Spread happiness on Christmas

June 20th, 2015

We generally do spread delight and happiness during Christmas but this time around do something diverse. Do not go the old school style when it comes to making a special Christmas gift hamper for your loved ones.  Since Christmas hamper delivery in UK is an easy source to ship your baskets of presents, spend time to make it worth.

If you are in a fix, then check out our list…

  • Bubble bath sets:

You can find many funky and cool bubble bath sets like some of them are in different fragrances in test tube bottles and some are in liquor bottles.

  • For the kids:

If you are gifting a child, then board games is the best option. You can also gift the kid his favourite sports items or else some other toys if he/she is not a fan of board games. If you are giving a present to a girl, a Barbie doll house set or glowing stars are a cute thing to give.

  • Pop-corn maker:

We aren’t referring to a microwave or pressure cooker, we are talking about the heat and eat pop-corn basket. Just cook them in this basket and you can eat it in the same container too. If you are going a little more on the budget, you can give two of these as a set with some unmade pop-corn packets. Just to complete the hamper.

  • Journals:

Girls often prefer expressing feelings in a journal. And that’s why gifting her journal with a bookmark and pen set is a great, reasonable and sweet idea for this Christmas.

  • Fancy mugs:

Superheroes figures, Star wars figures and many other figurines made in a form of a mug are available in the market. Pick something of their choice and put their favorite beverage (tea, coffee) and complete the hamper with a matched up key chain.

  • Hangers and holders:

A flower shaped wall fitted hanger and animal shaped holders are amongst the quirky gifts. These spunky gifts are worth giving since they are out of the box and totally unexpected.

  • Glasses:

Shot glasses, beer mugs, whisk glasses and other elaborate type of glasses/mugs makes for a good gift. You can make a set of two of each too if you want.

  • Nail set:

This nail set includes, nail art colors and stencils, nail polishes, nail paint remover, finger braces for nail paints and a filer. Of course, this set is to be gifted to a woman.

  • Clothing accessories:

We do not mean t-shirts, jeans and main clothes but you can always gift the other ones, right? We are talking about caps, scarves, gloves, beanies, hats, socks, belts and other few items.  Pick something you think will be useful for the opposite person.

  • Funny gifts:

A beer holster, monkey shaped nail dryer/ hair dryer, camera lens mug, dog shaped pen drive, guitar  stirrer, Santa figures, Oreo cup holder, shoes shapes phone holder, ninja cup and many other items.

We can go on and on about funny and astonishing Christmas gifts… It is your turn now to pick the best one.