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Give a sweet touch to any occasion with yummy chocolates

February 22nd, 2017

Chocolates are sinful desserts which are loved by each and every one of us. No matter what age, no one can resist the urge to have a bite of the chocolate. Also, they make for a wonderful gifting option. You can opt from various chocolates available in market or gift a chocolate basket which consists of various types of chocolates.

But if you are looking for some distinct gifting options apart from usual ready-made chocolates that are available in the open market, here is a list of chocolate recipes that can come to your rescue.

Chocolate bars

While you could have easily bought them from any shops, it would be a different experience to make them yourself. This will really leave the receiver with a pleasant surprise. You can also send chocolates online and get them delivered on the same day of booking.

Chocolate Cookie

Chocolate cookies are yet another amazing gifting option. This makes for a great corporate gift as well. You can bake scrumptious cookies with chocolate powder. You can experiment a little with cocoa powder or cinnamon powder.

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate brownies are amazing dessert to gorge on. You can easily bake brownie in no time at home. While the recipe of brownie is similar to that of a chocolate cake, the brownie consists of less flour and eggs and more of sugar and chocolate content.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is the traditional gifting item but most popular of all. A yummy chocolate cake is everyone’s favourite and one of the safest bet in case of any confusion. There are many variants of a chocolate cake like the chocolate truffle, dark chocolate, white chocolate, excess chocolate, white forest, choco-chip and many more. You can bake a cake of your choice and give a sweet chocolaty surprise to a loved one.

Choco-chip cookie

The recipe of the choco-chip cookie remains the same as the usual cookie one. The only difference is that you have to replace chocolate powder with choco-chips. This cookie is for people who like subtle flavour of chocolate instead of a mouth full of chocolate.

Chocolate pudding

We all delight the experience of relishing on a sweet, smooth pudding. You can easily get the recipe of a chocolate pudding online. But the pudding would need refrigeration, so you can’t gift pudding to someone residing at a distant location. It would be restricted to the near and dear ones!

Flourless chocolate cake

The flourless chocolate cake is for people who love to devour on chocolate. The flourless chocolate as the name suggests is made without flour. It consists of eggs, lots of chocolate, butter and sugar. This is a yummy cake recipe.

Molten lava cake

The molten lava cakes are served hot, and hence even they are restricted to people who are located in near vicinity.

Chocolate donuts

Donuts are pure love! They taste simply amazing and come in a huge variety. The chocolate donut makes for an amazing gift for a loved one. You can either coat the donut with melted chocolate, chocolate shavings or opt for an eclair donut.

You can send chocolates by post in any corner of the world with online shops along with beautiful flowers.

Fruit basket- A healthy gift option

February 1st, 2017

With the emergence of many lifestyle diseases, people have become more and more health conscious. Most of the people around the world including the youngsters prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and ample exercise. This trend has started spreading to the inexchanging gifts as well. A perfect choice of healthy gift for someone is a fruit basket.

Fruit basket UK has become very popular with a wide range of seasonal and round the year fruits. This gift is very attractive and colourful, and it comes in a well-decorated basket. The best part about fruit basket is that it would contain different types of fruits which mean you will benefit from intake of different kinds of vitamins, fibres and minerals.

What are different kinds of fruits basket?

Fruits baskets can be gifted to your friends, family members and co-workers. Since it contains different types of fruits, it makes a good gift when visiting a family or a group of people. There would be a fruit which matches the taste of most of the people. Given below are some of the types of fruits basket: –

  1. Fresh fruits basket:Fruit basket started gaining popularity with the fresh fruits hampers. This is the most common type of fruit basket. The type of fruits would be based on the season; there would also be fruits which would be available through the year.
  2. Fruits and nuts: Fruits can be combined with almost anything, and it still would make a perfect gift. One of the best combination is nuts and fresh fruits. Throw in few apples, banana, grapes, mangoes and some nuts like cashew, almond, pistachio, walnut,
  3. Dried fruits basket:Another good option is to gift a basket with dried fruits. This would last longer and will not get ruined soon. Dried fruits would include dates, fig, apricots, dried pineapple, cranberries,
  4. Chocolate and fruits: A perfect gift for your dear ones would be to combine chocolate and fruits. A wide range of chocolates is also available to choose from. You can choose assorted chocolates which will have different kinds of chocolates. Fruits and chocolates make a good choice of gift for people across different age groups.
  5. Fruit hampers: You can also think about combining various items with fruits. Bakery items like bread, muffins, cookies, cake, will go along with fruits. This will be a good gift to carry with you on a picnic day. You can also combine fruits basket with a bottle of wine and carry it with you for a barbecue party.

Fruit basket also makes a great gift for people who are worried about the intake of calories; this is especially significant in the case of people who are trying to lose weight. Fruit basket delivery UK can be done on the occasion of festivals, celebrations, to show your appreciation, while visiting someone at the hospital, etc. This is one gift which can never be inappropriate no matter what the event or occasion is.


7 Gifting Ideas Using Chocolates

February 1st, 2017

The chocolate is loved by everyone irrespective of gender, age and geographical location. Across the world, you can rarely find someone who does not like chocolate. One of the common occasions of using chocolates is during birthdays or celebrating an achievement.

Chocolate gifts delivered through online portals have now become a trend, and it is a popular choice for agift as well. There are also some wonderful choices when it comes to giving chocolates as gifts like chocolate baskets, hamper, etc. There are also different varieties of chocolates available for example dark chocolate, white chocolate, Belgium chocolate, etc. Here are some gift ideas with chocolate: –

  1. Flower Bouquet with Chocolate: You can make the perfect gift by combining two things which are liked by all i.e. chocolates and fresh flowers. A bunch of roses or lilies accompanied by a box of chocolates is going to make anyone happy.
  2. Chocolate bouquet: You can also consider gifting a chocolate bouquet. In this type of bouquet, chocolates with different coloured wrappers are neatly arranged to make it look like a bouquet where chocolates are used instead of flowers.
  3. Assorted chocolate: If you are not sure about the chocolate preference of your friend, the best idea is to give a box of assorted chocolates which will contain a mix of chocolate of different kinds. The chances of having few pieces of your friend’s favourite chocolate would be high in such cases.
  4. Chocolate and teddy bear: A common Valentine’s Day gift would be to combine chocolates with a small teddy bear. This makes a cute and romantic gift for your partner. You can wrap this gift into a single box and give it as a gift to surprise her.
  5. Indoor plant and chocolate: For a growing and lasting relation, you can give an indoor plant or a bonsai along with a chocolate bar. Make sure to buy a plant which requires minimum attention so that it will not be a burden to whom you are gifting it. Also, ensure that the recipient of the gift has some interest in plants and gardening.
  6. A simple box of chocolate: If you know the favourite chocolate of your loved one, then you can buy a box of that particular kind of chocolate as a gift. Many chocolate companies issue gift sized chocolate bars which are specifically meant for celebrating festivals or any occasion. You can buy chocolates of such kind as a gift. Another option is to buy a box of chocolate, and nicely gift wrap it.
  7. Chocolate basket: The good idea is to gift a chocolate basket in which you can include different varieties and sizes of chocolates. Make sure that the basket is well decorated to make it look appealing.

You can send chocolates by post as well which will get delivered to your loved one’s address on time. Make sure to order chocolates that would not get melted easily in such cases. A perfect packing is much important while sending the chocolate.