Chocolate: Gift Which Will Always Remain Versatile

December 26th, 2021

This year, why not give the gift of chocolate? Chocolate is a universally adored treat, and it’s a simple way to show someone how much you care. Here are some of the most common reasons why people send chocolate hampers. 

  1. Chocolates are a versatile gift- Many people give chocolates as gifts because they can be used for a variety of occasions, from thanking someone to celebrating a significant life milestone.
  2. Chocolates express gratitude- Chocolate is a popular way to express gratitude, and it can be done at any time. Many businesses give chocolate hampers as a thank you to clients or suppliers who have helped them throughout the year or simply for being a part of the business world. 
  3. Proven track record- Over the years, chocolate has become a popular item that people buy as a gift for a variety of occasions, including not only Valentine’s Day but also religious occasions such as Easter.
  4. Chocolate expresses admiration- Chocolate and the gifts that contain it express admiration and appreciation for loved ones or even friends and colleagues. 
  5. Chocolates make people happy- Everyone enjoys receiving chocolates as a gift because it is guaranteed to make them happy because who doesn’t like chocolate? This can be seen in how popular gifting chocolate has become over time, from being an expression of gratitude to being given almost every other day of the year.
  6. Chocolate is not just for lovers- In recent years, men have begun to gift chocolate more than ever before, demonstrating how far society has progressed from only giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day and birthdays. 
  7. Chocolates make a quiet romantic gesture- With the growing popularity of roses and candlelight dinners; chocolates have taken the place of flowers as a more subtle way to express love and affection.
  8. People will always appreciate receiving chocolate- No matter what the occasion or how old they are, people will always appreciate receiving chocolate. It is a timeless gift that most people enjoy because it makes them smile when they receive it, whether they are young or old.
  9. Chocolate makes people happy when they are sick- When someone isn’t feeling well, especially if they have children, giving them chocolate is always a good way to cheer them up.
  10. Chocolate never goes out of style- Regardless of the occasion, giving chocolates by post as gifts will never go out of style because people enjoy receiving them regardless of who they are or what age they are. 

Chocolates are an excellent gift for any occasion, whether it is a celebration of love or gratitude; there is always something about chocolate that makes people happy. It’s also one of the few gifts that can be given almost every day of the year, and people will still appreciate it because who doesn’t like receiving chocolates? Chocolates have proven their worth over time, progressing from being just another form of appreciation to becoming one of the most popular gift items purchased for almost any occasion.

Top Party Themes For Your Special Occasions

May 8th, 2017

Be it the sultry and sweaty summers or be it the snow-capped winters- there’s always an escape route from the monotony- and that’s where the bashes come into the scene. Though you do not need to have any particular occasion to celebrate yet once in a while when you throw a bash let it not pass off as a regular gathering. Be it a private party with a handful of your close ones in the guest list or be it the one with a pretty long guest list- choose a theme for your party that will satiate your guests to most.Here’s listing down a few party themes that will add bling to your special celebrations.

Alice in Wonderland

For a change let the oversized cards play the décor of your bash- queen of hearts majorly. Alice in Wonderland is one of the most loved themes, and yes, this theme can pull off a kids’ party as well as an adults’ bash. Be it a house party or be it a venue- based one, save the rabbit’s burrow look for the party entrance. Make sure that your guests get plenty to quench their thirst with colourfulmock tails and shooters.

Serve the drinks in small-sized corked glass bottles, reading ‘Drink me’ in funky fonts. A table loaded with cookies and designer cupcakes, with the icing of ‘Eat me’ on each.You can also arrange interesting party games like ‘find the key’- with riddles guiding your way. This lovely theme can be planned from afar for a special one as well. When you throw a surprise bash on your loved one’s birthday despite being unable to make it to the party yourself- nothing can beat this sweet gesture. Send over a box loaded with her favourite assorted chocolates by post to make it a perfect 10 on 10.

A cocktail per room

Are you hosting a house party? Here’s the perfect theme for your weekend house parties. Arrange a cocktail station at each room and let your guests shake up the sippers themselves. Provide a set of ingredients along with the instructions at each cocktail station and let the fun begin.

Clock your breakfast menu at midnight

Looking for an out-of-the-box theme? Check this one out. Clock your birthday bash right at midnight and pamper your guests with the best of breakfast menu. Grilled cheese with oregano or grilled cheese and mayonnaise on breads and thin crust pizzas- let your bash be dominated with cheese this time. Pancakes and muffins can do the rounds for desserts. French toasts, Spanish omelette, pasta with broccoli tossed in white sauce- choose varied options for your menu. Let white, sun-kissed orange and sky- blue dominate the décor.

