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Choosing the perfect wedding gift

September 28th, 2016

One of the life’s most memorable days are the wedding days and people obviously want day to be special. But the guests in wedding sometimes get very confused about what to get the’ to be wed’ couple. If you are someone going through such confusion, then please do not be worried much as solution is at your hand now. You surely want something the couple can put into use and not something which would gather dust in the store room. After all, the present you give is love you have for them and the best wishes you give them through the gift is valuable to them.

To make your stress a little bit less, I have tried jotting down some points you should keep in mind while getting the perfect gift.

  • One of the things which come into mind is that if cash is better than a gift. Personally I would suggest that not to go for cash as you never know what would be the best amount to give so buying something nice is better than cash. But if are running out of time because people are pretty busy nowadays then you can go for cash but keep that as a second option.
  • Wedding hampers are available nowadays which are really attractive and you get to buy them in the stores and even online. But if you can take out time and put together some things in a basket and arrange them and make your own one, it would be far more thoughtful.
  • Classical gifts like white dishes and crockery may seem boring to you but they are functional and the couple will need it to set up their home. So be sure it won’t be a waste. Moreover, a really attractive set will a good choice.
  • You can even plan something with other guests and get something expensive like a branded mixer grinder along with a juicer or you can even go for expensive kitchen sets which would be normally too pricey, if you are buying alone.
  • You can even go for customized gifts such as make a collage of their photos and laminate it and make a wall hanging out of it or you can give a locket which has their names engraved in them. A customised gift shows that you took time to put together your ideas and make it memorable.
  • Don’t think of home decors as mostly they go into waste or to be frank they are often reused as gifts. Besides you never know what someone will like so better leave that out.
  • As I have already told that wedding hamper is useful so you can even put together some toiletries which are always useful for newlywed couples. You can even include a bottle of good wine which never goes unappreciated.
  • A ticket to a holiday trip will be fabulous idea as the couple needs to have a lone time to spend together.

The above tips will surely be handy when you are confused about wedding gifts. So best of luck and I am sure your gift will surely be a good one.