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Chocolates Know More About Your Favourite Cocoa Treat

May 11th, 2021

Chocolates are considered to be heavenly treats and loved by all ages. They are also available in different interesting variants. Theobroma cacao seeds are used to prepare this delicious food product, both grounded and roasted. Chocolates are quite tempting, and people find its taste to be quite irresistible. They are prepared in both solid and liquid forms or used to flavour different dishes including milk. Initially, emperors were known to consume chocolate drinks and since then its popularity has increased with time across the globe. 

Some lesser-known facts to know about chocolates

Apart from consuming chocolates, you may not be aware of many things associated with it. 

  • Actually, white chocolates are referred to as chocolates since they do not have chocolate liquor or cocoa solids in them. However, they contain cocoa butter and are chocolate product. 
  • Originally, the term ‘Chocolate’ is said to be derived from Aztec word, meaning, ‘xocoatl’. It stands for a spicy, bitter drink consumed by the Aztecs prepared from cacao beans. 
  • It was in 1872 in England that Cadbury had made the world’s first chocolate that became a craze across the globe and still consumed by all ages in different variants.
  • Previously, Cacao was used as currency to buy items. Cocoa beans were a hot favourite among the Aztecs, such they valued this product quite high. They also used it as their currency when their civilization was at the peak.
  • Chocolates are considered to be immediate mental stabilizers. Consuming them frequently helps improve memory, mental strength and focus. 
  • They are the only product with 93-degree Fahrenheit melting point. This is stated to be much below average human body temperature. Hence, when placed on your tongue, chocolates melt quite easily. 
  • The largest chocolate bar in the world weighs around 5,792 kilograms. 
  • Around 400 cocoa beans are used to prepare one pound of chocolate. 
  • Chocolates are used as remedies to treat cough. 
  • Dogs and cats should not be offered chocolates since it might even result in their death.

What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with chocolates?

Dark chocolates are prepared from cocoa tree seeds and filled with rich nutrients. It is also a wonderful plant-based antioxidant source, helping to reduce heart disease related risks. Dark chocolate consumption also helps in various ways. It protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun, high antioxidants, raises HDL, enhances brain functions, safeguards LDL against oxidants, reduces fat along with ageing signs, improves blood flow, etc. You can choose different types and brands of chocolates and gift them to someone known. They are sure to love and remember this gift for a long time. 

However, besides being nutritious, they also contain saturated fat, sugar in high contents and low in vitamins. Chocolates, if consumed excessively may result in high calorie and carbohydrate level in the body, tooth decay, etc. Although dark chocolates contain plenty of sugar, it is half of what is used in milk chocolates.