Popular Kinds of Icing on the Cake

September 12th, 2019

The proverb ‘Icing on the Cake’ gets even enhanced when there are different ways of professional cake decoration by which you can add attractiveness to your newly baked scrumptious cake. Whether it is creating an imaginative looking cake for an occasion or just a dessert to conclude a special meal or something that you would indulge in only to satisfy those cravings – a cake does not seem absolute without the icing over it. Some of the most popular kinds of icing that you can use to finish your cakes are mentioned below:

  • Butter Cream

It is spongier and can be applied easily than most icing and is the chosen choice for flexibility and taste. It is often used as a filling within cakes and also as a coating for embellishment. It is made by creaming together butter and sugar or other fats like margarine or lard. The quality of the fat used will affect the consistency, taste, and look of the creamy frosting, as also the warmth at which the butter is whipped. Add a burst of flavour with vanilla extract. The cream dissolves effortlessly in warm conditions and so must be kept cooled to keep its appearance.

  • Royal Icing

Used to cover and beautify dense fruit cakes traditionally, royal icing is fluid and pure white paste that hardens into a firm outer shell on drying. Made by beating icing sugar, egg whites, and lime juice, together it looks soft, firm and not glossy when dry. Some might make use of meringue powder rather than the egg whites due to the risk of salmonella in raw eggs. Glycerine is frequently included to stop the icing from setting too hard.

  • Whipped Cream

If you require lighter frosting then whipped cream is the best option available. It is made by cold-whipping together sugar and heavy cream till fluffy and light. You could also add meringue powder for stability. To improve the cake’s taste, you can add flavours to the cream.

  • Fondant

Fondant is a weighty icing that can be sculpted easily and is used primarily for festivity cakes. Basic fondant components comprise gelatine, water, water, glycerine, sugar and shortening. Some use marshmallows in place of glycerine and gelatine. The ideal consistency is a fondant that can be stretched without tearing. It can be worked into diverse shapes using decorating tools and carving.

  • Meringue

This frothy and light icing is made by beating together cold water, egg whites, and granulated sugar. The technique of introducing air to the mixture gives it a frothy texture. The added sugar hardens the foam. It can be flavoured or plain and with nuts added to it. Meringue can be of three different types such as Italian, French, and Swiss.

When you plan to send cakes by post, then you can choose any of the above-mentioned icings. With the presence of online cake delivery sites, send cake online to friends and closed ones have become much simpler. At these sites, you will find a range of cakes in different flavours and designs to choose from. You must go with a unique cake that you could never find in a local bakery shop.