Spend Christmas with the Less Fortune

June 30th, 2015

Christmas is that one day when the entire Christian community joins together and celebrates the day while having no differences among them. It is the time when they share love, joy and presents with one another to make another year memorable and joyous. However, as the class system prevails in every society; it makes it difficult for some to enjoy as equally as others; reducing their happiness on the occasion and making them feel less.

It is important for all of us to make sure that these less fortunate people also get the chance to enjoy this joyous day as much as other do; and to ensure this, there are few little good deeds that can be easily done to spread more joy and happiness. These activities not only make the day of those less fortunate people but also give a greater feeling to the ones who participate in such good cause.

There are different ways by which one can initiate different activities to help the less fortunate on this day and make it brighter for them. For instance, one can buy a Christmas tree and decorate it for them to have it in their home. This would not only brighten their day but also will make their home look beautiful and according to the theme of the occasion. Moreover, for many people there are no friends and family around them to celebrate the day with. For such less fortunate people one can become the source to spend time with and enjoy the day to make it more memorable for them.

Another way to celebrate this day with passion for helping others is by volunteering at different organizations such as orphanages, homeless shelters, soup kitchens etc. by teaching something new and different to the children, or providing them with better quality food and clothes. We can also donate clothes, toys and stationery items to such organizations in order to help those parents who are unable to afford a present for their children at this time of the year.

A Christmas cake or cookies can also be purchased and delivered to the less fortunate people’s home, this will not only excite them but will also give them something to eat with their loved ones. One might also buy a lot of boxes of cookies and distribute them amongst little children to spread happiness on a greater level.  We are also prepare small baskets including different items such as a box of chocolates, a teddy bear and some fruits all wrapped up in a beautiful packaging. These items can also differ according to the requirements of the needy and can send Christmas gift baskets to various people through mail.

There are varieties of more ideas that one can initiate, if one comes to think about it. And every person should involve themselves in such social activities in order to become a better and bigger person and also to play an important role in someone else’s life. Sharing your joy with these less fortune might cost you a little extra but the internal peace you would gain from helping these poor and needy would be delightful. Therefore, this year Christmas should be celebrated in a different, unique and more passionate way by playing your part in the social upbringing of the society.