Unique Uses of Chocolate

March 11th, 2015

The history of chocolates begins with cultivation of a plant called scientifically as Theobroma Cacao. This means it is called as ‘food of the Gods.’ Down the centuries, people have been enjoying the rich taste of chocolate, derived from this plant.

Historians believe that it was the Mayan people of South America who learnt to grow this plant, 2000 years ago. Mayans began sourcing these plants from the rain forests and grew them in their courtyards. They cooked the seeds of the cacao fruit and made a paste. The earliest product was an unsweetened chocolate drink made by adding water and spices to this chocolate paste.

Today, chocolates are big business with trade running into billions of dollars. They are prized not only for their delicious flavour, but recently revealed health benefits.

Other than the use of chocolates in the form of sweets, bars, cakes, puddings, cookies and milk shakes, there are numerous other ways in which people consume chocolate.

Here are a few unique uses of chocolates:

  • Chocolate Toothpaste: In 2005, Unilever introduced a chocolate flavoured tooth paste in Philippines and some other brands have imitated this product. Users say the toothpaste tastes just like chocolate. This product is rare in stores, but one must try using it for its health benefits, which is better than even fluoride according to scientific studies.
  • Chocolate Bubble Bath: This is a chocolate flavoured bubble bath, ideal for kids. It has the smell of real chocolate and works like any other bubble bath product.
  • Chocolate Soap: For a relaxing, sensual bath, this soap wows with fragrance and flavour of chocolate. However, the idea of chocolate soap melting all over your body is an odd one and some may not like the scenario.
  • Chocolate Candles: Resembles real chocolate but it is most definitely not. However, it emits a rich scent of chocolate and is ideal for a romantic, candle light dinner.
  • Chocolate Dress: if you wish to go over the top and have dollars to whittle away, wear a dress made of chocolate. Chocolate dresses will certainly capture everyone’ attention. They are mostly designed for fashion shows and once -only events as they are likely to melt when warm.
  • Chocolate Perfume: Scent that attracts others and makes you feel grand like a queen/ king.
  • Chocolate Wine:  A liquid drink that blends chocolate with wine. This wine is created out of not only grapes but some chocolaty ingredients. A perfect concoction of wine and chocolate.
  • Chocolate Pasta: This is real pasta with a twist: made of chocolate ingredients. It tastes like consuming chocolate spaghetti. Chocolate pasta is bound to be tasty.
  • Chocolate Gum:  A unique product is chewing gum with chocolate flavour. It is made of usual bubble gum products as well as cocoa ingredients.


  • Chocolate Sushi: Made of regular sushi ingredients and natural chocolate to wrap up the sushi.

A unique food item!

  • Chocolate Beer: It has the taste of a blend of coffee, real chocolate and roasted malts. It has a deep, dark base and a sweet taste at the end. Mostly brewed in Ireland.

These are some of the unique use of chocolates. For the ardent lover of chocolates, send chocolates online to lift up their spirits and make their day.