Five Ways to Surprise Your Husband on His Birthday

April 21st, 2021

Birthdays are special, and hence it definitely needs to be celebrated. It does not matter if you have a big or a small budget; you can always celebrate it in your way. You can celebrate your husband’s birthday and give him hamper gifts UK. If your husband’s birthday is coming up soon and you are still finding out ways how to make this birthday special for him, then look no further. Check out our five ways by which you can make your husband’s birthday a very special and memorable one.

  1. Romantic escapade-

    For once, if you have kids, leave them with a family member, relative, or a nanny to have a vacation with your husband and feel the romance. With today’s hectic life, we hardly get time alone to spend with our spouses, so why not let his birthday be one such reason to escape into the riverside, mountains, or forests and have a romantic date together and rekindle the love and passion.

  2. Birthday gift hampers-

    Everyone loves to receive gifts, and to get it on your birthday is all the more special. Buy him anything that he loves, be it a fashion accessory, perfume, watch, or good massage oil. Giving him a body massage would be an excellent idea. You could gift him a gift hampers online UK containing as many gifts as the number of years he turned old on his birthday. You can also add a note wishing him a happy birthday and lots of love, tucked inside the gift basket.

  3. Organize a surprise lunch

    You can throw a surprise lunch and call over all his friends or colleagues. Nothing would make him happier than seeing you prepare all his favorite food items and also baking a cake for him. A cake baked by you would surely melt his heart more than getting a ready-made one. Getting him to wear the personalized Birthday Boy cap on his birthday would surely multiply his happiness.

  4. Use old pictures

    You can spend a cosy evening together to reminiscence on your good old days. A collage of pictures from your engagement, wedding, honeymoon, the birth of your children, and all the other lovely memories of you two would make a perfect birthday surprise for him. There is no bigger happiness than spending time with your partner in the midst of all the old photographs and the memories associated with it.

  5. Wish him through different channels

    You can wish your husband every hour on his birthday through various channels. You can get a birthday note written for him on social media like Facebook and Instagram and tag him. You can make a video in which all his near and dear ones staying close or far away in other countries with him. You can also make him hear live his favorite song that you have got played and dedicated to him on the radio.

You can try these easy and simple surprises. Your husband would be delighted you made such great efforts to surprise him on his birthday. He would cherish these memories all his life.

Gift Ideas For Your Boss

October 5th, 2020

October 16 is celebrated as Boss’s Day all over the world. Bosses indirectly are our source of income. Whether you are fond of them or not, the show of respect and words of admiration are very necessary to build a good and long-lasting relationship with your employer. When you want an increase in salary or a promotion, the only thing which might impress your boss is a gift. Here are the top five gift ideas for the money controller of your life.

  1. Perfume – Perfume invariably is the first thing which comes to mind when we think of gifting a present to anyone. However, in the case of bosses, who are meeting and interacting with new people daily and who wears a good personality, perfume makes for an excellent gift. Just make sure you do not buy one of a cheap quality unless you want a decrement instead of increment!
  2. A tie – A tie will not pinch your pockets much but also help you win you a space in the heart of your boss. A tie is something he wears to work daily, and thus he sure must be needing newer ones more often!
  3. Tickets to a sporting event – If you know of the interests of your boss in the field of sports, a very unique and great gift idea will be tickets to an upcoming sports event. In exchange for this paper gift, you might get even better and lucrative incentives, if you know what we mean!
  4. A pen – Now, of course, this cannot be an ordinary pen. It has to be an extraordinary pen which he can flaunt in front of his clients in his very next meeting.
  5. Gift hamper – If you can plan and work with your colleagues, an assortment of gifts would be a cheap hamper for each one. Each one can put in their gifts into the gift basket.
  6. Desk clock – gift him a trendy and customized clock for his desk so that every time he checks the time, he remembers that the gift came from you.
  7. Female Boss – If your boss is a lady, the gift options are many. From bags to watches, jewellery to cosmetics, you can choose from a multitude of things.
  8. Flower or chocolate bouquet – This gift never goes out of fashion or style for anyone. You’re your boss, a flower or chocolate bouquet along with a note of appreciation or gratitude for him/her.
  9. E-commerce gift card – If you are unable to decide on an impressive gift for your boss, we recommend you gift him a gift card from a leading e-commerce shopping portal so that the boss can buy something of his choice.
  10. A phone-cover – Because no one minds putting on a new cover on his phone. Just get the model number and make a classy choice.

     Go ahead and gift any of the above-mentioned hamper gifts UK to your boss. Remember, flattery is important sometimes, even if we do not like it!