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How to incorporate grape fruit in your diet?

February 4th, 2015

Grape fruits are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. It’s is a very powerful fruit will large number of health benefits. A medium size grapefruit has only 52 calories and eating half of it daily will meet your 65% of vitamin C requirement. Other than just fuelling up the reserves of vitamins and minerals it also save body against many health diseases like cancer, stroke, blood pressure and  cardio vascular diseases. That’s why whenever you think to send a Luxury fruit basket by post to a loved one for a get well soon wish, so select one which also have grape fruit in it.

Grape fruit is very healthy fruit but a little issue is that it’s not that much delicious like other fruits that why most people show a bit hesitation for eating it. It’s taste is a bit bitter to sour so eating it as it is can be an issue for some people however there are people who love to eat it in its most raw form too. Whether you are looking for a simple solution, such as a quick peel-and-eat snack, or a new recipe, grapefruit can easily be incorporated into your daily diet.

Here I will suggest you some ways to incorporate grape fruit in your diet:

Grape fruit salad

Take a bowl and slice apple, banana, guava, pear, grapes, and strawberries in it. Now peeling and wedge the fruit from the skin and cut in to bite size pieces, mix the fruits and put some fresh orange juice in it and enjoy this healthy snake at any time of the day.  You can also put grape fruit juice mixed with a table spoon of powdered orange juice and 2 table spoons of sugar in this fruit salad to enhance its taste.

Grape fruit juice:

Just slice grape fruit from the middle and squeeze out its juice using a juicer machine. It’s easy to work with an electric machine rather than a manual machine. It better to take a bag full of grape fruit and take out the juice at once make a pitcher and place it in a refrigerator. It would be a great time saving tip. Now drink up one glass daily in the morning and enjoy a healthy living.

Grape fruit smoothie:

Take out a cup of fresh grapefruit juice by squeezing it. Now take a blender and blend together the grape fruit juice, one banana, one 8oz container of fruit yoghurt, it can be of any flavor of your choice like strawberry, banana or vanilla, 34-5 strawberries, 2 table spoons of honey and ice cubes. Blend it until it’s smooth and velvety.


Grapefruit chicken:

Take a wholesome chicken and marinate it with half cup of grape fruit, 2 table spoons of butter, half table spoon black pepper, one crushed green chili, one table spoon crushed coriander and salt to taste. Leave it overnight in a seal tight bowl and grill it on low flame for 20-30 minutes. Present it with some hot bread and tart sauce.