Tips For Baking Cakes

October 6th, 2020

The very first word that comes in our minds when we hear of the word cake is that of Celebrations! Festivals, weddings, anniversaries, welcome, farewells, and of course, birthdays, all of these are deemed incomplete in the absence of a cake. However, our circumstances sometimes do not allow us to be physically a part of all these celebrations and cake cutting. However, birthday cakes online make these celebrations easily possible even for people who are staying far and wide apart from one another. You can now send a surprise cake for your loved one from wherever in the world you are. Here are the top tips that can help you bake the best of cake.

Selecting the correct pan for the cake – You need to start with the basics, of course. And the first thing to do is choose the right clean and polished aluminium pan which will deflect the heat away from the cake and give it a yellowish golden and very soft crust. The darker the pan, the darker the crust will be. The baking time will be much longer if you choose an insulated pan to bake in. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind the size of the pan. An oversized pan results in a shapeless cake. A pan that is too small will let the batter overflow; hence, you must choose the correct size pan for baking.

Do not just copy-paste the written recipe into a methodology – We understand that you must follow the recipe to bake the cake but following it blindly will only give you a poor result. Each one of us has our own style of baking and cooking, and the instruments that you use are not the same as shown in the tutorial video. Therefore, if you blindly follow the recipe, the result will vary from the one shown. Thus, you must keep in mind that a few ingredients and their quantity can be different.

Do not refuse to make use of a gadget – Some of you, like many others, maybe reluctant in using a gadget in baking. But why not? It saves you not only from the hard-physical labour but saves your precious time too. Eventually, what matters is your cake and not how you baked it.

Measure the ingredients to be used – You must have precision in baking. Otherwise, your cake will never turn out to be perfect. Mistakes in measurement will cause your cake to either look or taste bad. To avoid this, use measuring scales to get the exact quantity of ingredients.

Less baking powder: more fat content in butter – You need to be mindful when using the baking powder in the cake. Too much of it will make your cake dry. Also, make sure that the butter has a fat content. If the butter does not have fat content, it means it has a high percentage of water. And this water will evaporate when you bake the cake, making your cake and oven messy.

You can bake for your personal satisfaction. But if you want to send cake to a special someone on his / her birthday, its best to get birthday cakes delivered UK. Simple, easy and convenient!

Five Baking tips that will make feel like a pro

August 25th, 2020

Cakes and celebrations go hand in hand. As soon as we hear the word ‘cake’ we know there must be a happy or memorable occasion associated with it. Be it a birthday, wedding, anniversaries, corporate parties, farewells etc., a cake is necessary. However, not all of us may be able to attend someone’s occasion physically, as we may be in other cities or countries. However, cake delivery online has made it possible to be a part of someone’s celebration. .

All you need to do is choose a delicious cake from an online cake store and provide the recipient’s address for delivery. Distance is no hindrance if there is love and oneness. We list below a few vital baking tips that will make you feel like a baking expert the next time you try your hands at baking a cake!

1) Choose the right pan for your cake- make sure the container that you use for baking a cake is clean and a polished aluminium pan. This is because the polished surface reflects heat far from the cake, which makes the cake soft and crusty. Insulated containers take a long time in baking. Also, the size of the container must be appropriate. An oversized container will give you a flat and a deformed cake while a small one will not be able to accommodate all the batter, resulting in overflow.

2) Do not hesitate to use gadgets- some people are not gadget friendly. It saves you from the manual labour and thus saves time too. It only improves the speed of your work. The flavour and texture remain unaltered.

3)Measure the ingredients – Measure the ingredients to be used in baking a cake; the ingredients must be in correct quantities. If you skip a certain ingredient or put too much or too little of something, your cake will not taste perfect. You must have proper measuring tools, as baking requires precision in measuring techniques.

