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Top Reasons To Present Chocolate Gifts

May 29th, 2020

Humans have had a love affair with chocolates since the times of ancient Mesopotamia. Aztecs are considered cacao beans of such value that they used them like currency. These days, the US market for chocolate is worth over 18 billion dollars a year.

Chocolate is actually a wonder. All through its history, it has been consumed in various ways-unsweetened, sweetened drink or even as an alcoholic beverage. But whether sweet or savoury, chocolates satisfy us on a deep level. It enhances our serotonin and endorphin levels ( pleasure chemicals in the body) and also offers many nutritional benefits.

 Hence, don’t think twice about giving chocolates as presents. Your loved ones will be grateful for being gifted this comfort food, which is good for their overall health. Scientists have been discovering amazing fresh benefits of consuming chocolates in the last few decades.

 The following are great reasons why you should not hesitate to present these decadent and luscious treats as gifts to loved ones like chocolate gift baskets for men and women:

Better Cognitive Performance

When chocolate is eaten on a regular basis, it can lead to superior cognitive function. These include brain activities like language, attention, memory and reasoning. As per a report in a leading magazine ( Appetite), consumption of chocolate was linked to cognitive performance, no matter what other dietary habits are followed.

Enhances Heart Health

The dark versions of chocolate have been proved to restore the flexibility of arteries and prevent white blood cells from adhering to walls of blood vessels. As per a leading journal report, scientists have discovered that consuming dark chocolate is great for the heart. It can play a major role in combatting atherosclerosis- a condition linked to plaque build-up within the arteries.

Lowers Possibility of Stroke

Consuming a small amount of chocolate every day could prevent insulin resistance and diabetes. As per British Journal of Nutrition, daily intake of chocolates was connected to a lesser risk for stroke.

Reduces Decline of Memory

If you drink 2 cups of hot chocolate a day, it may help stop memory decline and ensure brain health. A study by Harvard Medical School found that hot chocolate helped enhance blood flow to vital parts of the brain, implying that chocolate can enhance memory and cognition. Various areas of the brain need more energy to finish their tasks and they also require robust flow of blood. Such a relationship (neurovascular coupling) may play a crucial role in fighting diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

Rich Mineral Content

Especially, dark chocolate is loaded with a healthy collection of useful minerals like selenium, zinc and potassium. In fact, a 100-gm bar of dark chocolate offers 60% of the RDA of Iron. This iron is a vital constituent of haemoglobin that aids red blood cells to carry oxygen from lungs all through the body.

Contains Bad Cholesterol

As per reports, consuming dark chocolate can reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL). This lowers the potential for suffering from cardio-vascular disease. A study by a university in Tokyo found that consumption of chocolate saw a 24% rise in good cholesterol levels.

Healthy Skin

Previously, there existed a myth that chocolate was responsible for breakouts of acne on skin. However, this myth has been debunked. Modern science has revealed that dark chocolate is a great source of flavonoids. The latter has powerful antioxidant qualities and can fight against skin damage.

These are some of the benefits of chocolates for humans. So, don’t have guilty pangs when you decide to present send chocolates online for him. It will do good than harm.