Masquerade ball

Here comes the vintage theme for your special gatherings. Let it be all feathers in vibrant colours and champagne all the way. A strict dress code of flowing gowns and super fitted suits is a must for this theme. For a little twist, arrange for masks in pair. No matter who your guests enter with they will be waltzing around the ball room with their mask partners.

Well every invite does not go attained all the time, owing to the work constraints. Missing your bestie’s bash? Your presence cannot be compensated but a smile can be sent over a long way wrapped in glittery covers with chocolate gifts by post.

Choose Your Favourite Desserts For Your Grand Bash!

May 8th, 2017

Glittery streamers, colourful pompoms, a table loaded with delectable platters and your favourite people around- what more do you need to celebrate a happy day? Be it your birthday, be it your success, be it your wedding anniversary or just a surprise bash for your loved ones to convey that they are special- desserts steal the show at every occasion. People go for two or three tier cakes most often while deciding on the desserts, but there’s a list of other sweet-tooth servings that are chosen upon by many to surprise their guests. Here’s listing down a few of these.

Berry Parfaits

Cut out the stereotypes at your bash and let it be a more delightful affair for your guests. Arranging for a live counter of desserts is all abuzz of late. A number of flavouredfrozen custards set up at the counter; along with a good number of berry choices can be a tasty creamy affair for your guests. You can also choose flavoured yoghurt as the base. These are best served in crystal clear glass goblets. Also,you can add a little more syrup and colourful sugary titbits to sprinkle upon.

Cake push pops

Serve your guests with cakes but in a different cover altogether.Layer it up with your favourite flavours of cakes in this transparent lollipop cover called cake push pop. For a change, you can also let your bridesmaids make the choice of cake flavours and jellies to be clubbed in the layers. For those who cannot make it on the big day of their besties- you can send chocolates online through the various gift websites.

Customized chocolates

Serve your guests with lots and lots of chocolates at your bash. Well, much to your delight customizations are available on chocolates now. A tray loaded with medium sized chocolate cubes reading sweet and short quotes for your bridesmaid, can be an ideal dessert option for your bachelorette bash. For the bridesmaid, here’s a little something you can add on to your plan. A big sized chocolate bar, with a special photo of you all on it- is certainly something that the bride-to-be wouldn’t be expecting. Also for your friend’s baby shower, her favourite chocolate bar, with customizations of messages and other décor tit-bits can be a lovely gift. Also, you can send over your best wishes wrapped a box full of assorted chocolates by post.


Instead of the monotonous multi-tiered cakes, add a variety of doughnuts to your dessert menu. Besides being an out-of-the-box idea, this goes easy on your pockets as well. You can get it from the expensive confectioners or from any popular bakery- the only constraint here is that it has to be served fresh and hot. You can choose to serve these doughnuts in multiple layers- each layer plating a different one.

Cake pop cake

Though we want to be a little different yet we cannot get over the traditional dessert of all time- cakes. Here’s a dessert option of cake pops. Arrange it in a two or three tier way and select the hues of pops for each tier. It looks like a cake made of candy poppers. Just add an apt and short quote at the top to make it picture perfect.

These are just a few highlights and a variety of options awaits you at the confectioners. So, dig into the dessert options and serve your guests the best of all and of course your favourite one from the list!

Death By Chocolate – Not So Much!!!

May 8th, 2017

Referring to Chocolate as the epitome of comfort food would not be an overstatement. It is one of the most common gifting items and a great hack in times of stress and a 100% mood enhancer, but did you know about its health benefits. Studies have proven that chocolate, especially dark chocolate having cocoa percentage of more than 70% is in fact, a great health supplement. Some studies have shown it be favorable in cases like diabetes, obesity and autism as well.

Doctors would still advise on monitoring your chocolate intake as it is very high in fat and benefits of highly processed and sweetened chocolates are close to nothing. As this is an easily available commodity, we can receive and send chocolates online as well, one should be very careful about the products. Dark chocolate is the safest option in this case; its nutrients would conclusively benefit your health.

Here are few of the potential health benefits of consuming Dark chocolate: 

  1. Abundance source of Antioxidants:

Raw cocoa beans, the main ingredient for dark chocolate, have been tested highly positive for ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). ORAC is a measure for the antioxidant properties in a food. Dark chocolate has many organic compounds like catechins, flavanols and polyphenols which operate as antioxidants. Their activity levels have been claimed to be even more than some of the fruits like blueberries.

