Reasons Why Going Organic Might be the Best Choice you’ve made this Year

September 24th, 2018

Making the right choices at the grocery shop is very important for both you and your family but doing that can be a bit of a daunting task. You have many products from which you can choose from. This sole purpose of all the eatables is to feed you. There are very many products to choose  from but it’s time you stopped eating just  for the sake of it but started eating keeping in mind everything that’s going inside your body and how it’s affecting you.

A vast majority of  the fruits and vegetables available in the market are associated with hidden costs. Given below are a list of reasons as to why organic fruits and vegetables are good for you and how it will help you stay on track along with making you feel happier and healthier both.

  1. Organics keep Genetically Modified Organisms out of the food you eat. An organic certification ensures that no harmful chemicals enter the food you eat. Usually GMO is engineered in such a way so as to be used parallelly with harmful chemicals like Agent Orange or Round Up. This is why when you shop organic, you take a stance against the chemical producing corporations that pollute the food and fields of the world. This is why giving organic fruit baskets in this day and age serves as a very good gift.
  1. Organic fruits and vegetables keep toxic pesticides out of the food you eat. If you eat organically certified foods that you get a guarantee that the food is free of all toxic chemicals and is completely safe to consume. This is a big nod to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  1. Organic farming keeps the soil healthy: The choices you make at the grocery store don’t just give the verdict on your health, but they also give the verdict on the health of the soil. Non organic fruits and vegetables are constantly sprayed with really toxic chemicals that kill everything present in the soil and the plant  other than the plant itself.  This also includes all the living organisms and healthy bacteria that live in the soil and facilitate the growth of the crop and make the soil rich in nutrients. Once these organisms are killed with toxic fertilizers, more chemicals enter the soil.
  1. Growing organic fruits and vegetables supports a healthier and better farm lifestyle along with a healthy and well educated community. If you grow food organically, it keeps the community in which it’s grown very fresh. Organic food not only keeps toxins out of soil, but also drinking water and air. The farmers who grow organic also benefit greatly because for them an immense amount of transportation cost is also reduced because they can sell their products where they grow them.
  1. Organic fruits and vegetables keep harmful chemicals from herbicides and pesticides out of the ocean, which makes it an excellent gift as a corporate fruit delivery for those who know its value. Every harmful chemical lands up in river bodies either through the soil and then into aquifers and then gets washed into the ocean by the rain. They then kill animals in the ocean. If you buy organic you can be protecting a lot of organisms.