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How To Make Inexpensive But Great Gift Hampers

November 25th, 2017

You need not spend a lot of money to buy gifts for loved ones. A good alternative would be gift hampers. Gift hampers can make use of your creativity and be assembled as per your budget. The best part is that it has a personal touch or can be customized as per the liking and taste of the recipients- your loved ones.

 It is good to begin your gift hamper project by determining a budget that you can afford. There are five aspects about making cheap hampers: container or basket, shred or stuffing, cellophane or transparent wrap, ornament or bow, and personal gift card. Of course, you must not forget the most crucial items: the actual gifts you have bought for the recipient.


Look for containers beyond the usual and expensive wicker baskets- they can be new and interesting.   By including new types of baskets, you can leave the recipient unable to judge the cost of these which they are not familiar with. Gift stores often use this ploy to charge a higher rate for their hampers.

You can find baskets and containers from grocery stores, dollar stores, thrift stores and garage sales. In case you are assembling identical gift hampers, buy containers from dollar stores as they have multiple items of the same type. You can go in for flower vases, flower pots, decorative tins, plastic containers, platters, bowls, cardboard or wood boxes and many more.


It is used mostly to fill up empty spaces in the container to make it look full and for providing cushioning to individual items such that they don’t rub and bump against each other.

You can create your shred with ease if you have access to a paper shredder. You could even cut out bits with a pair of scissors. You can use brown paper bags, old tissue paper, glossy paper or newspaper to create shreds. Each type will give different looks.

You can even curl the shred by pulling it gently over the edge of scissors.  Making this for several baskets might be time-consuming. You can also make use of Easter grass, in case some are left over. But it is totally not mandatory that you must use shred. You must decide only if it will look good in your hamper. But the key thing is- the shred must not cost anything.

Cellophane Wrap

This transparent wrap will provide a great look for hampers. Avoid plastic cling wraps or plastic bags which have a cheap look. Cellophane wrap can be obtained from florists, dollar stores or party stores. Ensure that it fits the hamper without ripping.

Ribbons, Bows, And Cards

The card, ornament, and bow should fit the theme of the gift basket. For instance, a baby shower hamper can feature a cute little silver spoon. A satin ribbon of good quality can transform the hamper to look sumptuous and rich. You can use silk flowers instead of a bow. Attach a card to a personal message before hamper delivery.


There are countless choices for gifts including inexpensive items. Gifts can be bought as per the theme of the hamper. Or you can look out for special deals and discounts from offline or online stores. Most common types of hampers are food hampers. You can make them from store bought items or homemade items. In case of fruit baskets, make sure it includes fruits in different stages of ripeness. Search for food items in bulk food aisle of your local grocery store.

These are some tips to make inexpensive gift hampers.

Plan a birthday party | Express Gift Service

November 17th, 2017

Birthday is counted as a very important day of your life. Old, young or children all are curious to celebrate this day with enthusiasm. It occurs once in a year and arrangements for it, are made a few days before so that it passes without any hassle. One who is going to celebrate his or her birthday is held in special esteem in the event. New dresses are purchased for the person concerned. The person remembers sweet memories of the day forever that accompany him or her lifelong. All those memories a person holds close to his or her heart go down to his or her memory lane to build relations with the people present there on occasion. The person commemorates all the emotions expressed by the people in the party throughout his or her life. To have a perfect party one needs to take all the factors into account in advance so that there is nothing left and the guests can enjoy the party as expected. To avoid any lack of arrangement one needs to prepare a list and carry out the preparation accordingly.    



Arrangements to be made for a birthday party require a few preparatory steps. It could be complex and should be done with the precision right prom dress, decoration to the exit of the invitees. Follow the below given steps to throw a lovely party.


Better to buy a new dress for the person. Mind getting the dress according to the month or season of the party time. You can purchase a dress that is in fashion or go for a traditional one. If there is any theme, one needs to follow the dress code as decided for the theme.


