Some unique flowers worthy of admiration

July 28th, 2015

Flowers are always a good way to cheer up anyone. Whether one is gifting flowers to parents or to your loved ones, flowers have a special aura that brightens up the life instantly. Nature has endowed variety of flowers that are unique in their own special ways. Variation in colours and designs will leave one mesmerized looking at the bouquet of collection. However, if one needs to select flowers for gifting purpose or to send flowers cheap as a gesture of greeting, one definitely need to explore the gamut of options available. The usual rose, gladioli and lilies are always standard options, but, in addition, there are myriad unique collections of flowers, which can be included for the unique gifting option. Let’s explore some of them:

  • Jade Vine– Origin of the tropical rainforest area, Jade Vine is a feast for the eyes. The flowers resemble the claw shaped structure, which lustrously hangs down creating a mesmerizing look. Shades vary from mint to bluish green, which have a different kind of charm. Usually, Jade Vine is found in trusses, which are simply great to look at
  • Rafflesiaarnoldi-A beautiful red flower which extends to about a meter’s length, Rafflesiaarnoldi is truly a flower of a kind. This flower blossoms on a vine, which is its special characteristic. All the more, the textures in the petals are stunning showing God’s beautiful creation. If red is your colour of choice, this flower is surely an option to be explored.
  • Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers– If you like orchids, you will sure fall in love with this rare flower the Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers. The flowers slip down from the leaves creating an amazing, look which is worth admiration. Different shades of yellow and purple flush the entire range to create pattern that shows the strokes of nature’s marvel
  • Middlemist Camellia– A very unusual yet gorgeous flower is the Middlemist Camellia. Resembling somewhat like a rose, this pink colour flower set a flavour which suits the like of one and all. It is believed that this flower was brought to Britain from China by John Middlemist after whom the flower has been mentioned. It is such as rare flower that only two versions of it have been found in Britain and New Zealand.
  • Passion Flower– A rare combination of purple and white, the Passion Flower is truly a beautiful flower. Consisting of about 10 petals which are about 10 cm wide, the Passion Flower creates a finesses touché to the bouquet along with having medicinal values
  • Plumeria– Available in vibrant hues of pink, yellow and reds, Plumeria is a flower which is awe-inspiring. The shape, the structure and the pattern of the flowers are simply amazing creating a form, which is difficult to resist. Plumeria is a must have flower in every bouquet.
  • Tulips– The bulb like structure of this particular flower is the main highlight that shapes it as a wonderfully rare and unique flower collection.

These rare flowers are surely a marvel treat for eyes.


Celebrate the National Rose month June, by planting more & more Roses.

June 26th, 2015

The most beautiful way to celebrate the national rose month is by planting rose plant and taking care of the rose flowers. A lawn with an amazing display to colorful roses shows your love and affection to the plant. If you have your own garden and pot planted with the royal rose flowers then you can send flowers cheap to loved ones on any occasion by making an arrangement out of your own collection.

 Rose is considered the king of flowers. It has its unique beauty; royalty and fragrance which make it compete over the other.  June is considered the national rose month as it is the perfect time of the year on which roses are in their full bloom.  Fortunately, roses are easy to grow plant. There are few steps; if you follow them correctly, you will enjoy your own blooming roses in your pot or garden.

Understanding the rose’s ability to undergo different conditions:

There are more than 100 varieties of rose. So when you plan to plant a rose, first understand its kind and study the ideal conditional for its growth. The garden center from where you buy a pot of rose can also give you expert opinion on that. In general, roses flourish well in warm weather. So if you live in a northern climate, then it’s very tricky to grow a rose. Roses grow best on landscapes.

Select rose type:

Rose has different sizes and sizes. Some come in bunches other grow in the form individual flower.If you want to grow the traditional long, thick-stemmed variety, you’ll want to choose hybrid tea roses which are the best for cutting long-stemmed arrangements.

Basic conditions:

The way your rose will grow deeply depends on the conditions of sun, soil and water.  It is the plant which loves sun. Rose needs at least six hours of sunlight to flourish well. The Rose plant needs a lot of water. It grows best in moist soil with a good drainage. If the water will stand in, it will weaken the roots of the plant.

Planting in the Garden:

It is vital for successful plantation that the roots of the rose plant are wet. It’s good to soak them in water overnight before plantation.  Dig a large hold so that the roots get fit in comfortably and then fill the hole with fertile soil and water the plant immediately after plantation.

Planting in pots:

Rose can be easily planted in pots. Make sure to place the pot in sunlight. And there should be a small hole at the base of the pot that allows excess water to drain out. Otherwise the roots will get damaged by too much moisture. It is recommended to put a deep plate at the base of the pot, so that the drained water can be used by the plant when needed.  It will keep the plant healthy and happy.

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh and Healthy

March 24th, 2015

Cut flower arrangements add cheer to your spirits and colour to the dullest of rooms. If you want to keep your Valentine’s Day posies or graduation day bouquets blooming for many days, you can follow these tips from florists.

Most of the ingredients in the recipe to keep flowers fresh are common household items. But some are specially made items too like flower food.

Here is a list of additives that will keep a vase of freshly cut flowers blooming for several days:

  • Soda: Don’t discard the last drops of soda in your home. Empty ¼ cup of soda into a vase filled with cut flowers. The blooms will last longer because of the sugar in the soda. If you have transparent vase, you can get a clear look using clear soda like 7-up or Sprite.
  • Hair Spray: Just like it sets your hair, spritz of hair spray can help keep your flowers look fresher for a longer time. Stand a foot away from the bouquet and give a swift spray, just below the petals and the leaves.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar: For everyone who wants their fresh cut flowers to keep blooming for a long time, here is a simple household solution: Combine 2 tbsps Apple cider vinegar with 2 tbsp sugar and add to vase water before placing flowers. Ensure that you replace the water with its additives, every few days for the longevity of the blooms.
  • Vodka: The secret tip of keeping cut flowers fresh for the maximum possible time is to inhibit growth of bacteria and enhance nutrition from plain water. Add some drops of clear spirit like Vodka to the vase water to inhibit bacteria. Also, add 1 tsp of sugar. Change the water every other day, replacing the sugar and the vodka.


  • Aspirin: A much tried and tested way to keep roses and other flowers fresh for a long time. Add a freshly crushed aspirin into the vase water before adding flowers. Change the water every few days with this additive.
  • Bleach: For long lasting of freshly cut flowers, add ¼ tsp bleach per 1 litre (quart) of water in the vase. Another top recipe is to add 1 tsp sugar along with 3 drops of bleach into a quart or litre of water. This will prevent the water from turning cloudy and inhibit bacterial growth.


  • Coins: You can make your fresh cut flowers last longer by adding a spoon of sugar and a copper penny to the water in the vase. The copper in the pennies will help the flowers last as it will act like an acidifier, which kills bacteria.
  • Sugar: The most popular ingredient to keep flowers in full bloom. Make your own preservative: Mix 3 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp white vinegar per litre of warm water. While filling up the vase, ensure that the cut stems are covered by 3-4 inches of the preservative water. The sugar acts as a source of nourishment while vinegar inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Listerine Anti-Septic: It kills bacteria like how it kills plaque. A cap full of mouth wash poured on day one will keep flowers blooming till day four.


  • Flower Food:  Contains bio-cide to destroy bacteria, sugar to nourish blooms and acidifier to help stems drink water.

Now that you know how to keep your posy of flowers fresh, you can preserve the bouquet from others, who send flowers cheap and in perfect condition.