How to Make Perfect Chocolate Brownies

March 22nd, 2016

Chocolate brownies are sweet, decadent and luscious. There are many variants in taste of brownies: with or without nuts, cream cheese, butterscotch, fruit filing, mint flavour, spiked with alcohol or espresso or just chocolate in hundreds of variations. Order and get the chocolates by post.


 But the most important feature in a brownie is texture. The world is divided into two camps regarding texture: cakey and crumbly versus fudgy and dense. But some experts identify a third texture: chewy.

Most brownies contain enough chocolate to satisfy chocolate craving as well as other similar ingredients. However, the amount of sugar, butter, chocolate and flour are different, and this accounts for the variation in brownie textures.

A fudgy brownie has a dense texture with a moist, chocolaty interior. It is a cross between fudge and rich truffle torte. For this recipe, you can use either or both bitter sweet and unsweetened chocolate. They provide an intense chocolaty flavour. An egg yolk can be added to provide a fudgy richness sans greasiness.

A chewy brownie is not as gooey as a fudgy brownie but is moist. Chewiness comes from different factors: more of all purpose flour (whose proteins provide texture) and eggs, which help the brownies set.

Here are some aspects about brownies making that will avoid pitfalls and create the perfect brownie:

  • The recipe is king: First you have to decide what type of brownie you want: Fudgy, Cakey or Chewy. If you are keen on cakey, go for a recipe that reminds you of cake. For instance, if your recipe calls for creaming of sugar and butter together, you are likely to end up with a cakey brownie. For fudgy brownies, look for a recipe with high ratio of dry ingredients to chocolate and butter.
  • Go for high quality ingredients: When you are bent upon having chocolate gifts delivered to loved ones especially homemade brownies, do not settle for low quality ingredients at cheap prices. If you are buying chocolates, go for reasonably good brands. If you want a dry chocolaty texture, go in for good cocoa powder. But try and avoid chocolate chips. They contain stabilizers, which will not melt easily. Instead use big chunks of chopped chocolate bars. They melt in a slow fashion making luscious brownies.
  • Use the right temperature: You need heat to melt chocolate. But avoid adding your hot chocolate into the sugar, butter and eggs-it will cause problems like scrambling the eggs. Bring all ingredients to room temperature. Egg and butter must be brought to room temperature.
  • Choose flavours: Do you like flavours like raspberry, lime, etc. You can add extra flavour to brownies like cream cheese and nuts. The idea is to enhance the flavour of chocolate and not mask it.
  • Follow timing of recipe: Brownies must be baked for the right timing as specified in the recipe so that they are not over baked or under baked.

Last of all, one must be patient with the brownies, allowing them time for cooling. After this, it is time to devour the luscious brownies.

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