4) Use less of baking powder and more fat content in the butter- take extreme care when adding baking powder. When put in excess, the cake dries out. The butter that you use must be high in fat percentage. This is because butter that has less fat content has the presence of more water, which is evaporated during the baking process. This makes the cake extremely messy. Therefore when you choose your butter, read the ingredients and their content properly.

5) Do not hurry in the process- baking cannot be done in haste. By doing so, we tend to make things messier, and the final product does not turn out to be perfect. Hence, do not race against time to bake a cake. Baking requires time. Hence, bake a cake only when you have enough time for it. The cake needs to cool down completely before you decorate it.

We hope the above tips will help you master the art of baking. Soon you will start feeling yourself a professional in the field of baking. If this seems tedious, you can always get birthday cakes delivered UK or any other place easily.

Types Of Birthday Cakes To Make The Special Day More Special

July 31st, 2020

The cakes are considered to be the most crucial thing on the birthday. Everybody craves for the cake during the whole party and is considered to be the most important guest at the party. A lot of companies also provide the facility for birthday cakes delivered UK so that the consumers are highly satisfied all the time. The cakes have several shapes and sizes and the consumers also have the option of customizing them completely. The companies also provide a wide range of various flavours so that the beloved ones are highly happy and the day becomes much more special.

 Following are some of the types of cakes with which one can go:

 -The eggless cakes: These are the cakes for all those people who are pure vegetarians and do not even eat egg products. These kinds of cakes are available in various shapes, sizes, colours so that it helps to provide complete satisfaction to the receiver.

 -The photo cakes: These kinds of cakes involve proper printing of the actual photos of the cake so that memories can be cherished throughout the time. These kinds of cakes are also available in several shapes and sizes along with various amazing flavours. So, it is a very good option to order the photo cake so that person feels much more special on his special day.

 -The midnight cakes: This is the trendiest option nowadays and is considered to be a great option to surprise the birthday boy or birthday girl. One can also go with the option of adding birthday bombs, sprays, flowers, chocolates in the hamper to make the thing much more amazing.

 -Self baked cakes: This is a great idea to make someone feel special. This is highly feasible for all those people who have a good command over the art of baking and they can go with the option of baking cakes at home because it will help in further increasing the impact of the whole gift and the receiver will feel much more special.

 -The fondant cakes: These kinds of cakes are based upon special themes which can include a piano, camera and many more things. These kinds of cakes are considered to be the ideal option to make the moment more special depending upon the likings and preferences of the birthday boy birthday girl.

 -The character cakes: These are the cakes which help in displaying various characters which include Superman, Batman and several other things on the cake. The shapes of the cake are also quite similar to the faces of these characters and the taste of this cake is too good. It is considered to be the best possible option for theme-based parties of children and will help in highly satisfying them.

 – The tier cakes: These are the cakes which have floors on them and are considered to be the best possible option in the case of anniversary or big gatherings. These kinds of cakes are also available in several shapes and sizes along with various flavour options.

 Hence, individuals can go with the option of birthday cakes online so that both receivers, as well as the sender, are highly satisfied.

5 Tips for Ordering a Perfect Customized Cake

January 27th, 2020


No celebration is complete without a cake. Cake cutting is the highlight of every special day or event. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, the launch of a promotional event, a corporate party, or simply a celebration of life, the cake is necessary. There is a wide variety of cakes available in the supermarkets, bakeries, cake retail shops, and in the online cake shops, which make the birthday cake delivery easy and simple. Apart from the normal cakes, you have the customized/designer cakes, which are specially made on order to suit a particular theme of the customer. We list below five tips for ordering a perfect customized cake. (more…)

Using Rubbing-In Method to Bake Cake

June 23rd, 2019

The cake baking process can be a real challenging task especially for amateurs not having much experience in the domain. But the fact is that the cake is termed to be an easy snack or dessert provided the person has knowledge about the ingredients and recipes. It is also a wonderful snack which people do enjoy consuming at any point of time and also share it with the others. (more…)