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Planning a low budget picnic

February 17th, 2015

Enjoying with family and spending some time out would give you a real peace of mind and body and the best way to do is by doing picnic. With the busy life and tight schedule we don’t find any time to spend with the family. And if we have a little we simply dine out by going to some expensive restaurant and paying expensive bill but the bad side of the picture is that even then we don’t feel relaxed, because you are still there in the hustle and bustle of life. Nature is the best remedy for relaxation. If one wants to get relaxed one should spend some time out in a scenic place and you will be relaxed the.

In the today’s world one find that only the air is free otherwise the planning some outing would be a great hit on the budget. But just compromising on outings and picnic just because of budget would not justify it. So it’s important to plan outing while staying in budget.

Here I will suggest you some ways:

  • The best method is doing a picnic and takes all the eating stuff from home. Just take a basket put a sheet, plates, glasses, tissue paper and cook food from home. In this way your budget will definitely not increase simply because you are eating what you would otherwise eat at home.
  • It’s better to make sandwiches, burgers , fries etc. which would easily be eaten and you don’t have to put a lot of crockery for it.
  • Take the crockery form home and minimize the budget for the disposable glasses and plates.
  • You don’t have to buy expensive drinks from the picnic spot, take a bug water cooler fill it with ice cubes and put your drinks in it and enjoy chilled drinks on picnic which would otherwise be very expensive.
  • Minimize the bills by using expensive meats; you can simply go for chicken products.
  • Pack a lot of fruit with you

Make fries and cookies at home to avoid the load of a lot of junk that would otherwise be loved. Your simple homemade things would definitely be loved by all. Everyone would appreciate your efforts too.  And the best aspect of homemade things on picnic is that you will save yourself from food poisoning and tummy pains too.

How to Shop For Food Hampers Online

October 9th, 2014

Sharing gifts is always special and those moments are to be celebrated all through. With variety of gift options, people today enjoy gifting friends and dear ones on special occasions and their special days. With online gifting ideas and services, it has now turned out to be much convenient for people to send gifts in great style. When you want to treat your dear one with a good meal and you want to make it a surprise on their special day, you have the option of food hampers. You could give them the surprise and also get them what they require for the day. This is really much better idea to gift food hampers. It gives immense satisfaction when your dear ones take the hampers and taste the surprise food you send.

Meal Options

When you want to gift your dear one who loves spending time at home, then a home delivery of their favourite food can make the day enjoyable for them. You have a plenty of options from placing orders for delicious foods in major food outlets. You can surprise them with meal vouchers for dinner at best star hotels like Holiday Inn. Dinner option can give them time and they can spend it in a peaceful manner. No matter what category of food it is, everything can be well organized and delivered with the help of best online gifting services.

  • Go through different hampers available

  • Choose the best ones suiting your dear one’s taste

  • Place orders providing your complete details

  • You can include any special request if available

Orders are taken and delivered on the same day. Make sure you place orders within the specified time. You can book in advance if the order is bulk. No matter, which location it is, online gift services work in a prompt manner and you can fulfill your wishes right from the place you are? If you go through the hampers, you will get an idea on what to buy. When the hampers reach your dear ones, they mean your presence and your lovely wishes on the special day.

It is really interesting to check out online gift services for food hampers. As you can get any cheap food hamper any time, it is an added advantage for you. When you do not have anything ready for gifting, this can turn out to be an excellent choice. You can find hampers in all ranges and this gives you a great variety to choose from. You can contact the services for all queries you have related to placing orders, payments and delivery. You can contact the service through the website directly and go through the best deals available. You get everything fresh and in the way you expect. If you stay connected to the services, you will know how best the services are. You can check out reviews before placing orders to know about the services and prices. It is a great way to go in gifting.

How can a food hamper bring about the perfect Spring celebration?

December 25th, 2013


Food hampers make the perfect gift for establishing and strengthened business relationships. To increase the camaraderie between the employees and to please your corporate partners, a luxury food hamper can be very useful. Food hamper gifts are supplied by many services today, and they take a lot of care to ensure that the hamper has the perfect assortment of edibles. Spring is the time, when most celebrations take place. The weather is highly flattering with blooming flowers and chirping birds. So, the gifts should be planned in accordance with the flavour of the season and happy moods that the events bring.

Why is a luxury gift hamper perfect as a spring gift?

The top events in the Spring Calendar include St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, and Easter, St. Andrew’s day and Mothering Sunday. Thus, there is every cause for celebration. A luxury food hamper comprises of all the various stuffs, to indulge on. The best way of celebrating Mothering Sunday is by presenting your dear mother with a personal selection of edibles in the food hamper, which are all her favourite things. Since, it will be presented in front of everybody in the family, it is best that there are some special items for everyone there. Biscuits, chocolates, and chips can be placed for small children; while cured meat, oats biscuits and a fine selection of locally produced cheese can be great for all adults. Alcohol-free drinks can be chosen for the teetotallers and licensed drivers while mummy dear can enjoy her favourite bottle of champagne or wine. Thus, all these goodies form a Mother’s day special hamper, which has scope of indulgence for everybody.

How to present such a hamper on St. Patrick’s Day?


It is one of the most celebrated days in UK’s calendar. It is one of the most extensively celebrated patron saint days in the entire world. People who have knowledge about the Irish heritage celebrate this occasion in full bloom with high octane revelry. Parades are organized on the city streets and pubs brim with party people and revellers. The luxury food hamper is perfect for those who wish to celebrate this holy in a more Zen and sedate manner. This hamper is filled with a fine selection of imported beer and wine. So, call upon your friends at you place and have a nice warm party with this luxury hamper.

Which hamper would suit Easter?

The Easter celebration lasts for eight days, starting with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter Monday. Chocolate eggs are conventional goodies that people enjoy during this celebration. But, those who are having an urge to throw an extravagant party and celebrate the day with family and friends should order for a large family luxury hamper. There are approximately 25 food items inside the hamper, and they are highly delectable. Therefore, the entire party can enjoy something or the other. Therefore, if you are thinking of planning an Easter party, do order for such a hamper and have a complete blast.