Put in order carefully the list of guests you are going to invite to the party. It is essential to inform the guests regarding the theme of the party and the time of arrival to avert any hassle.


The theme is very important, and one needs to choose it cautiously. You can set the theme of retro party based theme or masked party or some comic characters etc. thematic approach adds to the excitement of the party.


It makes a significant factor to select a food menu for a party. Your choice could be from among the various cuisines like Chinese, Indian, and Continental. Further, you can set the menu that compliments the theme of the party.

  • CAKE

Without a cake, the party is thought to be deficient because it is the spotlight of every joyful party. Buy a big cake say three tier one for a big party. Get it baked by some reputed bakery shop such as thank you cakes.


Enhance the attraction of the party by arranging some game or good music. Musical chair, dumb charades will increase the excitement of the party.

There can also be a better option to seek to thank you cake delivery as it will send cake in time that can help the host and guests to enjoy the party well.

Gifts you give your loved ones

November 15th, 2017

People offer gift items to each other to commemorate their big days. They please each other. It is a mark of love and respect that people exchange gifts among family and friends. Gifts are exchanged on propitious events like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and promotions, etc. Giving gifts is a better way of exchange for happiness. It may be intricate to decide a gift for someone. Below are given some of the ideas you can use to make happy your loved ones.


It is a typical kind of gift item. People like to smell good. You can offer perfumes to your loved ones to impress them. A tempting fragrance keeps you smelling fresh all the day. You may go for expensive perfumes if you are allowed by your budget.

  • TIE:

It is a becoming gift for a man as it conforms to a part of dress code. In many offices, government officials, people in the corporate world, and businessmen put on tie-in daily dressing code.

  • PENS:

Writing tools are considered pens. People who are literate utilize it. You can think of no better gift item than the pen. The market is abundant with different types of pens. Get one for your loved one to make him or her happy.


These are among trendy gift items. You may purchase various kinds of photo frames. They are used to clutch memories preserved on the celluloid. Photo frames may be placed in rooms, offices for holding pictures of politicians, family members, and leaders, etc.


All people opt for diverse choices and to conform to their taste; it becomes essential to have a thing that is seen as an all-rounder in every manner. You know that all-rounder is chocolate. Whether young or small all people wish to amuse their taste buds with the taste of chocolates. It is a general practice to give gifts to your relatives, nears and dears, and friends who are staying far off or close by. People prefer gifts in accordance with the person who is in their notion and purchase it accordingly. People send chocolates to their loved ones to give them happiness. You can gift chocolates on every joyful occasion.

There are also chocolates with different meaning and suitable for various occasions which one needs to take into account while choosing chocolate. In the modern times, you can effortlessly send chocolates by post-U.K. your loved ones who live abroad.

  • Watch:

These make a classic gift that is never out of fashion. Buy an expensive watch if it suits your budget. There are timepieces of different brands. The quality of the watch, as well as the choice of the recipient, must be taken into account while buying a watch.

  • TOYS:

A special gift for children is a toy. For ages, children have been gifted with toys. Toys are a replica of original things. Toys increase IQ power and are best friends of children. However, the quality of the toy must be excellent.

Plan something special for your Valentine

November 13th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers. It is the day when you can express your love and emotion to your spouse or your partner.

What can you do special for your girlfriend or wife on this day? Well, here are some ideas.

It is true that you feel tired after a long day of office work. But never forget that your wife also had a long day too. Take some time out post-dinner, have a cup of coffee and chat with your wife. Just like you used to do before marriage. It will make them happy.

Plan a romantic dinner for your wife. It can be a candlelight dinner on your terrace with homemade foods also. Just try to make it special. Sing a song for her. Indulge in a romantic dance. Who says gifts are always bought?

Send her a bunch of fresh flowers in the morning. This you can do on your own or send from an online website. Make sure you send fresh seasonal flowers or fresh carnations to them early morning so that they receive that when they wake up. They will be very happy and their entire day will change due to these lovely flowers. Do not forget to attach a lovely note with that bouquet with a lovely piece of a message into it.

