baskets are valuable presents that go well to convey your heartfelt congratulations and well wishes to loved ones on accomplishing new feats in their personal or professional lives. Check out these 10 occasions when you can send fresh fruit baskets:

Surprise Gift – Sending a beautiful fruit basket full of sweet and juicy fruits like Oranges, Grapefruits, and Pears is sure to make anyone overjoyed! You can also add some delectable chocolate chip cookies, caramel roasted nuts, and candies to add variety and flavour to your gift basket. Your fruit basket gift would indeed be a wonderful surprise!

Birthdays – A DIY birthday celebration fruit basket is an awesome gift idea to satiate the hunger of the avid fruit lover and make their birthday a memorable one. You can also put in a few chocolates and other sweet stuff into your fruit basket to make your gift sweeter.

Anniversaries – Giving nice-looking colours of seasonal fruits like Oranges, Grapefruits, Apples, guavas Pears or Cherries is a fantastic idea to help your favourite couple celebrate an anniversary. When packed in a beautiful handmade gift basket, they make an extraordinary gift for any anniversary party.

Holidays – Spread positive and healthy vibes this festive season by sending gift baskets filled with seasonal fruits and gourmet treats for families and friends. Festive gift baskets for Diwali are sure to enliven the spirits of everyone. So do not forget to treat your loved ones with special fruit baskets this holiday season.

New Home – What better way to break in into a new home than with a gift of a long and healthy life? Gifting colourful fruit baskets for house warmings will not only add a spark to your recipients’ new home, but the mouth-watering and nutritious fruits will make them feel happy.

New job –Congratulate your loved ones on their promotion or new job by sending an impressive fruit basket.

Thank You – A good way to let your friends know how grateful you are to them for letting your work done or helping them in any way is by sending a fruit basket. Your friends are surely going to be surprised to have their hands on a basket brimming with delicious fruits like mangoes, pineapples, green apples, oranges etc. the recipient is surely going to remember this healthy gift for a long time to come.

Graduation – Send your loved one a splendid fruit basket to tell them how awesome they are. A thoughtful fruit basket with some gourmet chocolates will send them the message that they surely are special!

Corporate gift – Your corporate fruit gifts convey a thoughtful message to your co-workers. By sending corporate fruit baskets, you show your true appreciation for the people you work with.

Get Well – When a friend or loved one is sick or convalescing, send a colourful gift basket filled with lots of fresh and juicy fruits to let them know that you care. It will definitely raise their spirits, and their faces will beam with a smile.

So, don’t forget to send your special people the beautiful gift of a fruit basket to see them happy and healthy.

Why Fruits Baskets Are The Best Gifts For Employees?

September 25th, 2020

There come many occasions in a year when the companies think of preventing and treating their employees with beautiful gifts. These gifts are a mark of honouring their contribution to the company. Employers always think of presenting something valuable to their employees. The most appropriate item they can gift to their employees is fruit baskets. Corporate fruit baskets make a thoughtful gift because it is something which is healthy, and people consume them in their daily life.

Reasons why corporate choose Fruit baskets as gifts

  • Fruits basket is foremost a healthy option. It has all the healthy and juicy fresh fruits that will benefit everybody’s health. Fruit baskets convey them a message to avoid eating junk and start living a healthy life. So, gifting a fruit basket is always a thoughtful idea as it enhances and encourages healthy eating.
  • Fruits and juices are good sources of nutrition and energy. Fruit baskets containing fresh fruits or juices will help in providing all the necessary nutrients and boost up the energy of the employees. Fruits baskets as gifts are a good indicator that your boss holds concern for your good health.
  • Gifting fruit baskets instead of sweets, chocolates, etc. shows that your boss does not want to harm your health; instead, he wants you to be healthy and energetic all day. So, it is the best way to show affection and concern about your employees.
  • Fruits and juices have all-natural nutrients like vitamins, fibre, sugar, etc. They can also boost up your immunity and help your body fight with diseases like cancer, strokes, diabetes, etc.

So, employers should always think of gifting fruits baskets as it helps workers in numerous ways. So, next time if there comes any occasion, employer must present something valuable to employees like fruit baskets.

Few things to consider while choosing fruit baskets

  • While choosing fruit baskets for your employee, it is important to consider the recipient of it. The employer must consider if his employee is allergic to any fruit or not. He should always add fruits that are commonly eaten by the employees and their families. So, the fruits must be carefully selected in the fruit basket.
  • The employer should also consider the delivery time. If it takes a long time to reach the recipient’s address, then he should think of fruits that don’t get perished easily. There are fruits like banana, apples, etc., which gets easily perished with time.
  • The employer should think of basket size as per the size of the family. If there are 3-4 members in a family, then he must select the medium-sized basket, and if the members are less than 4-5, then he must select the smaller basket.

The employer should also pay attention to other factors like a variety of fruits, the arrangement of baskets, etc. A corporate fruit basket should be made by considering all the above-written factors. These factors will make the fruit basket more thoughtful and valuable for the employees.