The world of cakes

August 21st, 2018

Birthdays, anniversaries or even promotions any celebration call for cake. This delicious and highly craved dish has been an integral part of most celebrations for generations. If it is surprising your friends on their birthday at midnight or on your wedding day, cakes are there. They come in different shape sizes, flavours, patterns and even can be decorated with different types of toppings and sauces. The world of cakes and baking is a wide and very interesting one. And let’s have a look into this big world of cake trends and types.

  • Sponge cake: fluffy, light and melt in your mouth like butter on a toast. These cakes made by using whipped eggs, are a delight to have. They are easy to make and light on the stomach and come in flavours of lemon curd, chocolates, vanilla and many others. They have been part of homes for centuries as a snack with tea and as a sweet dish for after a meal.
  • Chocolate cakes: chocolates have and will always be one of the most craved items in the world and cakes made of chocolates is paradise to anyone with a sweet tooth. You cannot go wrong with chocolate cakes, if it is making it for guests at home or sending cakes by post, the odds are on your side that everyone will want it and enjoy it. These cakes made with coca butter and cocoa powder work well at any time of the day at any odd occasion and are one of the easiest things to make. There never is such a thing as too much chocolate, chocolate cake pairs well with dark chocolate sauce, white chocolate sauce, chocolate crumbles, chocolate scraping, candies,sprinkles or any other topping that you would like.
  • Chiffon Cake: while oil cakes use vegetable oil and sponge cakes as said before is made by whipping the eggs and whites, chiffon is a mix of the two. They are delicious and can be made if various different flavours like chocolates, vanilla, strawberry and any other flavour you can think from.It Crumbles in your mouth and is light at the same time. They are very popular in America and a majority stores provide the option for online cake delivery.
  • Botanical flavouring: When we look into the trends making its way into the cake business we see using different flowers and leaves and stems of the plant has made its way back into the cake world. Yes,coca, vanilla and strawberry is technically parts of a plant, but flowers like hibiscus, lavender, rose and others have come back to give us new flavours and new look.Along with this wonder flowers are the leaves like basil and thyme helps give the cake a rather savoury touch to it, hence giving us a new and different world of cakes.
  • Berries on the outside and candy on the inside: we have seen cakes being topped with different types of chocolates, sprinkles, sauces and even whipped cream. Under the topping we obviously have the cake, but in the last couple of years, the cake world has been introduced to berries as toppings, strawberries, blueberries any berry you’d like. The inside on the other hand isn’t just cake, the cake is hollowed in and filled with candy.So when you cut into the cake you find candy spilling out from the centre.

Cakes are a great part of an occasion and as each occasion changes and the world with it, so does the world of cakes.

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