  1. Dark chocolate can potentially prevent cancer:

As hard as it is to believe, dark chocolate can help fight and cease cancerous substances in your body. What better way to treat yourself, right??

  1. It is Heart- friendly:

Dark chocolate is rich in Flavanols which are very beneficial for the heart’s health. It improves blood flow to the heart and brain and lowers the blood pressure. It makes us less vulnerable to stroke and blood clots by making platelets less sticky and be able to clot.

  1. It is a brain food:

Dark chocolate is becoming to be known as one of the best brain foods of all times. It improves memory and boosts focus. Researches have shown that consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa increases blood flow to cerebral gray matter in human mind. It enhances cognitive abilities, especially in elderly.

  1. Source of Theobromine

Theobromine, which has been proven to harden tooth enamel, is present in rich quantity in Dark chocolate. Meaning consumption of same, unlike many other confectioneries, should not be harmful for your teeth and not result in cavities provided one follows appropriate dental hygiene. Theobromine, though not as strong as caffeine, is a great stimulant.

  1. Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Dark chocolate is also rich in vitamins and minerals supporting your well-being. Following are some of the vitamins & minerals which are present in dark chocolate in abundance:

  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Potassium

Potassium & copper aid in prevention of cardiovascular conditions and seizure. Iron obviously helps in tackling anemia, and the magnesium helps with many ailments related to heart, Blood pressure and even type 2 diabetes.

So don’t beat yourself up the next time you find yourself deriving guilty pleasure off a dark chocolate treat. It’s perfectly fine as a nice evening treat; you can even send chocolates by post or gift them as long as it’s consumed in moderation.


March 6th, 2017

Chocolates are among the most delicious and versatile types of food in the world. They have a unique flavor that lends to use in myriad preparations from cakes to puddings to milkshakes and ice cream.

There are also a great variety of chocolates as per their content, texture and shape. One can send chocolates to loved ones based on the occasion and their taste. Following are the major types of chocolates:

  • RAW CACOA: This consists of the cacao bean without the shell without anything else. One can buy roasted or raw cacao.  It may be used as whole bean or in powdered form. Though sometimes bitter, it is very healthy food.
  • CHOCOLATE LIQUOR: This makes the base of most chocolates and is created by grinding cacao beans into a liquid or a smooth paste. It does not contain any alcohol but has fat content (53%).
  • UNSWEETENED CHOCOLATE: It is chocolate liquor that has been cooled and hardened. It is popular with baking recipes.
  • BITTER SWEET CHOCOLATE: It is also called as Dark chocolate. It contains chocolate liquor up to 35%.
  • SWEET CHOCOLATE:  It contains 15% chocolate liquor with sugar and cocoa butter in different amounts. Sometimes, it is mistaken for ‘bitter sweet’.
  • MILK CHOCOLATE: It has at least 10% chocolate liquor as well as sugar and cocoa butter in various amounts and most important, milk content of at least 12 %. Milk may be in form of cream, milk powder, plain milk etc.
  • WHITE CHOCOLATE: It is not technically chocolate in the real sense since it lacks chocolate liquor. But it needs to consist of a minimum cocoa butter of 20% and milk of 14%, in addition to sugar.
  • COCOA POWDER: It is made by putting pressure on chocolate liquor with a hydraulic press to remove fat (Cocoa butter). The remaining substance is made to harden and then, crushed to powder form. Around 10 to 20% fat will still remain. Because of low fat content, it is used in healthy recipes. Cocoa powder is used in most chocolate recipes particularly in baking cakes.
  • GROUND CHOCOLATE: It must not be mistaken for cocoa powder. It is the powdered form of most edible chocolate. It is used mostly in drinks and must not be substituted for cocoa powder in baking recipes.
  • BAKING CHOCOLATE: Many types of chocolate may be labeled as baking chocolate. These include unsweetened chocolate/ bitter sweet chocolate/ chocolate chip etc.
  • CHOCOLATE COATING: This is vegetable fat based coatings that contain cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate liquor and fat. It is not real chocolate. The best part about it is that it will not bloom when exposed to heat.
  • COUVERTURE: It is a great type of chocolate- made of dark chocolate with cocoa butter added to help it melt better. High cocoa butter content makes it easy to melt.
  • GIANDUJA: This is chocolate made of toasted and ground hazelnuts. It has a warm, chocolaty texture in addition to delicious taste of hazel nuts. Example is the popular product- Nutella.

These are the major types of chocolates in the world. No matter where you stay, you can send chocolates by post to loved ones through online gift stores.