Buy her a dress which will compliment them. Dresses are always the best gift that you can give to your girlfriends. Every girl loves to buy new dresses. They are even happier if they get it as a gift from that special person. Send them some hampers for Valentine’s Day which will make them happy.

For your boyfriend or husband, you can also plan something different.

Plan a vacation with him. Take a leave for a week from the regular monotony and breathe in a fresh air. Plan a holiday keeping in mind what kind of place your husband loves. Mountains, seas, dessert or forest. Take him out from the regular chores of life.

Gift them a quality time. Spend some time with them, not talking about your everyday problems. But chatting with him like a friend.

Customised photo frames can be another lovely Valentine gift. You definitely have a photograph with your boyfriend or spouse or a number of photographs with him. Yes, you do. Buy a designed and lovely photo frame. Then frame the photo and send it to him. The flow of love they feel after seeing it is priceless.

Buy them their favorite fragrance. Guys are not very fashion conscious but a good perfume always works. Everyone wants to smell good if they are going out with their friends or just on a casual date or official purpose.

If he is a reader, then buy him a book. Pick something from his favorite author’s list. If you cannot find one, then it is best to go for bestsellers or the genre which he likes to read. Do not forget to add a few lines on the front page of the book.

To get gift hampers for Valentine’s Day, one can always order gifts from online.

Chocolates for different occasions

November 10th, 2017

Chocolates are one of the most liked food item that is favored by all age groups from young and old. Chocolates come in so many different varieties, shapes and sizes. Their melt in the mouth quality have us craving for more. They are a huge hit among those who have a sweet tooth.

Chocolates also have a wide range of benefits as well.  Dark chocolates are healthy and yummy at the same time. Chocolates also can improve your mood drastically. They are a symbol of pleasure and luxury and can be used in any occasion.  It is also a comfort food for many.  It helps you deal with the unexpected moments that life throws your way. Below are some of the occasions where chocolates come to the rescue.

  1. Christmas chocolates.

Christmas is one of the most favorite occasion to exchange gifts and chocolates. Chocolates with a lot of flavors and fillings help make the perfect gift. White chocolates also symbolizes the purity of Christmas. You can pack these chocolates up in green, golden or white cover to make it suitable for the occasion.  If you have no time on your hands to personally deliver these chocolates, you can even send Christmas chocolates online through websites that offer you a great deal for a very good price.

  1. Birthday Chocolates.

Birthdays are incomplete without chocolates and cake. One can combine both to get the perfect chocolate cake. Every kid loves to distribute chocolates to his/ her friends during their birthday. a birthday party is more fun with lots of chocolates available for the guests to choose from.

  1. Halloween.

With Halloween right around the corner, it is high time you stock up on candies and chocolates to satisfy the kids around you neighborhood. When they knock at your doorstep  dressed in adorable outfits screaming trick or treat, have a wide range of candies ready and fill their bags up with delicious treats. Chocolates are the highlight for kids during Halloween.

  1. Valentine’s day.

This is the day that gets us the most confused as there is a pressure to choose the perfect gift. Here is where chocolates will help as they are the safest and smartest option. The best way to express love is though a box of chocolates that nobody will be able to resist. You can make  a chocolate hamper with variety of chocolates or a chocolate bouquet to impress your loved one.

  1. Friendship day.

No better way to mark an important occasion such as friendship day by celebrating it with exchange of chocolates. Chocolates symbolizes the sweetness you share with one another. You can get an assortment of various flavors of chocolates that your friend loves and even send chocolates online to surprise them.

Chocolates are definitely not bound to just these particular occasions. You can send or gift them whenever you want. They are one of the best ways to uplift spirits and their taste makes everything else less important. So if you are craving for a chocolate right now, go indulge in the sugariness it has to offer.