Five benefits to derive from chocolate consumption

April 29th, 2019

Chocolates are considered to be heavenly and simply irresistible. People of all ages do love to consume chocolates and there is no reason to wait for an occasion to have one.

Reasons to send chocolates uk as gifts

  • An excellent antioxidant: Oxygen which is breathed in, allows the human organs to function properly. At the same time, it also triggers production of free radicals in high numbers, which attacks the body structures. Antioxidant is present in large numbers in cocoa which in turn help to neutralize or trap free radicals which is responsible for oxidation. Some instances of comparison between antioxidant characteristics of cocoa as well as other products:
    • Wine: Twice greater
    • Green tea: 2-3 times greater
    • Black tea: 4-5 times greater

Cocoa contains minerals like copper, manganese and zinc), which are active.

  • Has anti-stress effect:

    For each 100 g, there is present 60 mg & 112 mg of magnesium in milk and dark chocolates. Increasing magnesium consumption can help combat anxiety and stress. Studies have revealed that this particular mineral is considered to be an important element which helps to prevent negative consequences arising from stress. It also has greater abilities to display substantial reductions in plasma cortisol levels in blood. Deficiency in magnesium leads to energy loss. It is this lack that could be felt in differ ways like chronic fatigue, exhaustion and fatigability. Psychological consequences also are noticed in lack of energy, since it develops anxiety. As the person feels good, there is increased more self-confidence. But if problem arises, then the necessary energy will be required to deal with it. Studies have also revealed that the diet having plenty of magnesium in it can minimize dangerous ailments like heart attack, decrease blood pressure and possibility to develop Type 2 diabetes. Besides this, magnesium diet can provide that beneficial effect on development and prevention of osteoporosis, especially among menopausal women.

  • Reduces blood pressure:

    Dark chocolate if consumed by about 6gm, which is around 2 sq. can help diminish blood pressure. Consumption levels, based upon results are likely to reduce systolic pressure by around 3 points and diastolic pressure by around 2 points. This is because, dark chocolate is said to have polyphenol antioxidant in good numbers.

  • Healthy during pregnancy:

    Chocolate according to the health experts can safeguard women at the time of pregnancy. Consumption of dark chocolate on a regular basis can reduce risks of developing pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure complication by around 69%. Dark chocolate has cocoa in it. There is found concentration of theobromine considered to be associated with low risks of pre-eclampsia.

  • Excellent for cholesterol:

    Cholesterol is carried by blood within the blood vessels and this operation is performed by proteins. Some are found to bring cholesterol to liver, the place where it is utilized for the purpose of digestion. It is termed as good cholesterol.

Giving perosonalised chocolate gifts to those known is sure to impress them and make them cherish this gift for a long time.